Record of Youth Ends with 8.740% in Episode 16 and Confirms Point of Entire Drama was Mocumentary Military Send off for Park Bo Gum

There were nice snippets in Record of Youth but everything else was so anemic and rudimentary I felt like throwing a temper tantrum just to elicit some emotion around me as I watched. The drama finished this Tuesday with series high 8.740% AGB nationwide ratings, quite remarkable for a thoroughly dull drama and buoyed from beginning to end by the “It” charm of Park Bo Gum. The meta narrative actually fascinates me because the drama ended up being like a mockumentary about Hye Joon as Park Bo Gum himself (similar public personas) and with him going to the military at the end of the drama and Park Bo Gum also joining the navy after he finished, it felt like his agency must’ve commissioned this drama solely for him. Otherwise there is no reason for it to exist other than to have Park Bo Gum leave on a high note and audiences to have a good strong impression of him as he’s gone for two years. RoY’s ending isn’t even worth discussing, there was no plausible romance between Hye Joon and Jung Ah, their breakup reason made ZERO sense, and their “reunion” at the end was about as interesting as me running into a high school classmate in my forties. I’m glad it’s over because anymore episodes and watching it would induce sleep paralysis. Fare thee well Bo Gummie, thanks for showing the world you can singlehandedly make me watch paint dry.


Record of Youth Ends with 8.740% in Episode 16 and Confirms Point of Entire Drama was Mocumentary Military Send off for Park Bo Gum — 92 Comments

  1. This was the only PBG’s dramas I watch entirely after Reply1988. I passed LITM and Encounter because they didnt connect with me from the first few episodes and because I wasnt sold by the OTP.

    But here, despite the quite bland romance and the somewhat dull script, I enjoyed the ride. I didnt FF any scenes. I loved it when it started, but only liked it when it ended.

    But again, it was a youth drama; record of their youth. I wanted to see PBG stars in youth drama and I got it. Also I quite like the ending. They were still young and the road’s still long.

    • I watched this drama only because I am a great fan of Park Bo Gum. He’s acting was superb but indeed, towards the end, his character seems so idealistic and off! The drama within a drama concept was very good but quite dragging in the later part. Park So Dam acted really badly in this drama but you can’t really blame her if the director will tell you to act “vaguely” in scenese. She just can’t match the intensity of Park Bo Gum.

      It is indeed a miracle to see ROY achieved high ratings in both korean television and on Netflix (reached #4 WORLDWIDE, highest for a KDrama ever!) despite the bad writing and directing! This is how popular Park Bo Gum is. Don’t mistake about it, the success of this drama is practically Bogum Magic to me.

      • I love Park Bo Gum and so any drama he’s going to be in I am watching!!! But I felt that this was a very good drama and that all the actors did well.I must admit I wish that it would of been longer and that it would of showed Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam get back together.That would of truly made it perfect.

      • I am across the pond,agreeing with your comment,script writing was terrible,just started watching Park bo gum, cant get enough. Not familiar of your ratings as for the majority of male actors now I see where Parasites director is bringing over Tobert Pattison for his next film. He is doing the next batman. I cant see parasite here in the Uss.

    • Yeah me too. This is his second series that I watched.The story somewhat portrays reality in the field of entertainment industry.I passed LOTM because I was spoiled with all the spoilers while it was still airing.ROY is a simple, realistic drama but still able to catch viewers.

  2. Another show I was waiting to binge watch until it finished but not sure if I should bother watching. I read that the ending was very open ended with them maybe getting back together but it could also have been 2 friends hanging out. I’m not really into romcoms ending like that but I’ve also seen people say that the romance was seriously lacking so the ending didn’t even matter. The only reason I might end up watching is if I’m really missing Bo Gum in the next 2 years.

    • Watch it for PBG and his mother.

      The ending? Was totally devoid of anything romantic. It was literally like acquaintances catching up. Less interest than let’s say high school reunions. I didn’t believe it but in the end I have to say the OTP had zero sexual chemistry. Great friend vibes for sure.

      However PBG was swoony in this drama. I am usually not a fervent PBG fan but his clothing style was great here.

      Character- wise he played more interesting characters in his other dramas. Good looking PBG- wise? Watch this drama.

      Plot was P L O D D I N G.

      If those 2 got together again romanticallyI would eat my hat.

