Joynews Poll Selects Hospital Playlist and The World of the Married as Best Dramas of 2020, The King: Eternal Monarch and Backstreet Rookie Win Worst Dramas

Oooh, I totally forgot that year end is coming (though still two months away) so it’s starting polling season on best/worst lists. Kicking it off is Joynews Korea which held a poll this month to celebrate it’s 16th anniversary. It polled 200 entertainment industry insiders including agency heads, television producers, movie and drama producers, and entertainment news writers for their pick of Best and Worst K-drama of 2020. Winning Best Drama was Hospital Playlist with 70 votes followed pretty closely by The World of the Married with 60 votes. Other K-dramas getting votes in the best side include Kingdom 2, Secret Forest 2, Crash Landing on You, It’s Okay to Not be Okay, and Itaewon Class. On the ignominious flip side, the drama that got the most votes for Worst Drama was The King: Eternal Monarch with 46 votes, followed by same network and time slot successor Backstreet Rookie with 30 votes. Other picks for crappy dramas of 2020 include Meow The Secret Boy, A Piece of Your Mind, and Hi Bye, Mama. I vote to throw Alice in the steaming pile of doo side as well.


Joynews Poll Selects Hospital Playlist and The World of the Married as Best Dramas of 2020, The King: Eternal Monarch and Backstreet Rookie Win Worst Dramas — 90 Comments

  1. The results are not surprising at all for Top 2 in both categories. Ironic that the two worst dramas had the two loudest fans on this site claiming it will be THE mega hit this year, with one getting a free piggyback ride for taking over the time slot. In the end they were fighting for worst drama of the year, lmao.

    • Hahaha… I know, right? Loudest fans indeed. And even after the spectacular failures of those two dramas, they (especially BR fans) changed tactics and started yelling even louder that their drama beat [insert better and more popular drama name here] in ratings just to cope with the trauma. Not just loud but delusional too.

      • they’re in a denial mode. especially the BR fl fans. suddenly they’ve selective amnesia on how they used to mock the other drama 4 years ago (u know which drama) on how low the rating as compared to the fav’s rating (in fact, the drama that they mocked reached double digit with new format, which was high already). i also still remember how they mocked the casts to go to the department of rating to increase the drama’s rating. yj fans, you can choose to forget and blamed others as ‘playing a victim’, but I’ll never forget on what u guys did at the past. it’s too hurtful to forget and too hard to move on. i think that year, I’ve a depression due to the constant mocking from her fandom. they also accused the drama to plagiarise their fav’s drama. just because both drama had the same riding scenes, u accused the later to copy the former? sorry, i wish to move on, but failed. the positive side is, their fandom had quite down a bit already, not as bad as they used to be at the past. maybe becoz of their fav two latest dramas.

      • @lilyan
        I remember that too. Those fans would scrape at the bottom of the barrel all the time and mock so many different actors and actresses from appearances to ratings, even to the very present. That’s why their current pity parties does nothing for me. I go to forums and other sites and I see them complain about this site and all the antis when it’s called you reap what you sow. Not all of them are bad, maybe not even a majority is bad but there are many bad eggs in that fandom.

      • @lilyan

        Can you clarify which drama these YJ fans mocked 4 years ago? I feel like I am missing out with some news.

    • @myrrana
      all of things I’ve mentioned were on the ig. the bullying situation was so bad back then. but i think you also can find the mocking thing in this blog. just traced it until 2017.

      now they are afraid to go this blog. but they forgot that this blog used to be their arena.

      • yes.. from ruler’s posters, to the casts age, to backhug scene, to riding scene, to staring scene, to enter the water scene etc were said to plagiarise litm. how ridiculous is that? while there were many historical dramas has the very same scenes, they didn’t go around telling ppl that litm plagiarised them

  2. the three WORST drama of the year are the king eternal PPL, meow meow meow and A piece of your mind. The actors in this drama had poor acting skills( lee min ho, L and his FL and the charmless Chae Soo Bin

    And Its okay ‘s too hyped. i dropped at episode 9? the FL looks….

    • And right on cue, one of the loudest and most delusional BR fans shows up to mock other dramas.

      The FL looks what? More beautiful and talented than you will ever be? Yeah, she does.

    • Too hyped yet you managed to watch all the way to EP9? Hahaha, stop lying. You didn’t drop it. You gobbled it up to the finale and kept sneaking back for second and third helpings.

      We see right through you, troll.

      Funny how you can’t even defend BR as one of the best dramas but you’re instead mocking other dramas as the worst to try to divert attention from it. Eat humble pie, Joane.

