jTBC 10th Anniversary Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Releases New Character Stills of Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye

I feel like jTBC is doing a great job of hyping up its upcoming drama Sisyphus: The Myth by always emphasizing that it’s the drama to celebrate the network’s 10th anniversary. But the worry is that the drama ends up not being as good as people expect due to the hype but eh, why worry now and let’s just enjoy the promo circuit. The production released new lead character stills this week featuring dorky physicist and engineer Jo Seung Woo juxtaposed with kickass soldier savior of the future Park Shin Hye. She is only a wee bit not believable in character partly because we all know it’s cutie patootie Shin Hye behind the guns and under the fatigues but I’m still psyched for her full metal turn because it’s payback for her getting turned into a crying woman in distress/mcguffin computer generation magic goddess in Memories of Alhambra.


jTBC 10th Anniversary Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Releases New Character Stills of Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye — 30 Comments

  1. So far I don’t feel they are overhyping this drama. A logo under their stuff isn’t what I call hype. But I’m also worried it will end messed considering is a time travel sci-fi. But lets enjoy what we have now.
    About Shin Hye she is giving me KTR vibes. Both have this cute appearance but they still manage to look believable strong. This image fits her so well.
    Glad CWS is also showing a new and fresh image here. I can’t wait for more.

    • I kind of understand the overhyped comment. And it’s not about the amount of promos because to be honest, the arrival of promos revealed for this drama is coming at a normal level. I think the overhyping kind of came with the praises that they already attached to the drama. That kind of promotion kind of alters the expectations people have towards it making the margin of error for the drama to be quite low. It’s like having someone telling you that a song is so so so good, only for it to be just okay. It’s not bad but you end up disappointed anyway because it’s been hyped up too much.

      • I don’t think it’s the overhype Koala implying. She said JTBC overhyped it… which can only do with their promotions
        What you mean by fans are overhyped by the little/normal contents JTBC has putting out… which I totally could agree.

        Tbh, what I’m worried the most for this drama is not acting, directing or chemistry but the writing. The writers haven’t proved themselves yet before this project so this is their chances.

  2. 515 / 5000
    Resultados de traducción
    I do not feel that they are exaggerating in publicity, the publicity that JTBC handles is almost the same for all their dramas, in fact I did not think to see “sunbae don’t put on that lipstick” but after seeing so many images, videos and interviews now I count the three days missing to see it.
    I like these images, PSH is cute by nature but his eyes show so much determination (the cute pink details of his gun confuse me) and CSW looks so peaceful, who would have thought that Hwang Shi Mok would be this guy innocent.

      • I do that sometimes too. Ah and by the way your English is fine. About the lipstick drama is really being over promote right? they drop something new almost every day lol

  3. You think it’s over hyped? Nobody heard anything about the drama till it finished filming! They are releasing photos etc, a month before showing,and that’s considered over hyped? It’s because as fans we haven’t heard anything till now and we’re all excited. Did the drama and PSH trending #1 on Naver make it over hyped? I think you’re mislabeling it.

    Anywho, PSH is known for her sweet,fragile image but in reality she can kick her male lead’s butt, can really shoot a target, break bricks with her bare hands from what I’ve seen her in film footage. So, we’re just glad she got this role and excited to see the finished product.

  4. Its not hyped, its high profile project but in fact its not being promoted to the sky and beyond. I am looking forward to it but I am disappointed with these images. What’s with the gun with pink doodles all over it? And I am sorry, any person who kind of writes Quantum and Time together will forever get an eye roll from me as somebody who studies the field. Lets just not become a hot mess like Alice drama, I am rooting for you.

    • The pink stuff is to show you can be badass still like cute stuff. To be honest is true that most of kdramas female fighters are always portrayed as some sort of tomboy and I think they want to go to the straight opposite of this image.

      • “The pink stuff is to show you can be badass and still like cute stuff.“

        Did the production team explicitly state this? Or are you just a fan trying to rationalize this absurdity? If it’s the latter, you do know it’s possible to point out that the gun looks toyish and still be a loyal fan, right? And if they were really going for a “badass yet cute” vibe, there are better ways to do it than giving a kickass female soldier a pinkish, toyish-looking gun.

      • @SpyCastle
        As I read, the pink symbolizes a three-dimensional character, something like that represents hope in a destroyed world.
        That I read in the translation of an article of the character.

      • @SpyCastle That’s what I interpreted from what the production team said about the guns. Why are you being so worked up over a pink gun? You are totally passive aggressive towards me when I didn’t even attacked you lmao
        I forgot how people are oversensitive on koala playground over stupid stuff lmao

      • @Isaa

        My issue here is that it’s hard enough for women in male-dominated roles to be taken seriously. And a pink gun just adds to that. But if the context here is different, then I get what you mean. Thank you for responding like a mature fan (and not like an oversensitive one who easily gets triggered when others point out things like this). All the best.

