Mental Teen Shin Hye Sun Crosses Paths with Grown Up Yang Se Jong in New Teaser for Thirty But Seventeen

The leads have to be likable characters in the upcoming frozen in mental age drama Thirty But Seventeen because I can see lots of overly dramatic situations that could be annoying unless audiences are feeling the connection with the leads. I’m getting a good sense Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong have that innate likability, a sweet vibe that works well here when she’s a grown woman visually acting like a teen girl (and a very immature silly one at that) while he’s a man trying to run from his past by not grooming properly and dressing like a hobo. Their onscreen romance picks up from the halted point when she falls into a coma thirteen years ago, and it’s believable that both will have to learn how to live fully again.

Third preview for Thirty But Seventeen:


Mental Teen Shin Hye Sun Crosses Paths with Grown Up Yang Se Jong in New Teaser for Thirty But Seventeen — 10 Comments

  1. I love Shin Hye-sun but I’m worried that they’re going to go too far with making her seem immature and she’ll come off acting like a 12-year-old. I hope not– I want this to be good.

    • Yeah, I hope it doesn’t go overboard with the acting. Frankly, most 17 year olds that I’ve met are pretty sophisticated, so if the production team goes too far it won’t be believeable. Hopefully, it will be OK and they can maintain that balance.

  2. I just hope the Yang Sejong’s protagonist is not as stoic and rude as Ji Sungjoon in She Was Pretty (same writer). I mean I like Park Seojoon but I really did not like his character and did not understand how he got Hyejin with how he treated her (yeah he seemed to be attracted to her when he didn’t know her true identity, but still, he was noticeably nicer to her when he knew).

  3. Shin Hye Sun definitely went overboard with the childishness (if based on the preview alone), just proving the concern that I conveyed in previous posting of this drama. I initially plan to watch this drama but the preview alone already made me cringed. I hope I could be proven wrong. As far as I know, a 17yrs old does not behave like that. She could have just played her as innoncence and wide-eyed, but not OTT childish.

  4. I can tell you obviously she didn’t do her research on acting/behaving like a 17 year old teenager. They’re a lot more sophisticated and with a mature outlook. Gosh I’m raising one right now and if that’s SHS portrayal ahh yeah…nah. Because she is over acting I hope it’s just the teaser and she settles down otherwise it’s gonna be damn annoying watching her. I was looking forward to this drama too. Grrrrhh

      • @Deb – Yep it was the writer’s character synopsis and the Director’s directive so the girl didn’t stand a chance. Sorry I usually do note that as an observation though.

  5. I have watched all the recent episodes of this drama and I can say the actress did the pretty good job.. There were many scene in which she was well sophisticated and acted wisely like a 17 year old should..Plot of this drama is so intriguing and I recommend to watch before judging from clips of trailer.

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