    • Fortunately, your vote doesn’t count. Koreans love It’s Ok, Not to be Ok. Btw,i am glad Koreans listed BR as one of the trash dramas for 2020

      • @lai pe yee
        Did u even watch it? BR wasnt a great drama but it wasnt terrible but anyways who cares i enjoyed the drama and waiting for season 2

      • And the ones who poll are the ones that know their stuffs, not keyboarders who merely or blindly support their favourite actor’s drama, like BR and Eternal Monarch.

      • I decide which drama i like and enjoy even if its my fav if i dont like it i dont watch it

        I dont base my opinion on any poll and anywYs the king got the most votes for being worst but i see only BR being attacked

        I sometimes think haters are more eagerly waiting for yoo jung news than the fans lol

        Keep it up as i m done defending my girl her hardwork will pay off eventually and will prove her worth

        Its not that none of ur actors have bad fandom and their dramas never failed ups and down part of this industry

        Good luck to my girl and rather than popularity i would like my girl to b known as an versatile actress


      • You yourself concede that BR wasn’t a great drama yet you’re attacking the opinion of someone who found it terrible. Then you ask who cares? You clearly care. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have bothered to respond to Lai Pei Yee’s comment.

        And then go on and write a hypocritical ‘woe is me; there are bad eggs in every fandom; everyone is a KYJ hater’ type of essay when no one even mentioned her name. Is she the only one who acted in BR?

        All while not calling out the toxic fans in your fandom who go round mocking other dramas’ ratings and even insulting other actresses’ looks to cope with BR’s failure.

        Keep waiting but no one is going to shell out money for season 2 of a drama that flopped so hard in both ratings, reviews and even had cancellation petitions.

        Fighting to you too.

      • @anna don’t hold your breath for BR season two. It flopped. Willing to bet there will beno season 2.

    • I don’t know if this joane is that joane who came and commented on Record of Youth’s posts on this site. But I assumed he/she is LITM’s couple fan, becoz he/she hyped KYJ and PBG and mocked other actors/actresses. He/she is the kind of fans that make other hate on their favs becoz of their own doing. Smh.

      • If he or she is stanning KYJ and bashing everyone else, it’s the same troll. He/she is one of a kind and very easy to recognize from their hateful, below the belt comments.

    • @Jasmine Very well-said! I’ve been a long-time lurker in this site, and that’s what I’ve observed: Kim Yoo Jung fans are the most toxic, most arrogant fandom when it comes to actors/actresses. Especially after the success of Love In the Moonlight, that’s the peak of their bullying. Everyone remembers their utter toxicity and the fanwars, their fandom mocking every actresses, especially KSH. When KSH was doing cameos in dramas, they call her attention-seeker, even dragged her dead father and other such bullshit. I remember at that time I couldn’t even enjoy a KSH article without some KYJ fan ruining it by constantly mentioning KYJ and how she’s “superior” to KSH. I’m not exaggerating when I say that period gave me anxiety, and I just feel so bad for KSH. I don’t even understand the arrogance because LITM is known as PBG’s drama mainly, and it raised only PBG’s profile, he’s now starting with A-Listers such as Song Hye Kyo and Gong Yoo. And it’s only one hit drama! Why are they being boastful? lmao
      And now it all backfires to them as KYJ’s last two dramas are such disasters, CWPFN got 1% rating and BR got low ratings too, got petitioned to be cancelled, and now is one of the two worst dramas of the year! lol
      And now that others are rightfully criticizing their fave’s terrible drama without even mentioning KYJ’s name, they’re trying to act like victims, like this Ana above. All the while forgetting all the shit their fandom did. Such clownery. But what can you expect from KYJ fans, they’re known for being the worst for a reason ?
      I feel bad for the rational KYJ fans being in the same fandom with these clowns

      • @KSH fanboy
        If you are a long time lurker on this site u should very well know why i bought yoojungie when BR was mentioned.

        Secondly if you are a long time lurker u should also know that i only ever defended my girl and never ever talked bad or degraded any actors including urs

        Thirdly i became yoojung fan becoz of this site after i saw how ur co fandoms bodyshamed and talked rubbish abt my girl but i never hated ur ksh

        Fourth if you are a long time lurker u should also have read on other ksh post how ur co fandoms think she is the one who makes the male lead famouus etc etc which i feel delusional and irrational

        Fifth if yoojung fans have done many bad things to ksh (behaviour which i condemn) ur fandom has also retaliated back tenfold so dont play victim here as to show ur hate is justified

        Sixth if you are a long time lurker u should know that i have bashed my co fandoms many times for their condemning comments

        If defending my girl makes me irrational so b it al least i dont give hateful comments to other actors neither curse them to flop their dramas unlike ur co fandom

        Toxic fans are not happy ppl so they create unhappiness for others if u let that affect u its ur fault
        Hope u healthy now
        Take care

