tvN to air Second Season of Tale of Gumiho Set in the Joseon Era with Returning Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum But Replacing Female Lead Jo Boa

Well this is random and I wonder who is the target audience? tvN will be airing a second season of fall 2020’s fantasy romance drama Tale of Gumiho (Tale of the Nine-tailed) which thoroughly confounded me when it aired. There were glimpses of something MORE that could have made the drama work but what aired was just blergh. I liked the first episode and then things just kept getting worse, with perhaps the main problem because the complete lack of chemistry between leads Lee Dong Wook and Jo Boa. She didn’t have chemistry with any character in the drama whereas he had great chemistry with fellow fox little bro Kim Bum so I think the issue is with her. Not to mention her character was hella annoying and got worse as the story progressed. So this new second season will move the story back to the Joseon period era and the two male leads will be returning but there will be a new female lead. I do feel bad Jo Boa is being replaced so publicly but this was a terrible role for her and she is better off finding new projects to mine.


tvN to air Second Season of Tale of Gumiho Set in the Joseon Era with Returning Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum But Replacing Female Lead Jo Boa — 47 Comments

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  2. I don’t remember this being a big hit or even extremely popular internationally. I guess they made money from it or they wouldn’t have greenlit Season 2 and 3. I’d rather see multiple hits of other moderate hits than this.

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  4. This is really quite surprising as the drama was never a ratings or critical hit nor was it a niche hype. And yeah, a public outing for Jo Boah as all main casts except her.

    • Ratings-wise it did similar/better numbers than Start Up which was hyped as a hit though (peak rating, lowest rating and average rating on Nielsen are all higher).

      Also koala putting this all on Jo Boa is kind of misguided because if anyone actually watched this drama to the end, she was great as the possessed imugi turning villainous halfway through the story, it was her FL character who was badly written. She’s a good actress who had great chemistry with MLs in her other dramas but pinning this on her clearly isn’t it when in the same drama itself she turns in a much better performance as another character!

      • A drama to become popular need to have at least one thing, rating or buzz, rating of Start Up is not high, but its TVing rating was the highest among all the second half 2020 dramas, the buzz of the drama was also huge in Korea and international as well, that’s why Start Up is so popular in Korea and international, it was at top 2 at Netflix kdramas streaming rankings last year though it was only started airing at middle of October.

      • the drama had good ratings considering it used to air on weekdays late at night… it used to air at the timeslot of flower of evil and true beauty and had much higher rating than the other 2 even though the other 2 were much more popular internationally… it had better ratings than startup which aired at primetime on weekends… this drama was targeted mainly at the Korean audience and it did really well in Korea… i guess it did better than the channel expected it to do…

      • @Htht – buzz? Tale of the Nine Tailed actually ranked ahead of Startup on buzz in Korea according to Good Data corporation’s rankings (both dramas aired around the same time)

        TONT has clearly been successful for tvn domestically if they’re looking at making another season with the same characters. Not to mention, it didn’t have a high-profile writer or PD, which probably meant even more profits. Just because it didn’t get a simultaneous airing on Netflix and appealed more to Korean viewers (I say this as an international viewer who thinks the leads have no chemistry btw) doesn’t mean it should be such a surprise that it did better than the drama that did air on Netflix, got popular etc.

      • I agree with you. I think Jo Boa did a great job here. Her chemistry with Lee Dong Wook is fine too. It’s just that the story kind of get very messy halfway through…

    • It may not have registered as a hit in the “official” polls but it is one of those dramas that picked the interest of Filipinos. It may have come as sleeper hit in some countries since it picking up popularity in other Asian countries.

      As for BoA, she was good. As for subsequent seasons, the productions may be going in the prequel direction as to what made the half brothers drift apart.

