Screenwriters of Pinocchio and It’s Okay It’s Love Preparing New Dramas for 2015

While it’s not a surprise to hear that popular or well regarded screenwriters have pending dramas in the works, it’s always a relief to get some concrete information to look forward to. The Girl Who Sees Smells is a perfect example of everything clicking but for the writing of the drama, and in that case that everything else managed to salvage the ship for me. But it does emphasize once again the importance of competent storytelling above all else, and for that these two screenwriters remain at the top of their game.

Screenwriter Park Hye Ryun wrote two of my favorite dramas in the original Dream High and the recent Pinocchio, and is also the writer for the beloved I Hear Your Voice. She works predominately with SBS but has done a drama apiece for KBS and MBC so it’s unclear where her next drama will land. What’s certain is that she has something specific in mind as Park Hye Ryun just registered the name for her upcoming drama called Page Turner. No other information is available but the drama title alludes to perhaps a musical drama in store. Pinocchio convinced me she can tackle any subject matter and make an interesting yarn out of it.

Before I even liked Park Hye Ryun’s works I’ve been a fan of screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung. Her vastly underrated Goodbye Solo is a masterpiece and she’s done so many amazing memorable works even in ones I personally didn’t connect with. Her last drama It’s Okay It’s Love was both a critical and popular success so the excitement is high with the news that she’s preparing her next drama. It’s going to be a weekend family drama, with no word on the specific story line, drama title, or which network it will air on.

I know this drama return sounds vague but hearing Noh Hee Kyung preparing a weekend family drama is pretty big news to me since she’s focused on prime time trendy dramas for her last few forays. Whether the end result works for me, both Noh Hee Kyung and Park Hye Ryun write with intelligence and thoughtfulness in all their works, which in this day and age is such a rarity indeed. Can’t wait for their return in late 2015, even if it ends up in 2016.


Screenwriters of Pinocchio and It’s Okay It’s Love Preparing New Dramas for 2015 — 20 Comments

  1. Both of them are great, but I prefer Park Hye Run for original, and Noh Hee Kyung for adaptation. I always addicted to PHR’s dramas, and amaze to NHK’s dramas.

  2. how in the world that koalas though the drama title alludes to be a musical drama..Page Turner sounds more like a fantasy drama like IHYV.

  3. I’m confused. Why would something with a title called Page Turner be likely to be a musical drama? When I heard the title I considered it likely to be about writers and books.

    What am I missing?

      • Oh yeah, I guess that makes sense, though with technology now a days it’s probably an outdated need. Plus it’s really only needed when the pianist isn’t the main focus of the performance as most good pianists will have a performance piece memorized.

        Also when koala talked about a musical drama, I was thinking something like dream high, monstar, or even tomorrow cantabile. A drama completely centered around an actual page Turner would seem to be very boring….

        Thanks for the reference. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about an actual page Turner even though I’ve been one before….

      • I was thinking more of a page turner in the literary sense. Something exciting enough that you can’t help but turn the page.

  4. I’ve been waiting for writer Park hye ryun.left for me,she is the best writer.I prefer her more than YWCFTS doubt she writes stronger female leads more than any other writer out there

  5. I think “Page Turner” might be about books or the literary world since “Page Turner” is colloquial English and means an interesting, captivating or fascinating book. Anyway, I’m defintely interested!

  6. But aren’t weekends fully booked for 2015? (KBS has Take Care, Mom!; MBC has Mom is Getting Married and I am Geum Sa-wol!; SBS has I Have a Lover) In any case, I hope Noh Hee-Kyung goes with KBS, so I can watch it on YouTube.

  7. Actually Noh Hee-Kyung in weekend drama mode doesn’t sound half bad. Can’t be worse than what she had to subject herself to lately. And her best show is still technically a weekend drama (although it was nothing like the weekend dramas of today).

  8. I think the dramas will end up premiering in 2016. It’s too late to find a time slot for dramas that haven’t even been finalized script-wise. Everything is pretty much booked at this point.

  9. Park Hye Ryun’s pending drama?! That would be something to anticipate. I love her I hear your voice that is still one of my all-time faves. Although not crazy about Pinnochio, this writer has ability to pen out something creative. I hope she would also get interesting cast as her previous dramas did. Please keep us posted. I’ve been not particularly hooked up to a certain drama for a while. Now I’m browsing through ancient old K drama list to kill my spare time and surprisingly find the grandpa-old Jumong a very good one, perhaps the best historical drama I’ve watched so far….LOL…

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