      • @KSH FANBOY
        even if park bogam rose to fame after LITM none of his other dramas got the same rating after this drama despite working with mega stars for me this proves something
        When u have an awsome partner even mediocre script turns out great

        As for BR which is considered a trash drama received rating close to ur well received dramas

      • @Ana Please go back to the older articles on this site, circa 2016-2017, your fandom was the one who started all the bashing and the fanwars. Actually, KYJ fans have been acting superior since 2012 when KSH and KYJ were in Moon Embracing the Sun, just because KYJ had the young protagonist role. You have no idea what KSH went through at that period, both KNetz and INetz were bashing her so bad, literally every KSH article has KYJ fans mentioning KYJ and how she’s better than KSH etc., it was crazy. It’s definitely KSH who’s the underdog here. KSH’s fame isn’t overnight popularity like your KYJ’s, she had to overcome a lot of bullying and bashing. Yes I know people on this site can be harsh on KYJ, but if you’re a fan of KYJ for a long time now, you’d have known that the comments here on KYJ are nowhere near as harsh as the insults that were being thrown at KSH that time, like I said, your co-fandoms even dragged her dead father, you can’t get any more toxic than that.
        I bear no hate on KYJ either, I even liked her works as a child actress, but after seeing your fandom’s atrocious behavior, especially during 2012-2017, I just can’t like KJY the same way because when I look at her I just think of her toxic fans. Even fans of other actresses know how toxic your fandom can be, it’s just a known fact at this point, and while that doesn’t in any way justify bashing KYJ, I think that’s why people on this site are being harsh on her. I don’t know how long have you been a KDrama fan, but I’m guessing you’re quite new because if you weren’t, you’d know that this site used to be KYJ fans’ haven, and they’d bash each and every actresses that isn’t KYJ, and every actors that isn’t PBG, it was crazy. It’s only now that they’ve quieted down a bit after your girl’s recent fail dramas.
        If you’re not one of the toxic ones in your fandom, then congrats, please stay that way. But there’s a reason why your fandom is notorious for being toxic amongst actors/actresses fandoms, and it just sickens me when I see some of your co-fandoms acting like victims when they did far far far worse. I want to forget and move on from that, but it’s just not easy, like I said, that period literally gave me anxiety.
        I won’t respond to you anymore as you seem like one of the sane ones in your random and I don’t want to pick a fight with you.
        Good day

      • @ana

        actually i just want to ignore you, but i think many of your OPINIONS is misleading.

        1st, park bogum dramas are doing GREAT after LITM. you need to study and learn to differentiate between PUBLIC drama and CABLE drama. 2 pbg drama ratings for CABLE chanel (tvn) is considered high if you don’t know. so his two latest dramas are considered as success as LITM. while yj 2 latest dramas performed poorly. both in cable (jtbc) and public (sbs) chanel.

        2nd. in your comments, you mentioned about BR perfomed evenly with this one drama. even tho you didn’t mention which drama, we know it’s tale of nokdu. you also kind of saying that tton also performed worse. you also wrong and misleading about this. if you don’t know, all of sbs fri and sat timeslot dramas were able to attain double digit rating during this time slot except BR. this timeslot is considered as a GEM sbs slot due to lack competition with other dramas and most of ppl preferred to watch weekend dramas. but BR being in this timeslot failed to attain double digit rating. plus, it is poorly received despite having popular pd and casts. while tton, even tho this drama didn’t attain double digit rating, but it’s well received. plus, it’s also airing during weekdays and have to compete with several dramas during that timeslot.

        3rd. you seems to be irrational when ksh fans saying that she made her co star famous. there’s one thing to explain this. you in fact actually dislike ksh. you saying that you didn’t dislike sohyun is like a BS. because if you didn’t dislike sohyun, you wouldn’t be bothered with this claim. but in fact there’s a truth in this claims since most of her rookie co stars were super popular today. it wasn’t like a claim from your fandom which calimed that kyj make pbg famous. it’s not like pbg is a rookie actor during litm. in fact, he’s already popular during reply and hello monster.

        4th..your opinion about who you end up liking is doesn’t matter to us. you are free to say what you want to say about sso. you saying that you end up liking jang dong yoon when watching tton, and that’s prove something is like suggesting something negative about sso. well, i mean, who are you? someone’s important? did your opinions about sso is matter to us? in fact, most of sso fans here were saying about how bad your fandom is, not how bad is kim yoojung. but you dragged sso in your comments proves actually something.