      Whatever the case is, i hope that the new season will be as enjoyable as the first, if not better…

  5. So odd. Wondering what the story will be about. There was nothing about the past that required a lot of fleshing out and the Joseon part has the female lead killed and little fox bro starting his centuries’ long grudge against big bro and being all “I’m angry that he doesn’t love me”. I think the imugi thing could have used more backstory.

    i thought all the main characters took turns being annoying. I think Kim Bum benefited the most from this drama especially with his matyr ending. Jo BoA was much better in her Imugi scenes than in the heroine role. Lee Dong wook didn’t do much either except be the hot supernatural of your young adult novels come to life. I hope they get a new director. Some of the directing was a little too over-the-top.

    At least it isn’t a sequel. The ending was terrible. It broke the in-story logic and it looks like Lee Dong Wook’s gumiho was just blissfully going around lying to his wife.

    • Exactly, I liked the horror spin on the fantasy stuff but there’s nothing about Lee Yeon that needs expanding on. If this is a spinoff of some kind then ok, but it’s such a weird choice.

  6. In my own opinion althouh i watched the few episode only because i find it boring. The whole story focused on the love story not on the fox, beside in fairness to LDW althoug he is good looking and good in acting, he is too old for the role. True they lacked chemistry. Just wondering what the writeris going to do to make it believable. Scout a female partner that is excellent in chemistry with the lead. Iam sorry iam only half interested in fantasy drama. I always believe in real life story/romance where I can get lessons and learning.

  7. Oof…well if more kdramas are going to be more than 1 season, they need to have way less episodes per season….they just have to unless it’s a very rich and dense plot with a lot of characters. Please don’t torture your viewers with boring TV. I’m not sure if they are trying to mimic Netflix shows but very few have 14-16 episodes a season.

  8. Talk about a drama no one really asked for a Season 2 and somehow getting it LOL. On the other hand, there are countless tvN dramas out there that really should get another season and yet…

  9. I think she ( jo boa) will be suit if she will be in secand season.i want to say that I love this kdrama; this kdrama is just extremely superb, fantastic and fabulous.i like all the characters in this drama, especially the main characters.And ,I watched this kdrama so many times ; this was best kdrama and very popular drama. I just want to say that I am desperately waiting for the second season..

  10. I don’t think it’s fair to put all the responsability on Jo Boa. She was good in this drama. But for some reasons, the couple didn’t really work but it was their fault to both actors.

    I don’t understand why 2 sequels. This drama doesn’t need them and I don’t think the story will make sense compared to the original story.

    • I like TONT, but I never really like Bo Ah as female lead. I like the 2nd female more. I agree there’s no chemistry between Wookie and her, and the Lee brothers chemistry is actually the most memorable on this drama. There’s actually more cute chemistry between the 2nd female lead and the vet guy. I hope they’d come up with a convincing story for Season 2, otherwise, viewers would never binge in.

  11. It makes sense to get a new FL to get a fresh perspective of the story, and not to carry the baggage of the previous storyline.
    I predict they will focus less on the romance, so any fresh FL/FLs will do, instead will play up more on the gumiho mythology with lots of exciting CGI, action sequences for both the MLs.

  12. This is just tvN trying out different formats i.e multiple seasons to test the market. Much like Arthdal Chronicles. IMO, a good move considering the 14/16 episode format is not garnering big hits since CLOY. They should shorten dramas to 8-10 episodes like J-dramas.

    • Maybe it’s making heaps of money in THE streaming platform that everybody loves to hate here. You never know what their algorithm throws up. Like that cringe worthy Sex/Life drama a while back featuring the real/fake giant manhood ever seen on tv screen. Who knows. Lol.

      • Nothing that tvN does is ever random contrary to what koala said. Accountants crunching numbers more likely influence their decision. Am watching what other tvN strategy tea is brewing in their HQ.

    • “A good move considering 14/16 episode format is not garnering big hits since CLOY.”

      Huh??? Mr Queen? Vincenzo? Hometown 3xCha?

