Extended Preview for Episode 13 of The King: Eternal Monarch Finally Strings Together the Crumbs of Interesting Mysteries

My perseverance with The King: Eternal Monarch seems to be paying off, though I’ve said this twice before and been sadly let down. Maybe the third time’s the charm. Due to the preemption this Friday on episode 13 of TKEM, a long preview was released and it looks good. Legit good in all way connective ways I’ve asked from this narrative all along, create a mystery and follow through without leaving it half baked or stuck in the shroud of muddling mystery with no clarity in sight. The preview for episode 13 further bolsters the theory that King Lee Gon has been time traveling back to multiple touch points of his own life ergo what he is “feeling” could conceivably be rooted in emotional buildup the viewers didn’t get to see. He’s likely his own black clad savior from his childhood which I actually felt made the most sense because there was such knowledge in the actions of that person. I could still do without the central romance, even if Gon and Tae Eul fell in love before so what we see as their first go-around is not, there is still a noticeable lack of chemistry between leads Lee Min Go and Kim Go Eun. It feels like they are going through all the right motions but it’s not believable. In Goblin I didn’t think the lead characters a thousand year old goblin and a dim witted high school student should be in love, here the characters make sense on paper for being together but it doesn’t come alive.

Long preview for Episode 13:


Extended Preview for Episode 13 of The King: Eternal Monarch Finally Strings Together the Crumbs of Interesting Mysteries — 22 Comments

  1. I enjoyed this long preview! It gives me hope for tomorrow!

    Everyone was guessing it was either older LEE Gon or Shin-Jae that saved the young LEE Gon. But majority believed it was LEE Gon. Good job to those who predicted correctly. It isn’t a big surprise.

  2. Lee Gon is wearing the same clothes than in the first episode when the unknown guy saved him. So I guess, we were right since the beginning, he saved himself.

    Personaly, the teaser didn’t interest me more than. Everytime Lee Gon and TE meet, it’s the same, TE crying… I would have hoped the PD understood that the couple is the less interesting part in this drama and focused on the mystery.

  3. I find Tae eul and eun tak kind of similar, they were kind of “badass” in the beginning and people the other characters said that but then it never felt that way in the drama and they seem to sort of always crying after they fall in love.

    I just don’t think they are this sort of “strong woman”.

    As weak as dongbaek shown in camellia, she is strong as herself, she just speak that way, soft spoken and not loud but she has resolute idea about her own self. I can take that more as strong woman more than detective who has never shown her expertise

    • I’m curious too, many people tend to love badass characters on the outside which some of those actually were written poorly. Then when the story becomes more intense and the characters get so much crying they shouted how great the acting while I found it was so out of character and I usually couldn’t connect why those supposedly strong-badass characters had to cry in certain scenes.
      I wonder is it the actors who exaggerate the emotional scenes when substantively they don’t need to cry or the production really asked them to intensely cry

  4. I’ve just gotten to the point wherein I got to understand the story itself. Clearly is getting unfolded, hopefully until the end. You also exactly read my mind about the lack of chemistry of both leads. I tried to look for the chemistry but saw none. Bluntly honest, I’m just watching the drama because of LMH and WDH.

  5. The couple moments are meant to be swoony, but they come across as cringey. Aigoooo what went wrong in this romance and coupling? I am enjoying the show though and looking forward to the next episodes.

  6. Aha, now it’s starting to make sense why The King “suddenly” asked JTE to marry him on Ep2. If only there were hints/clues left to audience of him having known her before “that” actual moment, that would have been intriguing and a hook for the audience rather than a “what was that??” moment.

  7. I just finished ep 13, I am confused why timelines in the worlds are not aligned at some point. Eg, how could an old Lee Gon saved the young Lee Goon.

    Then with the inconsistenty of their DNAs, how come in the first few episoded, it was shown that counterparts don’t share DNA. Then home in ep 13, Lee Rim said counterparts share DNA. Any thoughts?

  8. You mocked me when i said king is dominating netflix with ur cult of followers. Netflix year end ranking was revealed. King has already rise to 17 position already worldwide for the year. Even boys over dlowers ranked like 22 lol.. Which is great for kdrama. Thats why it became profitable and lmh got his share of distribution fees. . Please carry on! With ur biased agenda. When top k dramas of year gets revealed at the end. I only see cloy ranked above worldwide. Lmh has already earned over 3 million followers since airing. You mocked it saying netflix ranked is from mid size countries. Well they rbgood enough to make it enter top 20 worldwide which is huge .

  9. Headace to think how Igon cross the parallel time being… Salute kim eun suk, she is the real clever with high imagination on writing that script…

    • yes,
      lee Min No is the real king
      King of High budget (and ? star studdded ???) drama with 5% something rating on a non cable channel

      • Your fave gets 1% for her drana. Lmh job is initials which was double digit and profit. 30% profit pre airing. Ur fave will never lmaoo. Lmh will keeo getting masisve projects and 300 usd salary.per epi. When will ur fave

  10. TKEM is just mindblowing like it has been the only kdrama in flixpatrol’s daily top10 shows in the world since the beginning of the show and LMH has gained over 3 million followers in less than two months. Talk about a great show. As long as its trending on Netflix we’re okay with it.

  11. It is hardly a surprise for anyone who had their fair share of LMH’s dramas,especially City Hunter,that he is the masked shooter in ep 1.Those long legs and body built are a big give away.And if one is familiar with his action moves,will have guessed then and there that Lee Gon saved himself.

    Now ,even if the love story doesn’t make much sense for many of the viewers,it is still the central theme of the drama.Lee Gon and Tae Eul are fated to meet and fall in love.I think that much is clear,given the heavy symbolism from different sources used by KES.Even if we hate the concept ,still doesn’t change what the writter wanted to convey.The same story repeating again and again,an endless timeloop that despite all the changes it might make to keep its balance,their fate can’t be defeated.They will always try to defeat distance and time to be together.This might also be considered as an eternal fight between Lee Gon,Tae Eul and the law of time trying to restore its balance by bringing up changes into their story (different time line,reversing stuff,future ,past,present)

    If you follow and research the sources KES inspired herself from,it is mindblwing.She used symbolism and allegories inspired from different religions,science,korean legends and myths,fairytails,poems.Once that is understood,the swords fight for example doesn’t seem ridicoulous,but rather it fits how Lee Min Ho’s character is built.The writter must have spent a considerable amount of time researching all this.

    If only the leads characters would have been better written in the beginning… It’s not that they lack chemistry but rather the writter failed to build it properly up to ep 6.

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