      • @KSHFanboy

        I’m not sure about this site because I can’t find the moonlightyoo anymore. but she as well as can go to ig and twitter, soompi, and allkpop comment section. it’s soo ridiculous back then when they accused sohyun for following yj path when sso accepted to star in ruler. and it even more ridiculous when they accused sso to choose quantity over quality when she had drama each year, and praised yujung to choose a quality drama since she acted rarely after litm (in fact, she’s busy with her school during that time. before litm, she also had drama every year ok.. lol.. anything to make their fandom felt superior). and she rejected school 2017 and circle drama means that these drama have no quality since yj only chose QUALITY drama. they also accused sso for being greedy and sidus for being biased when she’s offered to cameo in goblin and wwys. while in fact, she has a good relationship with the writer, that’s why she’s offered to be comeo. I can list what are bad things they’ve said about sso, for instance, she didn’t value education while their bias value education so much during high school, but sso continuing her study to university while their bias didn’t want to pursue her study anymore is BIG SLAP to their fandom. not to mentioned how they mocked sso forehead, her smiling, and so on.

        so @ana, since you are new to her fandom, so here i list what are terrible and hurtful thing your fandom has done to sso fandom back then. I’m not an Indonesian, but do you know what is the name for sohyun Indonesian fandom? they’re called as STAYFINE! because they want to STAYFINE with all of the accusations made from your fandom to sso. it’s okay if you attack the fandom, but attack sso personally is too hurt for us. it’s already became a scare to us.

        it is true that sso fandom also had bad eggs, but yours a lot of worse. you guys back didn’t have only a fan war with sohyun, but also with GUMRI (bogum hyeri) fandom. you guys altogether even bullying one of parkbogum fan in ig very hard due to her voicing out her displeasure about BOYOO couple. that’s the fact

      • @Lilyan Yeah it was crazy, the toxic KYJ fans even mocked Sohyun’s hairstyle in Goblin saying that they gave her that hairstyle “to hide her forehead”, all the while conveniently forgetting that other actresses in historical dramas set in that period (pre-Joseon era) have the same hairstyle, such as IU in Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart. Everyone was actually praising Sohyun’s visuals in Goblin, it’s just these clowns who were bashing her. About RMOTM, yes it’s super ridiculous of them to bash Sohyun for “copying KYJ” just because RMOTM and LITM are both historical dramas. It’s not Sohyun’s fault that MBC promoted it as the next LITM. And the cameo thing. That situation actually reminded me of how haters used to bash Park Shin Hye for being in every drama, and calling her greedy and attention-seeking too. I mean, it’s not Sohyun and Park Shin Hye’s fault that they are in-demand actresses and that Sohyun is a favorite of writer Park Hye Ryun ?
        Yes, they accused Sohyun for being Sidus’ favorite and now they’re doing the same thing to Kim Hye Hyoon. Ridiculous.
        They just want to pick apart everything our Sohyunnie does, it’s just so maddening! And yes, so proud of our girl for entering Hanyang University! She’s a beauty and brains, and it’s a big slap to the haters.

        As for Moonlight Yoo, she’s now spreading her toxicity in Dramabeans. I just recently saw her comment on the True Beauty article, commenting that KYJ should’ve been cast as Jugyeong instead of Moon Ga Young because MGY “looks too old”. I just had to roll my eyes, she’s such a clown. MGY had been such an underrated actress for a long time now and I’m happy for her (even tho I also wanted Sohyun for the role)

        Thank goodness these toxic clowns have quieted down a bit now after their girl’s recent drama failures. But one hit drama and they’d go back to their old ways again, I’m sure.
        Meanwhile, let’s wait and cheer for our Sohyunnie’s upcoming drama. The fact that she will play a role like that, an ambitious princess who wants to be the first female Goguryeo ruler, means that casting directors have faith in her and her emotional maturity.
        I mean, what other young actress have played a role like that before?
        Fighting, Queen Sso!

    • I agree… The king was really bad … Can’t even pinpoint as to what exactly went wrong. But I hooe they make/select better drama in future.

  3. the king had the best writer while BR had the best pd. yet, their drama were voted as the worse. life is just like a wheel. sometimes you’re on the top, and sometimes u will be at the bottom. so be humble, especially for the fans.

  4. Hospital Playlist is definitely a gem, one of my all-time faves. Saved me from boredom too when travel anywhere in the world suddenly halted due to the pandemic. I can re-watch this multiple times. Can’t wait for season 2.

  5. I don’t agree with the worst, it looks like people didn’t really watch these dramas… A Piece of Your Mind was really beautiful, it was slow but the subject of mourning was well treated. BR was far from bad, the relationship between the leads was one of the most sane of Kdrama, when they respect and understand each other, give time, etc. If the idea of plot of Hi By Mama wasn’t a good one, the actors did a good job. The King wasn’t totally bad, it’s just they was a lot of expectation. Meow was really bad.