      • Wow…you said everything that was on my mind about this drama – about PBG’s great “clothing style” and “plodding” plot. Every time PBG speaks, the other people in the frame will standstill and the camera will zoom in on his face. So many close ups and stylishly posed shots. PBG is indeed impressive in this drama. The whole drama is much ado about nothing.

      • The ending is really open to interpretation. There was a lot of symbolism there:HJ’s new drama title, PSD wearing the shoes even after 2 years, the parallelism to how they met up the first time and where they at now, they’re banter (some say flirting) hasn’t changed and that says a lot because it was their personality that made them attracted to each other… So it really depends how you as a viewer might interpret it.

    • A lot of people reckons that it may have a different feel if you binge watched it because you don’t end up over analyzing things after each episode. I for one regret that I started watching it midway so I ended up having sleepless night lol!
      I will definitely binge watch this again and for the record I did love their chemistry even though half way through it just fizzles out due to lack of screen time between the two and the direction (writing even) didn’t even flesh out their relationship as the focused just shipped from one subplot to subplot. Needless to say the romance side has taken a back seat.

  3. Wow this drama ironically made me love Park Bo Gum even more. Like dang he can make all of these scenes that were the essence of mediocrity so gooood. He really does have that It Boy charm about him. As for literally everyone else, I already forgot their names.

    • Totally agree! I’m a newbie in Kdrama, came across ROY on Netflix and just clicked it without knowing who is PBG. From the beginning, already attracted to his superb acting, and made me fell head over heels when he played the mafia guy *swoon*. After ROY, I binge watched Reply 1988, LOITM, Remember You, Encounter ?.

  4. So I was right all along. I did guess in my old post about the ending possibly ending that way. After the gay rumours was used in the story, I already knew why PBG chose ROY as his last drama. It totally mirrored PBG’s experience as an actor.

  5. Agree. You said it well, looks like a commissioned drama by his agency to send him off to his military service. I didn’t enjoy it, but happy for PBG and looking forward to his comeback ?

    • Do you think PBG would allow n agree to act in ROY if his agency commissioned this drama, director n writer rewrite the script just to showcase his story knowing what a upright person he is.

  6. I have noticed that most of those who said that there is chemistry between the 2 leads haven’t watched Bogum’s other dramas and those who have said no chemistry have watched. If ROY was made prior to his other dramas, i doubt i will ever support his next dramas. But because he made a mark on me from his previous drama, he had my support.
    Just wondering if Bogum is not casted, how will it fair in the ratings. I guess 1% and will be cut to 10 eps.

    • Chemistry is something that you get or you don’t. It’s the same as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Perhaps we can agree to disagree on this. I never bought his pairing on LITM for me something was off.

  7. Quick review: The title of this drama is really a misnomer. The poster should not have had Park So Dam and Byun Woo Seok in it. They should have just put Park Bo Gum’s face. Its not “Record of Youth”. Its Record of Park Bo Gum.

    • Long review: This drama did not hit the mark whether its plot, directing, acting or even OST.

      Plot: This was supposed to be a journey of three young people but it ended up being fan service for Park Bo Gum. I think the other two “leads” could have shined more if the story did not incorporate romance. They could have hinted at it but focused on showing us the career journey and family conflicts and triumphs of Jeong Ha and Hae Hyo along side Hye Joon. Some of the lines and dialogues were supposed to be “inspiring” but I found them to be unnatural sometimes.

      Directing: I think they knew towards half the mark that they had no story to tell so they just gathered all the cameos they could find but at the end of the day. It didnt really enhance the plot. He should have focused more on bringing out the intensity from Park So Dam so that she can connect with Park Bo Gum and have some chemistry. There were hints at the beginning when she was a fangirl. Their banter, if the director had honed in on that and kept it that way all the way to the end. This could have turned out differently.

      Ost: Not memorable. No impact. They shouldnt have too many Osts. Sometimes too many Osts can remove the emotional punch of a storyline which this drama was trying so hard to do.

      Acting: When directing and writing is subpar, at least the acting can elevate the drama because this is what we see onscreen with our eyes. As many have said, this was an ensemble production but Bo gum did the heavy lifting. Most of the supporting characters were outright bad, no synergy what so ever.

      • Conclusion: Wasted potential. This is a case study of high ratings does not always equal to high quality drama. Remove Park Bo Gum and this would have been in 2% – 3%. Its the same like “Encounter”. It had high ratings but no strong hype during and after the drama it just faded away. This is what will happen to this drama.

