Yumi’s Cells Smooths Out in Episodes 3-4 as the Kind and Considerate Budding Romance Elicits Smiles From the Viewers and Cells Alike

I’m so glad other readers suggested I stick with Yumi’s Cells after the tonally disparate first episode, saying the second episode gets a lot better. It did, and now I can say episodes 3-4 gets even way better. The story is really such a small circle of Yumi and the men in her life, first her small crush on her younger coworkers who turns out to like her as a person and want to set her up with his hyung, and then afterwards it’s Yumi’s interacting and budding romance with said hyung, with the special element not seen in any other such drama their animated cells each with a specific emotion and function. I was worried it would seem too similar to Pixar movie Inside Out but it’s not because there are so many more cells and the Korean cultural differences really manifest in how the cells think and behave. This weekend’s episodes went at lightspeed in getting Yumi and Woong to quickly fall for each other, not love but a lot of genuine like and care, and what made their relationship so satisfying to watch was the sincerity in two good people recognizing that in each other and also happen to click. The dinner and the frog festival date was adorable, and of course Woong’s prince charming savior with the umbrella and then princess carry to the hospital could have been cheesy but was instead so endearing. The best part of the episode was when Woong’s love cell disguised himself as a frog and just went to take care and clean up Yumi’s emotional detritus, and she recognized it and appreciated it even more. That she used his first two lame jokes back towards him was the beautiful icing on the cake. They have a relationship I ship wholeheartedly, even if it doesn’t end up in happily ever after I think the journey for these two will be worth the watch.


Yumi’s Cells Smooths Out in Episodes 3-4 as the Kind and Considerate Budding Romance Elicits Smiles From the Viewers and Cells Alike — 18 Comments

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  2. I love this drama SO much. Episode 4 had me laughing so hard. Naughty cells xD Woong is seriously such a cute male lead…probably one of the cutest in a long time.

  3. I’m glad I stuck with it too after not really feeling it the first week. Sometimes I still find the cells a little juvenile but then the cells will be so clever and funny, that I can’t stop laughing. KGE is so good as Yumi, and I LOVE Woong. I’ve seen spoilers for the webtoon, and I’m just going to try to enjoy this season.

  4. This drama is such a gem and I love it to pieces! It’s down-to-earth and highly relatable (to me personally), endearing and sweet. The cells add a nice touch to the story by allowing me to see what the characters feel deep down inside, which I love. Hope the drama would enjoy a smooth ride for the sake of the cast and crew.

    • Felt the same. But it’s like watching 2 dramas. And the portion seem more on cells? I guess that is why it called yumi’s cells. They more fun.

  5. I’m having so much fun with the cells Lust cells were so hilarious … Lustosaurus , i bet that my nephew would want a similar one as a toy .

  6. Woong’s love cell disguising itself as a cute frog really got to me. Talk about sneaking into someone’s heart. I loved how all cute things automatically get entry. I thought the transitions from cells to reality and back are really well done. It made a lot of sense why Kim Go-eun was cast since she was able to match the emotions of the cells without going over-the-top

  7. Um, I’ll confess I did WAY more than just smile, I was squealing, cackling, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was oohing out loud (Woong’s body tho) it was just so full and fun. Now whatever happens between these two, I’m here for Yumi’s journey and want her to be happy, she and her cells are the real reason I’m watching and I’m rooting for all of them! This is a statement role for KGE, I’m so glad she proved me and so many others so wrong regarding her casting as Yumi ?

  8. I love the story and Ilove KGE performing her role. As well with the other cast, including the versions of cell. Always excited waiting for the remaining episodes. Kudos to this series, smiling and gigling while watching.

    • then will be just an aleatory romance drama lol
      its the cells that bring something unique, turning the cliche scenes in something new and fun

  9. I am watching all three new dramas and like that they all have something interesting to offer to us viewers. But its Yumi’s Cells that really managed to hook me. Loving the chemistry between the OTP. Who knew that KGE and ABH would look great as Woong and Yumi onscreen.

  10. I really enjoyed the drama definitely something sweet and funny but I’m not sure if I can stick it out after finding out in the webtoon Woong isn’t the end game. My little ship has sank lol

  11. The cells are charming. When histerious collected all Yumi’s stress chemical and used that against other cells, it made me think to take care more of our body & control our stress level. The frog is just charming and I wonder what is the 28-passwords to Yumi’s heart.

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