    In the best ones, CLOY, It’s Okay, IC started very well but all were kinda disapointing at the end. CLOY was the best in North Korea. It’s Okay could have been good but the mother’s plot was so bad, even the actress didn’t know she was the mother… I liked that IC treated some society subjects but the story was not so good at the end.

    Stranger 2 was the best! The writting was perfect!

    • Thankfully, it’s not up to you. It’s up to the K-entertainment industry insiders (actual Koreans in the industry who know their stuff) and are sharing their insights.

      It seems you’re the one who didn’t really watch the dramas you’re nitpicking on just because your preferred dramas are in the worst list.

      • They are professionals, working in the entertainment industry. With years of knowledge and experience in scriptwriting, production and etc. You, definitely a mistress of none.

      • @Lai Pei Yee> There were worse dramas : Rugal, Sweet Munchies, Was It Love, Men are Men, Forest, Dinner Mate, etc. TKEM was pretty disapointing but was still better than those.

        I don’t know how the poll was done. If they really proposed all the dramas and just the buzzworthy ones.

      • Meow The Secret Boy is the story about a girl who falls in love with a cat that can take human form.

    • As always, you are my drama twin, though I did not watch BR, Meow and IC and dropped both HBM and TKEM.
      Totally agree with you on Stranger 2 is *chef kiss*

    • yeah yeah my standards were super high based on hype and I honestly found it overrated and kind of cheesy sometimes (I was marathoning ER from NBC around the same time though so that influenced me a bit lol) but it’s a good hearted show and I’m determined to finish it.

  6. The list is quite accurate, was put together by people who know what they are talking about, and reflects what I think about the above mentioned dramas. I will never watch A piece of your mind again. That’s 16 hours of my life I will never get back. What a painfully, plodding dull story. King: The Eternal Monarch also has its bright moments but was a mess overall. Maybe they can add The Tales of the Nine Tailed Fox and Record of Youth to the pile. Dramas that have the potential to be good, but turn out awfully boring because the leads lack chemistry. On the other hand, this years gems are on point: Hospital Playlist, IOTNBO, Itaewon Class, CLOY, and Stranger 2 are damned good dramas that deserve to be lauded. Maybe they could add to that pile – Search, More Than Friends, Train and some currently airing dramas which are solidly good. It’s a shame most OCN dramas tend to get passed over though they are good because they don’t have massive appeal. But it is just as difficult to film a thriller as it is a romcom or slice of life drama.

    • Yes yes oh heck yes to RoY joining the sh*tlist. It’s gotta be criminal how dramas with more substance, better stories, acting, directing, writing and so much more can’t even reach its rating.

      Plus Alice. Good gosh!

      Tale of the Nine-tailed. Sigh.

      Though I wouldn’t be quick to add ongoing dramas (that start off good) to the best list since there’s always a chance they could drop the ball halfway to the end.

      The best list is spot on!

      What about FoE? Haven’t seen it yet but I’ve heard good reviews.

      • Yes, thanks for reminding me. Flower of Evil definitely belongs to the best drama list. It’s criminal how underrated thrillers, and that drama is one of the best of its genre.

    • This is funny the hospital playlist was the worst for me…I enjoyed the king and CLOY,Its ok not to be ok was OK not a big deal…I guess Koreans know their movies/series?

  7. Ah, BR and The King fans have annoyed me this while year. This list feels like vindication. For people pointing out the faults in the top dramas on the list, no drama is perfect, even the worst have their shinning moments. The only thing we can do is weight the good and bad, and clearly the good overcomes the bad and they placed on top. CLOY and IONTBO were the dramas that kept me consistently yearning weekly so I quite happy

    • Amen, Misky. Preach!

      My exact sentiments when I read that comment above.

      I loved CLOY.

      IOTNBO, my gosh, I’ve watched and enjoyed a bajillion K-dramas but none has ever made me cry as much as this drama did and afterwards wiped my tears the way it did.

      I feel you on the yearning. I was like a junkie waiting week after week for my fix. Lol.

      I was left with a bittersweet feeling when it ended and still get withdrawals. It’s my all-time number one. Period.

      Hospital Playlist. Another gem. It didn’t hook me the way IOTNBO did but I liked the drama. And that scene where the preggers lady was told her baby died? Oh man.

      In the end, no K-drama is perfect and if a viewer is going to let a few minor flaws destroy the overall near-perfect experience, then maybe they should get outta the Kdrama watching game.