        Do not watch this if you are a casual kdrama fan. No plot for a supposedly slice of life youth drama, no sizzling or heart warming chemistry for a romance. Dont watch if you are a fan of Park So Dam. Go and watch her movies instead.

        If you look at this year’s dramas offerings we have had World of the Married, Crash landing on You, Its Ok not to be Ok, Flower of Evil, Hot Stove League, Hospital Playlist and more..this just pales in comparison. Not cause of genre but quality. Do you like Brahms had its weaknesses but I would recommend it over Record of Youth.

        If you are looking for slice of life I recommend Prison Playbook, Hospital Playlist and if you are really looking for youth drama, I recommend Age of Youth or rewatch reply 1988 where PBG is also the lead but much better in all aspects.

      • I forgot one thing. They didnt even try with Park So Dam’s styling and makeup. Actors are heavily reliant on their faces because they get alot of closeups and use the face to transmit the character’s emotion. She looked washed out when she is actually pretty.

        They coloured her hair orange, maybe it was meant to show she is fashion forward??‍♀️. It didnt work. Traditional oriental faces like hers and Kim Go Eun with monolid eyes look best with natural hair colour i.e black or if they want to colour go for a darker shade like dark brown, auburn etc.

        Her character is a makeup artist in showbiz but her own makeup was so bland. Her outfits were bland. I am not proposing they dress her in over the top outfits like Moo Young of IONTBO or Man Wol in hotel de luna. But she needed more pop. Jeong Ha was an average working youth living in Seoul not a poor country bumpkin.

        I blame the production team for this.
        This drama was a disservice to her. The positive is she has a high rating drama to her filmography in addition to parasite. That means she will have more opportunities and will continue to be booked and busy.

      • When I was watching ROY, I had this thought, “Would this drama be any better if this was a weekend drama with more episodes? Because it looked like it tried to deliver so many things only to come out flat, bland and kinda forced. Same with the otp romance and its characters growth.

      • I think they couldn’t decide or couldn’t be bothered about what JH really is. Based on the first few episodes I would say that JH will be the type of gf that will keep it together for HJ while the latter goes through all the difficulties and challenges. She is transparent with her feelings, speaks her mind, witty, hard working, ambitious and adores HJ. We never saw anything of that in the 2nd half hence their screen time together just fell flat. On top of that their actions and their dialogue do not match. We are being TOLD that they love and misses each other but I couldn’t see their closeness together(apart from a few scenes). I wonder if this is the director implying to us that their relationship became so close yet so far.

    • Couldn’t agree more. If you are going to make a drama about PBG make sure you sell it that way.

      Still not cool about the way they treated PSD character and mind you there are plenty of international fans that also tuned in to watch mainly because of So Dam. This is her first drama after Parasite!

      I must say though that i get it now why PBG is well loved. He is beautiful and can act and among his works this is the one that totally impressed me and I feel like he took me on his journey with different emotions. I particularly enjoyed seeing him on all the differnt roles he played on this drama.

  8. Snooze fest. Kept watching just to see if anything interesting would happen. My favourite character ended up being his old agent, at least he provided moments of entertainment.

  9. Around about ep 12 even the greatness of PBG couldn’t get me to continue watching this paint dry (good metaphor for this drama). The thing is that I KNEW going in based on the description that this would absolutely dullsville and I watched because of PBG and he did not disappoint. But I just couldn’t hang in there.

  10. Everyone’s definitely over exaggerating Bogum’s acting here. He “pulled it off” because of his popularity, not because he gave a Baeksang worthy performance. He gave his best acting years ago in Hello Monster & Reply 1988, and was decent enough in LITM. Since then, his acting has gone downhill and he seems to be more of a Fanservice and CF celeb. Hopefully he’ll be better in the new movie, although Gong Yoo will definitely dominate the screen.

    • You talking like all popular actors wont get flop drama.
      How do you know Gongyoo will dominate the screen when they just busy talking about ‘Park bogum’ and ‘Park bogum’ in their pressconf
      Even the title is Seobok (Park bogum character).

      • Don’t worry. Bogummy will do fine in the movie with Gong Yoo. Just like he shined in Reply 1988 and Hello monster. Why? C’mon ladies. Don’t pretend to be stupid. It’s because of the toxic, clingy, needy “Oppa, Oppa” female fans, the poor male actors and singers have to eat their own heart and pretend to be interested in women. Don’t force romance on Bogummy and he will shine in any drama, movie scenes.
        That’s why I hated Boyfriend drama. It felt like Bogummy (child) sexual abuse, if you get my meaning. Again, all because of pleasing you, stupid girls, some good male actors feel stifled and misused in romantic scenes. Leave them alone, let them breathe, let them be who they want to be.

