Drama Poster and Previews Showcase Yoon Shi Yoon as Opposite Twins in SBS Drama Your Honor

This year is shaping up to be the lookalikes drama genre year, with both humans and robots doing double duty in swapping identities. SBS is doing it twice in the same time slot and same legal drama context, first with Switch: Change the World and now with the upcoming Your Honor (Dear Judge). Switch had Jang Geun Seok pretending to be his doppleganger prosecutor and here Yoon Shi Yoon plays a pair of twins with the male lead the career criminal who needs to pretending to be his upstanding twin judge. The preview highlights just how much a scoundrel the criminal twin is and hopefully the narrative will explain how someone with no legal training can believably pass himself off as a judge. Other than the leap of faith it’ll be fun watching Yoon Shi Yoon twinning alongside Lee Yoo Young as a fellow legal professional and love interest.

Teaser for Your Honor:

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