      • @jasmine
        Yes i said BR is not a great drama it has many faults but so do other dramas
        What matters to me is i enjoyed d drama and hope for a second season but u cursing shows how hateful person u r

        I just stated my opinion like @lai pei where did i attack did i cursed that persons idol or vice versa

        Just becoz u dont concede with someone u put allegations against them

        Anyways hoping for the best for my girl

  8. What’s the hurry? There’s still two months left. With the way the writing in recent Kdramas have gotten even worse, I’m positive there will be more added to this list.

    • I found it slooow and boring in the beginning too. Almost dropped it. But I stuck with it and ended up liking it. Not as much as some of the dramas on the best list but it was cool in its own way.

  9. I watched both dramas that is rank 1 & 2 on the worst list, I personally didn’t like both of them but in my opinion there were worst dramas out there like “born again, was it love, do you like Brahms, record of youth.” Eternal had so many flaws but it also had some remarkable entertaining scenes and the supporting actors were phenomenal. In backstreet, I loved my girl’s performance, that’s why I watched all 16 episodes, just for her. But I despise her character since episode one(I just can’t defend her character’s actions), granted her character had some self-improvement but she was overall irrational. But my girl’s acting was so fantastic I was able to ignore her character flaws for the most part. I’m so excited to see her return in historical dramas, when will they confirm? I’ve been waiting forever for those confirmed articles, it’s weird they are taking such a long time.

  10. I don’t understand one thing..I haven’t watched Hospital Playlist but it seems to be pretty much loved by masses as well as these professionals and had good ratings..I wonder why it didn’t win any major award in a legit award show.. whereas the rest of the dramas WOM , CLOY,IC, Kingdom, has won something.
    Apart from Brand of the year awards which was fan voted, i m yet to see any proper award for it..I think only Jeon mi do got one for best New Actress recently in 2nd Asia Content Awards..

    I dropped It’s Okay to not be okay. No hate towards the drama..It must be good , that’s why loved by the masses but it’s just that it didn’t impress me much..Like I was too much excited when the first few epi dropped..And later on it fuzzed out as the it went downhill for me..But still it deserves to be in this list..

    As for The King , I dropped it after episode 8 ,but I don’t think it is the worst drama of this year..I guess it was Kim Eun Sook and that’s why people were so harsh on TKEM..This drama is like a stain on KES’ otherwise glorious career who managed to churn out hits after hits..We know the drama is well recognised internationally but it benefitted Lee Min Ho and the other actors only.. Whereas in Korea, writer’s success still depends on critics and ratings , and KES failed badly in both the criteria.

  11. They are professionals, working in the entertainment industry. With years of knowledge and experience in scriptwriting, production and etc. You, definitely a mistress of none.

  12. Outside a handful of kdramas, the majority suck balls. I am actually shocked how uninspired most have become in recent years. Especially the rom-coms and fantasy-genre has delivered some of the worst crap I have ever seen. Romantic-melos are the same.

    More serious stories such as makjangs, comedies without romance and thrillers have been good.

  13. @ Ana
    I’m going respond on behalf of fanboy lol first of all, who knows if you’re telling the truth, you could use different usernames and maybe you could had rally the troops on other forums and tell them to come here with your passive aggressiveness. I read some comments on some forums where your co-fans whine about this site and act like victims.

    How interesting u only became a fan after seeing comments against your fave when almost every article here, your co-fans attack many other people. Why don’t u be fans of every actor and actress? I don’t believe your story. Either that or you are just being selective.

    How is that delusional? When most of her co-stars were essentially unknowns or rookies? While your favorite had more established stars?

    Retaliated ten fold???? Prove it. I see your fandom going all wild on everyone and many dramas. Your self pity party is plain sadness.

    You’re being irrational by accusing people of hating. They didn’t even mention your fave name on this article until you start going off. I don’t know why you see people not liking br as something against your fave. Is she the only cast member in br?

    • @leaves
      I was new to korean drama and became kyj fan since 2019 so i dont know what her fandoms did before that

      This was one of the blog where i tried to get reviews and u believe it or not first impresdion is the last impression for me and ur fandom really helped me follow her and i m thankful for that

      I have only this account and i have only ever replied in this site whether u believe it or not ur choice

      As i said even though i m kyj fan i do watch other dramas also without bias and m not a blind follower i didnt watch cwpfn becoz i dint like the casting of the male lead (actingwise he is good but together with kyj was not for me)

      I watched the tale of nokdu fir kim sohyun but ended up liking the male lead and then when searched his other dramas he was in achool 2017 which i watched and completely overlooked him in that drama

      For me this really proves something anyways i wont say it becoz ill be cursed by you and ur fandoms for stating my opinion

      Irrational i m not becoz ppl who commented on BR very well know and as u said yoojung fandoms are worst ofcourse bring them down without mentioning the name is the best retaliation isnt it?