    • I agree and disagree. I agree that Park Bo Gum’s earlier work is where he delivered his best performance than post LITM. I think its giving credit where its due for this one. He had 99% of screen time so people can say alot about his acting. The others had little screentime with shallow characterisation so they difnt shine. For the popular part, that might have been true in the first episodes but after that, I guess some of the audience could connect with his character and plot and stayed. The average was 7%. He is Korea’s IT boy for sure. But Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho and Joo Won for example are not far behind in popularity in Korea. Kim Soo Hyun’s latest drama averaged at 5% when it was in a prime time weekend slot. Its not low but low for a weekend drama and he is known for delivering consistent mega hits. Same for Joo Won. Lee Min Ho’s drama was public broadcast even had combination of writer Kim Eun Sook who never flops in ratings but his drama flopped in Korea this year. I think kdrama is past the stage where only popular actors can make people watch the drama from start to finish. These days its plot, chemistry, acting.

    • Whaaaat? They have been raving his nano acting here in RoY..let’s just conclude if Barking comes! Just like people here saying that this drama will tank and so after Roy it has a high rating in Skorea and worldwide thru Netflix..people somehow enjoyed it whatever it they can put their fingers on it be it his popularity or his acting

    • Damn looks like I really triggered his rabid fans lmao. His acting is declining and he is getting consecutively worse with every new project he picks. I don’t care if other actors have had flops or whatever, I’m talking about bogummie, our resident cult leader, here. I used to think he had a natural talent and a lot of untapped potential, but he’s been a disappointment these past few years. Hope he picks it back up in the upcoming movies. And don’t embarrass yourselves by comparing Gongyoo’s acting with bogum’s, for bogum’s sake lol
      Also @marina you’re definitely an oppa oppa fangirl, u ain’t fooling anyone with that act. Try to get some help for that internalised misogyny.

  11. I jus find park seodam’s acting is so bad here.. like she only have that 1 expression and the range of emotion is so flat..

    Nevertheless finished this drama cos pbg looks so good here..

    • Good writing is the foundation for any Kdrama and when it is lacking or messy (for example Alice) there is only so much the actors can do to make a drama resonate well. Record of Youth didn’t really reflect what the typical teen or twenties something in Korea cares about. It could have been so much better with more dynamic, sensually charged writing. I still think PBG’s best performance has been I Remember You / Hello Monster and Park So Dam’s best performance has been in Beautiful Mind because her on screen chemistry with brilliant actor Jang Hyuk was so poignant. They even had the same smile! 🙂

      • I don’t blame the actors either should be the writer and the director itself. I like the cast but the story line was odd the focus is more on PBG, the rest of the cast was simply used to hang in there, there was never a bang as the story ended. I like PSD in her other dramas. I find her role in Cinderella and 4 knights superb.

  12. No one cant bring rating from popularity alone. Even the greatest Hyunbin and Song hyekyo has flop drama, duh. 6-8% range of rating is too high, even Kim Soohyun cant reach that.
    Park bogum carry hard this drama because others main leads is too weak. But impossible if its just purely coming from his popularity.

    • I think the viewers watching TV do enjoy this type of slice-of-life dramas. I remember Temperature of Love and Doctors had high ratings too, despite being called boring.

  13. I really enjoyed this drama. I am hoping for a second season if possible. I am a huge fan of Park Bo Gum, so I’m also anxiously awaiting his movie in December. Bo Gummie, you are the best and will be waiting for your return in 2 years!!

  14. This writer needs to be blacklisted.
    She’s lucky to have big name stars in all her recent dramas or no one will watch them. But seriously all her plots are major snoozefests!
    Kudos to Park Bogum for proving his star power. I hope he gets a drama worthy of his fame when he comes back.

  15. I don’t think I will bother to watch this. I’m waiting for Seobok, which looks far more thrilling and it will be a great way to showcase Bogummie’s acting skills.

    • I would still watch it especially if you are a big PBG fan. People’s opinion about his acting vary. I certainly loved him here but not in Reply and some people opine that was his best (reallyyy???).

