tvN to air Second Season of Tale of Gumiho Set in the Joseon Era with Returning Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum But Replacing Female Lead Jo Boa

Well this is random and I wonder who is the target audience? tvN will be airing a second season of fall 2020’s fantasy romance drama Tale of Gumiho (Tale of the Nine-tailed) which thoroughly confounded me when it aired. There were glimpses of something MORE that could have made the drama work but what aired was just blergh. I liked the first episode and then things just kept getting worse, with perhaps the main problem because the complete lack of chemistry between leads Lee Dong Wook and Jo Boa. She didn’t have chemistry with any character in the drama whereas he had great chemistry with fellow fox little bro Kim Bum so I think the issue is with her. Not to mention her character was hella annoying and got worse as the story progressed. So this new second season will move the story back to the Joseon period era and the two male leads will be returning but there will be a new female lead. I do feel bad Jo Boa is being replaced so publicly but this was a terrible role for her and she is better off finding new projects to mine.

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