      There are worst dramas than BR but those posts rarely get any comments

      I m not saying kyj fandom is good no not at all but if kyj is worst urs is closest like the worst two dramas

      • @ Ana

        If you became a fan of her since 2019, you should still be able to see Co-fans knocking down every other actor and actress even to the present. Somehow you only see your fave being knocked down? Something is wrong here. And since you are now aware of what your co-fans have done in the past and even in the present, why are you so defensive for her and not other actors? Why you accuse some as imposter fans and antis but if they come from other fandoms and knocking your fave down they are legit fans and not imposters as well? I’m going to be honest and say that there are bad eggs on many kingdoms but don’t pretend that your fave fandom are the mature ones with only a few bad eggs. Your fave fandom isn’t better than others although I see them trying to paint themselves to be like they do in soooompi and that this site is awful to her exclusively when’s that’s not the truth.

        Although I disagree with a good number of your points, you’re better than many of your Co-fans I came across. I apologize for my speculation about you since I can’t prove it.

        People can dislike dramas, it doesn’t mean they’re antis. You can have theories, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. People are hating on youth record and Alice, does it mean they don’t like the actors involved???

        You don’t like people speculating on your actions and your words, then don’t do the same to others. Give them the benefit of doubt unless it’s 100 percent obvious, and not 70 or 80 percent. Reading the comments on this article, I did not see one bad thing (it has to be obvious) about your fave. Let them leave their good or bad opinions on certain dramas and on fandoms.

  14. My favorite of 2020 is I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice. Why? Because it’s a lovely, inspirational, poetic Kdrama about simple people living in the countryside, and features sublime and unforgettable performances by Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon. It’s a drama which reminds me of the beauty of the Four Seasons Korean dramas that got millions of people hooked on Korean dramas 15 – 20 years ago. Whenever I rewatch it I feel like I’m in heaven. I blacklist dramas that celebrate sins like adultery or those with dark or demonic characters like vampires, zombies, werewolves, gumihos, etc. The news is so dark today that when I put on my entertainment I do not want to see darkness as well. Inspire me, touch me, delight me with good, sweet characters who grow as human beings. Then I will tune in.

  15. I just had to comment. Backstreet Rookie was really well done and we all.enjoyed it. Why worst ?!! It was so good despite the first episode really I felt disappointed with.

    • Sorry for not accepting your views on “overrating hallyu stars are a thing of past”.
      First of all Avery human being has two eyes but different views so I respect your opinion that you don’t like BR and King Eternal Monarch… that’s not a bad thing but you can’t blame any star and their fandom.
      If any drama don’t do well than we can’t blame only celebrities …there are many people working for a drama .I read many comments but none of them blame any actor it’s just the storyline which was not charming enough to grab most of people’s attention.

  16. @ksh fanboy and @leaves
    I apologize for misunderstanding u both it seems u r not the toxic ones but considerate and one of the rational fans in this site

    I m really sorry for the affect this worst fandom had on u both

    If u call out and curse this fandom i wont even bat an eyelid as they try deserve it but if kyj is given names and if abusive words used against her ill definately defend her like u guys do for ur girl

    My foundation for liking her might b wrong but over a yr my affection for her has grown for her sincere personality

    I still believe the actors shouldnt bear the brunt of their bad fandom curse the fandom give them names but if it affects the actors its really not ok becoz they dont deserve it

    Lets keep fighting for our respective girls and felt good knowing there really are some sane ppl in this blog

    • @Ana It’s okay. I didn’t know you’re a new fan and that you didn’t know about your fandom’s behavior, I thought you’re one of those who are suddenly acting like victims after being toxic, so I apologize too. Of course you absolutely have all the right to defend KYJ when people bash her, I know people on this site can be too harsh on her, I guess partly because of the fandom’s history. Just know that most KSH fans aren’t toxic, but we sure as hell are protective of our girl because of all the bashing and bullying she had to go through as she rose to popularity. I think the best thing to do is to defend and support our girls without dragging other actors and actresses. And let’s also call out our co-fandom when they’re being toxic, like that Joane above, she’s known as the most toxic KYJ fan here along with Moonlight Yoo (who’s nowhere to be found on this site now but is definitely spreading her toxicity on other sites). As you can see, Joane is even lowkey attacking Seo Ye Ji’s appearance and Chae Soo Bin just to cope with this news about her fave’s drama. Classic toxic fan behavior.
      I’ll also call out my co-fandom when I see some of them bashing other actresses including KYJ.
      At the end of the day, KSH and KYJ are both talented, hard-working and kind ladies, and none of them deserve to be insulted and bashed.

