Ahn Bo Hyun Offered the Male Lead in Fantasy Drama See You in My 19th Life with Shin Hye Sun

Oh now this is a fantastic casting choice! K-ent is reporting today that Ahn Bo Hyun is in talks to be Shin Hye Sun‘s male lead in the upcoming fantasy drama See You in My 19th Life based on a webtoon. The female lead remembers all her past reincarnations and in the most current time life is a successful professional using all her past experiences to her benefit. She encounters the man from her 18th life who is now a chaebol heir and has lost his memory in a car accident. It’s triggering for her based on their 18th life interactions which get a second chance now in this 19th life of hers. It sounds soooooo rife with possibilities to mine and Shin Hye Sun is a chameleon of the first order who can run the entire gamut of emotions. I hope Ahn Bo Hyun accepts to get this drama countdown started.

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K-ent Hit with More COVID-19 Positives in Park Seo Joon, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Jun Young, and Rising Young Actor Yoon Chan Young

When my bae Lee Seung Gi got COVID-19 last week, culminated from weeks of many idols, variety stars, musical performers, and actor/actresses all getting it, I thought that may be the peak but looks like there is a mountain even … Continue reading

K-netizens Upset that tvN Drama Queen Cheorin’s Naver Channel has Been Restored as TVing Tries to Re-promote it on Streaming

It’s nearing the one year anniversary of when Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) premiered on tvN on December 12th, 2020. Oh what a year makes, for this drama it’s been the see-saw of hugely successful airings and audience feedback when it … Continue reading

Park Bo Gum, Shin Hye Sun, Park Seo Joon, and Kang Ha Neul Lead the Latest Release for the K-Actor 200 List

Seeing the actors and actresses featured in the KOFIC K-Actor 200 List continues to impress me with the confirmation that South Korean entertainment is packed with talent. Very few idol-turned-actor/actress made this list so on just the actors and actresses … Continue reading

Beyond Evil Wins Best Drama at 2021 Baeksang Awards with Shin Ha Kyun and Kim So Yeon Taking Home the Best Acting Awards

A nicely laudatory ceremony for the 2021 Baeksang Awards wrapped up tonight in South Korea and I’m pretty happy with the results. The Daesang went to Yoo Jae Suk for his continued exemplary work as a variety star and host, … Continue reading

2021 Baeksang Award Nominations are Out with a Murderers Row of Nominees in the Drama Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Categories

The 2021 Baeksang Arts Award nominations came out five days ago but I didn’t have a chance to write about it since the news was overshadowed by the hullabaloo that was the production of MBC drama Time and things surrounding … Continue reading