    • Passing by
      And read the comments that are here about the drama
      Im no against the issue about the being overhyped
      Thats a normal process
      For the drama is coming
      For the drama is casted by this and this
      For the drama is being talk with high expectations
      For the drama is trended on korean platform.
      And lastly
      For Ms Park trended

      Anyway for my understanding its kind of normal,
      We have here the different site or views about the drama
      To exaggerated? Well
      For me, i think the network have the fair promotion just like the other drama that they have,
      Or it might different specialy the drama is for their anniversary special celebration

      On the other hand, ms Park trended, the drama poster trended
      I think every time they posted something about the drama it become talk of the town which is not intentionally

      Audiences is much excited
      For this is a parkshinhye new drama after MOA
      And the character is so fresh
      Second she’s working with CSW
      Also the production team finish the drama for a year
      So maybe that’s way it
      captured so much curiosity and attentions from many

      But yeah hopefully the drama
      Is well written, just like the other have said
      It’s not all about cast, chemistry, production, mood, atmosphere and others
      It’s the writer’s to prove their hardwork
      So fans would be pleased or be satisfied with all that high expectations..

      I’m anxious about the drama but
      Still I’m waiting.. And wishing its a good one for all the talk

      • Believe shinhye can do portray any kingmd of broke
        She’s a great and amazing actress. Wish her luck
        Action well I’m also excited to finished all episodes
        I think till the end it will going to be good.
        All the cast are really doing well. Especially shinhye and his leading man .
        Good luck shin hye
        We knew you can do it ..
        A good person like you deserve to win.
        We love you. .

  5. I feel that I am the only one excited that I cannot find any ¨but¨ to the advances and the development of the promotions of this drama, I like how the images look and that they are so different from the teaser, it’s like … what to expect!
    I want the magic formula they used in the drama for CSW, he looks so young, well PSH always looks like a little girl to me, she is aging in reverse, which she envies.

  6. She was pretty badass in Doctors and did well in the fight scenes, so I can picture her in action scenes for this drama.

    Seing JSW smiling after FoS2 is nice 🙂

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed PSH’s performance in Alive. She exhibited female warrior kick ass chick vibes in that zombie movie. Physically petite yet mentally feisty. I trust that PSH can deliver yet another convincing performance pink gun or not. This is just my take on the pink gun, nothing personal against PSH’s acting abilities, in case some over-sensitive fanatics do bashie-bashie time here. It’s too much pink for me with dashes of blue too. Reminds me of Disney cartoons. Lol. Ok, at least this is nothing compared to MOA’s wasted Emma guitar strumming quagmires.

    • I interpreted that the gun grew up with her since she was a child, and young girl. It’s her weapons but also her beloved toys.
      She has nothing to play but her guns.

      Let’s see how the drama play out.

      • Yeah your right
        Me at first poster came
        Woo! i thought why pink?
        And then the translation of the gun color was explained

        And the next drama clip with bts background song Springday
        Also with my expression omg it’s bts and why?
        And the connection was there to explain

        Everything on the drama have meaning.
        Poster picture is so interesting with all that Psh expression

  8. The drama didn’t release anything until lately but overhyped?!?!?!
    And it’s only a month away their premiere too so they definitely didn’t promote it more than their other dramas. I actually think they promote less

    And PSH isn’t believable? Dude! She is an actress that did her own stunt in all her actions scenes. Just because she is cute and sweet, she isn’t believable in actions? In fact if you watch Knowing bros, her shooting skill is actually pretty great in reality too. So PSH is in fact one very strong and capable woman even she is cute and sweet in reality. So there is nothing unbelievable about this. I’m actually happy PSH finally could show people her tougher side that only her fans know.
    This girl broke 10 piles of bricks when she was still teenager, just saying.

    Sometimes I wonder if Koala is a secret anti fan of PSH or she just want people fight to give her clicks?

    • Don’t overthink, koala is as far as you can get of an anti fan lol
      It’s just her opinion, one that I strongly disagree with, but it’s fair.

  9. i loved that Park shin Hye is able to maintain her sweetness and cuteness through the years. She did not have to do s*x scenes for her to become successful or her drama to become a success.(unlike someone i know in her current drama.)
    hope shell keep it this way.

    Good luck Girl. Hope this will be a hit.

    • As much as I like Park Shin Hye, that cuteness and sweetness you say is what held her back and has been considered target for detractors. Yes, she is successful commercially but she is not what you would say to be critically acclaimed. And that’s okay. Her achievements are to be celebrated. If I were to say, she was pigeonholed into a certain niche role because of that. It wasn’t until Doctors that she managed to shed a bit of that child actress label. As for love scenes, you don’t have to do it to be considered versatile and acclaimed. Park Shin Hye is a good actress but she hasn’t proven herself to be extremely versatile. Though personally, I’d argue that that’s not her fault.

    • To be honest PSH herself said she would be ok to have bed scenes in movies as long there is a good PD under all that. So it’s weird see someone actually say that. Plus it’s hella sexist diminish an actress for doing her work.

      • Right? I find it weird that some people think you’re the lesser actress just because you decide to take the sexy route.

    • We have the same thought
      Tho she’s an actress but she’s
      surely have her limitations
      And i appreciate that on her
      Just like the way she produces to
      Work on a project
      Cool movie
      Alive movie
      It’s a different genre
      No romance
      But her hardwork is being loved
      And recognized
      All over the world

      And now her new drama
      It’s a new Psh
      Action, who is love it for her
      Now she’s moving on, on the
      Field of acting
      And she’s working on her senior
      Which is learning step

  10. Yeah your right
    Me at first poster came
    Woo! i thought why pink?
    And then the translation of the gun color was explained

    And the next drama clip with bts background song Springday
    Also with my expression omg it’s bts and why?
    And the connection was there to explain

    Everything on the drama have meaning.
    Poster picture is so interesting with all that Psh expression

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