  16. I agreed that this writer needs to be BLACKLISTED.
    I pray Korean fans raises a campaign protest against this writer. She does NOT deserve big stars in her dramas. The plot wasted the artists’ talent, and potentially ruined their careers.

    I really really like PSD. She is talented and her acting has a wide-range. Her character in ROY was soooo poorly, horribly, terribly, dreadfully, awfully (have i made myself clear) written, undermined and underdeveloped. I almost wished her character would have gone with BWS, if I haven’t been so impressed by PBG’s performance. Kudo to PBG!

    • I actually wanted to fly to Korea and slap her. There was just no respect for PSD’s character marketed as a lead. Like you know that cool girl in Parasite that won the Oscars and SAG for best acting ensemble.

    • So true it ruined other actors talent. The cast were all good. I felt that the drama was more focused with PBG, the story line was not balanced at all. I watched from beginning to the finale hoping that their would be silver lining in terms of story and acting. Indeed the failure of this drama is in the shoulders of the writer and director.

  17. Off topic but kinda related since there are some who are slamming PSD’s acting in RoY. I just realized the PSD’s real life personality is really warm, strong and interesting from recently stumbling upon Camping Vibes, where she shows her true colors especially in EP3 where Cho Dhal Wan speaks warmly and highly of her. I think she is a good actress, but might have relied heavily on what the director tells her to do, so her acting sometimes comes across as dull or flat. Hopefully as she matures, she can add her own nuances into her acting.

    • I actually think she is trying to embody what JH is based on her charactericteristics. JH was really fun and strong character on the 1st half and attuned to herself and I got hooked with her. Somehow the writer decided JH to be insecure, couldn’t make up her mind, refuse to say her true feelings (she is upset but she doesn’t want to say it), friends with HH but doesn’t believe men and women should be friends. Like really writer?!

  18. Thought this drama had potential in the beginning, the middle but towards the end, dwindled my interest fast. PBG handsome but too rudimentary…most of the time ecoressionless. And oh my what a wasted ending. Your guess is as good as mine. Disappointing.

      • I actually agree with you. Now the drama has ended, I can now objectively and personally assess that it was PBG who didn’t deliver a good performance.And I also think, this drama has a good rating because I think Koreans are also patronize Park So Dam due to her Oscar winning movie.

      • @MistyEyes,

        Exactly. I know tons of people who watched this snoozefest for PSD. Not PBG. Yet people exaggerate and give him all the credit just because he’s pretty. The constant cameos were also another factor.

        So it’s more like “buoyed from beginning to end by the It charm of PBG + numerous famous cameos + PSD’s “Parasite” effect.

        It’s almost criminal how worthier dramas with more substance, better stories, acting, directing and so much more can’t even reach this rating.

        This just further proves that high ratings doesn’t automatically equal a high quality drama.

  19. Some are claiming that this drama is trending on Netflix, it’s not though. Among kdramas, this is somewhere number 18. At least It’s Ok Not To Be Ok is on the top 5 and even TKEM, even Chocolate is on the top 10.

    • It was in top 10 worldwide during the most of its run, and it reached #4 worldwide at one point, the highest for any kdrama so far. If you have so much on how other kdramas did you should now that, but it seems like you intentionally spread the false information.

      • I am Netflix subscriber and it’s not on the trending lists. It’s not in the top 10. Which site does it say that ROY is at the top of the list?

    • Netflix subscriber like you should know, that they only proved the trending list for the country you’re in, the worldwide list is provided by flixpatrol. Today it’s number 8 worldwide.

  20. suddenly i don’t want my fav actress acts with park bogum. because she might be just a vase like other pbg lead actresses (except shk i think?)in the drama.

    • Yes better not, the viewers will just focus with Park bogum, and the writer will change the story and make it become Park bogum story. Let’s be honest here even in his movie with Gongyoo all article just busy talking about him

      • So basically most of the ppl who commented here complains that this drama is too weak. Yall are just a bunch of ppl who are too obsessed with the cliche storyline of typical kdrama yall have watched before RoY. For me this drama has the most unique storyline. Talk about the ending, yeah maybe its saddening to see that PBG and PSD didnt get back together or they didnt end up marrying each other like what yall been craving to see. Talking about chemistry? If steamy scene like kissing is the only thing to prove their chemistry together then go watch other kdramas . This is a youth drama to inspire young people chase their dreams to the fullest despite their love life. And also, the main point for this kdramas is to teach us netizens to treat actors rightfully. Stop saying that bogummy took the advantage for this drama bcs there a lots of moral values to be learnt from Byeon Woo Seok@ Won Hae Hyo life too. For me An Jeong Ha and Sa hye jun are the best role model aka healthiest couple among many kdramas i’ve watched. Lots of love to the writers and the whole production team. I watched this since the 1st episode till it ended last Tuesday and all i could say is im grateful for all of the positive vibes delivered through this drama.

