Paying Homage to Hot Daddy Kwak Si Yang as the Best Thing in the Flaming Hot Mess that was SBS Drama Alice

If I try to think even one brain cell more on the whys/hows/whats of SBS drama Alice I think my brain would cave into its own black hole the way the writing did in that drama. As awful was it was by the end, the journey was well worth it for the chance to remember why K-actor Kwak Si Yang caught my eye so many years ago when he was just a rookie and why he’s still going places now that he’s played a mix of main and second male leads in recent years. His role as Hot Daddy Full of Regret was sadly not given its due despite him having the most easy to fulfill do-over dream – stay in 1992 with Tae Yi and their unborn baby and live happily as a family. Instead he dies and doesn’t even get his own reboot and instead the “happy” reunion goes to 2020 Tae Yi and rando Jin Gyeom who is an architect? Like, whut? Okay okay, I promised not to think about the plot so please have all the official drama stills of Min Hyuk from Alice for your own viewing pleasure.


Paying Homage to Hot Daddy Kwak Si Yang as the Best Thing in the Flaming Hot Mess that was SBS Drama Alice — 5 Comments

  1. Aww this is quite a sweet tribute koalasplayground <3 I'm glad you acknowledged the best character in the show. I don't think even the writers or producers knew how much of a hit character he was going to be </3

    It's a role that could've been played straight and moody, but Kwak Si Yang really gave his role layers and made it memorable. He really fits action heavy melodrama drama shows. I really hope that this show gave him an opportunity as a Male Lead in a genre like Alice in the future. MVP of Alice!! Such a shame the PD/Writers didn't extend that towards their supporting cast.

  2. The creators of Alice totally sidelined his character for a good many episodes which disappointed me a lot. Such potential only to end so dismally. Sigh.

  3. Yeah me too, I was hoping he would get a reboot and stay with Tae yi in 1992 to raise their child support but my heart was crying after not seeing him at the last episode… He is my most awaited character in this drama and surely he captured not only my but most womens heart.. I am looking forward to his lead role on a drama soon.

  4. True I also wanted that Yoon Min heok go back for for his wife and rise his son well I totally agree with writers wasted so much his character.
    And I really wished that Yoon Tae Yi be live well without park Jin gyeom and park Jin gyeom choose Do Yeon because Do Yeon she is the one who been with park Jin gyeom from the beginning to end but instead I don’t understand why writers thought Yoon Tae Yi park Jin gyeom will have these kind ending first I didn’t thought like this but later in a a episode Do Yeon said to park Jin gyeom I like and I still goona like in the end I thought after saving Do Yeon park Jin gyeom gonna kiss Do Yeon and they will have a nice happy ending

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