KBS Schedules College Romance Drama Dear M in the Friday Timeslot with Premiere Date of Feb 26th

After a bit of casting carousel, the college era romance drama Dear M is now gearing up to meet audiences. KBS has scheduled the drama for Friday starting February 26th, so one episode a week and hopefully it’s good enough to keep the momentum from each week. Starring Park Hye Soo, Noh Jeong Eui, Jaehyun of idol group NCT, and Bae Hyun Sung, I can see Jaehyun’s fans doing a great job of broadcasting support for his first drama role and that will expand viewer awareness of this drama. I thought rising young actress Noh Jeong Eui (Roh Jeong Eui) was just wonderful in 18 Again and I’m totes onboard to support her career and see how she grows.


KBS Schedules College Romance Drama Dear M in the Friday Timeslot with Premiere Date of Feb 26th — 9 Comments

      • KSR dropped out of the drama just right before they were going to film. There were rumors that it was due to the order of casting credits but her agency denied it and said it’s due to an internal situation but they also said they cannot give the specific reason why she dropped out.

        She hasn’t been the lead in a project since 2016.
        Which is unfortunate. Her star power has fallen so drastically.

        When the project was first announced, it was promoted as a spin-off of the web drama “love playlist”, KSR and her boyfriend character was announced first for awhile, so you would think they are the main focus of the drama. I’m personally thinking that they changed the story and took the focus out of them and turned them into second leads which was perhaps one of the issues. But I don’t know

      • Oooh yeah, I heard about that. This is that drama? I confused it with the School 2020 project which fell through. It’s sad that her career has stalled. But KSR is still young and very talented. When the time’s right, she’ll hopefully make a grand comeback.

      • I hope so, I think right now she should aim for meatier supporting roles similar to penthouse and then once she gets attention again, she can aim to resurrect her career as leading lady haha

  1. Good thing Kim Sae-ron got out. It’s been a long time since a drama airing on a public network at 11 p.m. got ratings of more than 2%. A school drama will have no chance going up against a Yeo Jin-gu thriller on JTBC.

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