  17. misunderstandings is easy to happen online so it’s not too big. I agree, sounds like a good plan! @ana let’s stay sane, we can’t control actions of others only ourselves 🙂

  18. @liliyan
    I m no one u r right and so r u

    I mentioned kimsohyun becoz the user name clearly showed they were her fan

    Whatever i said about liking the tton actor was my opinion and i watched it without bias and it was only that drama as i said ill b cursed and called a hater

    What we r we see others the same way so u feel i hate ur girl its ok if it lets u sleep think whatever u want

    U saw me talking about tton but u dint see me telling i was not able to watch cwpfn it shows u only see what u want to see and ignore other things

    I dont need to prove anything to you but ur co fandoms actually were considerate towards me so ill tell u i only hate ur fandom comments like u hate kyj fandom

    I never denied kyj fans r worst but der r some good fans who actually appreciates other actors also but of course their idol is always d best for them

    Dont try to judge and measure everyone equally based on few opinions stated

  19. I loved Hospital Playlist(was my first Kdrama – am new to all this) Amongst all the Kdramas it’s only one I haven’t watched for the 2nd time. I wouldn’t like to diss anyone for whatever job they do. And although sincerely speaking or writing “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” just like “Beauty is in the eyes of the gazer or beholder.” A doctor can’t think a cleaner is useless yet he can’t work in a dirty hospital. Saying some the worst dramas are so bad yet the actors are doing their jobs is pointless for people who manage to get something to complain about or rejoice about because they didn’t like their dramas. Anyway at the end of it all these guys still earn loads of money and am pretty sure we have all done a bad job at one time only difference we don’t have the visuals(audience) for people to complain publically.

  20. I agree… The king was really bad … Can’t even pinpoint as to what exactly went wrong. But I hooe they make/select better drama in future.

  21. @kshFanboy
    If u see my comments in older post u will see that i called out joanne many times regarding her behaviour saying she is one of
    The reason why this fandom is hated

    Sometimes i feel pity for our girls they have worked so hard to reach where they r today but this fandom destroyed everything in a jiffy

    Seeing urs and leaves comment i feel u genuinely hate the fandom not my girl so ill give benefit of doubt to others too hence forth

    Lets keep fighting for our girls

  22. Lol, I’m cackling. The two dramas that had the loudest and the most in your face fans ended up being picked by the industry’s best as the worst dramas of the year. TKEM fans were somewhat tolerable, just extremely passionate and stuck in their own world, but BSR fans were just straight up obnoxious. It’s funny how they would put down IOTNBO and other dramas, with their only defence point being that BSR had “higher” ratings. Lol the irony of it all, I can’t help but laugh.

  23. Hospital playlist is my favorite as well for 2020??????
    hospital playlist is the top always number1??????? because hospital playlist is always the top best korean drama number1?????
    They re very good job director hospital playlist and crew also good job????
    Once again thank you guys good job i am proud of you?????☺?
    I really enjoy it to watch hospital playlist???☺?????
    I also i have my favorite doctor is always number1???☺??❤??
    sorry i can’t tell you who is my favorite doctor hospital playlist that is
    my cofindental???❤☺??

  24. I can’t wait to watch hospital playlist 2 ??☺???❤
    My favorite drama is the top best always number1 only hospital playlist
    No matter what i had watched differents drama is no my favorite drama because they no good actors and they no work hard enough
    I really picky about different drama
    I only like this actor so much no matter what this actor playing different drama???☺?❤
    Sorry i can’t tell you who is i like so much about this actor from
    hospital playlist that is my cofidental???☺?❤???
    ?Please don’t ask me questions about
    i like so much this actor from
    hospital playlist mind of your business ok????☺???❤
    ?please respect my cofidental personal ok?❤????☺
    ?please respect my comment in here ok
    if You don’t like it i don’t it your comment either ok

  25. I agree your comment Rosemary Okello
    Same as me i like only watch
    hospital playlist cause they re best kdrama, best doctors???☺????
    hospital playlist best actors too?????☺❤?
    Direxctor and writer hospital playlist good job and crew too???????❤

  26. Director and writer and crew from
    hospital playlist good job, nice job am so aproud of you???☺????
    Actors and actres from hospital playlist
    Always working hard cause they patrice hard accept there’s one actor who i like so much?????❤ and this i like so much this actor personality too??☺??❤?
    ?please don’t ask anything questions about i like this actor personality so much?????☺❤??
    Cause that is my cofidental personality
    I can’t share with you just all
    cause like i say ?please respect my cofidental personality and once again
    Mind of your business ok?
    ?please am try no to be mean ok
    I just tell you all of you
    Don’t ask me alot questions about
    Who i like 1 this actor from
    hospital playlist that is my cofidental
    Person i can’t talk about it to all of you ok, i hope all you can understand what am saying in my comments ok?

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