      • Huh???? My definition of tvN big hit is 18-23% ratings. CLOY has over 20% ratings nationwide & Seoul. Mr Sunshine & Goblin rated above 18% & 20% nationwide & Seoul. 2nd tier – Mr Queen, Vincenzo 14-18% range. HCCC not even hit 14% yet by ep 10.

      • You forgot Reply 88 in the 18% tvn club. No 2 in golden 4 club. Mr Q & Vinz ranked no 5 & 6 respectively while hccc is at 13 still ongoing.

      • “big hit = 18-23%; 2nd tier = 14-18%”

        Well those are certainly arbitrary cutoffs you picked.

        I don’t think episode count is causing lack of “big hits”. And if lack of “18-23% big hits” this year is alarming TVN enough to start throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks, then JBTC should be throwing out its entire leadership board.

      • 2021 has been a lacklustre year overall. I don’t think tvn 18% & above rating hit comes every year. With covid restrictions, we may never see old school, sweeping, grand, epic induced feeling, overseas location shoots like CLOY, Goblin & non tvn drama like DOTS. Vincenzo was never shot in Italy all CGI-ed but still so convincing, lol. I miss the kind of drama where the OST is instantly recognisable and certain scenes so popular they were parodied by other dramas. I was watching Go Back Couple on Netflix & went howling with laughter when the scene with the flying scarf, slow-mo soldiers strutting in their boots came on the. Sigh, I miss these good old times.

      • Consistent above >18% hits would just mean the bar for hit moves up to >20% next. Plus, rise of streaming may be altering viewership numbers permanently.

        Vincenzo’s CGI shocked me when it was revealed. I think it is better than Hollywood’s CGI. Will forever be pressed that the Malta ending was scrapped because of the pandemic. And I bet scenes from this drama will be parodied in the future.

        Hold off the doom n’ gloom until Jirisan finishes. That’s your remaining hope for “big hit” in 2021. TVN has been faring pretty well, all things considered.

      • Don’t mean to come across as too doomy & gloomy. For me personally none of the tvn dramas hit a nerve on me so far this year but am glad it made others feel great in covid times. I’m actually watching HCCC now to get a lift. Yay for SKL Louis’ grandma (I forgot actress’ name lol) & the village gang. I have tried very hard to like Vincenzo but it just doesn’t give me the feels. There were good moments here and there but ultimately I felt a bit hollow. Not holding my breath for Jirisan coz the messaging is all over the place. Serial killer? Comedy? Action? Thriller? Lol. I’m already looking to 2022 for better results.

      • @Observer – Key words in your comment – “My definition”. Which apparently is more definitive than tvn’s own standards of what drama is a hit….on a cable channel (even a very popular cable channel).

  13. There is this Cdrama well intended love it had a season 2 but with a whole completely different story but same cast, same with starry night starry sea. Maybe they will go with that route, a redo so to speak

  14. I wonder if this has anything to do with its netflix numbers? Otherwise I really cannot fathom the reason for not just one more season but two for a drama that had neither critical nor ratings success. Nor was it a cult hit. They may be banking on netflix making it an original since they have already liscensed it and considering the recent masssive hit that squid game is maybe tvn thought this was a drama with potential for hitting it big.

  15. I really enjoyed 1st season n damn excited for 2nd season…i can’t wait 2 watch S2…especially lee dong wook n kim bum r enough 2 me 2 watch a drama…

  16. “Hey, let’s make a season two of that terrible disappoint of a crappy drama that was Tale of the Gumiho,” said NO ONE EVER! So many good dramas to mine and this is what they do?! Wow! Just wow!

  17. Nobody:
    Absolutely no one:
    TVN: We are making season 2 of tale of gumiho!

    Who asked for this? I can name half a dozen other TVN shows that people are actually begging S2 for.

  18. Justice for Signal 2nd season. It got high rating and buzz. Why they havent produced the 2nd season of this drama… duh.

    Arthdal season 2? Hotel Blue Moon? Hp season 3? Stranger season 3?

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