        -i might be bad at judging for some of u but if yall could talk this and that. Why couldnt i do the same. ?

  21. Thanks Korea…it did entertain some and did not please all.PLPT MAY NOT NOT HAVE TAKEN OF,but PBG in it was worth the wait for it to end…GOOD LUCK TO HIS NEXT ENDEAVOR …

  22. I also thought this was a boring drama and PBG didn’t have the same chemistry with PSD like he did with his other leading ladies. I had to keep reminding myself that I won’t see PBG in another new drama for a couple years so I forced myself to watch it. At times I fast forwarded it to his scenes and truth be told I didn’t miss a thing. He was the only reason this drama had me watching. I pray he stays healthy and safe while he serves his country.

  23. Mistyeyes is so funny, Park sodam is the one who bring rating? lol ok honey I hope your fav will work with her in the future. Hilarious!

  24. To all of the ppl who says this drama is too weak and the cameos were used to fulfil the emptiness of the storyline, u might forget this is a story of a model dreaming to be an actor. How would the director perfectly shows the world of filming industries if not by inviting other real celebrities / high paid actors like PSJ and LSK to this kdrama? Not a story about someone who wanted to be a teacher or doctors thats why they invited many cameos in this kdramas. We are just a viewer, without any experience in the filming industries at all. Its kinda embarrasing to complain about the storyline just bcs u didnt get to watch WHAT U WANTED to.

    Peace no war✨

  25. I like ROY. No high drama here. The title speaks for itself. It’s about the young and the people immediately around them, and their conversations in whatever tone, and the contents they carry. I don’t think the story is meant to revolve around the romance between the two main actors.

  26. On point review!!! Will only watch this to satisfy my eyes craving for PBG. It’s like scrolling to pages of a motion magazine. Hahaha. PSD acting & character are too disconnected, very off, no chemistry to both actors. Story trying to force this love triangle that has no impact whatsoever. Characters on their late 20s acted like high school.
    Overall, the story lacks in so many ways. Then add the poor casting of PSD and to top it all, script and direction. It’s not like you wish to know what will happen next. Sorry, this is just my opinion.

  27. I was expecting this drama to be a romance drama- it absolutely wasn’t. There was 0 (ZERO) chemistry between the leads. Not positive it wasn’t completely because of the writers. There was absolutely no romantic scenes whatsoever and had there been, the acting (chemistry) was totally void on both parts. I have see kiss scenes with Park Bo Gum,,,, he knows how its done but this was pitiful. I couldn’t even leave it to the imagination that he was sad about the “so called break up” because they were never more than friends. The second lead male did a much better job at liking her.

  28. I love Park Bo Gum and so any drama he’s going to be in I am watching!!! But I felt that this was a very good drama and that all the actors did well.I must admit I wish that it would of been longer and that it would of showed Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam get back together.That would of truly made it perfect.

  29. So true it ruined other actors talent. The cast were all good. I felt that the drama was more focused with PBG, the story line was not balanced at all. I watched from beginning to the finale hoping that their would be silver lining in terms of story and acting. Indeed the failure of this drama is in the shoulders of the writer and director.

  30. Other than the women who played mothers to the two friends Hye-jun and Hae-hyo; Hye-Jun’s agents – former and current,the rest of the cast, including the principals, were quite vanilla.

    • cause that’s all that matters right for the quality of a drama right?!! Instead of remembering the plot years later or recommending it to others because a drama is a good watch, I totally recommend dramas only because it has good ratings because that automatically means it’s the best estest!!/ s ?

      Don’t y’all get tired of that played out narrative or do you have stocks in korean TV networks?? I get ratings are down due to changes in TV viewership but many of you on here are WAY too obsessed to the point of absurdity.

  31. I Love ❤Park Bo Gum.I can only say that am not satisfied with the end episode thinking there’s Romance??otherwise this Drama is ok✌

  32. I thought it was wonderful. It was not your usual love story, no but was more about everyday life as a young actor or model. I enjoyed each actor and look forward to seeing the next work for them!

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