Kim Sun Ho’s Romance Sageuk Can’t Find a Female Lead so He Declines and Picks Thriller Procedural K-drama with Park Gyu Young

It’s a switcheroo in K-drama casting today with back-to-back news about K-actor Kim Sun Ho. Late last year he was reportedly making a drama return in 2023 with a sageuk romance drama from the novel written by the writer of Love in the Moonlight. I did wonder if making his first drama since his 2021 personal life scandal being a romance story was the right choice but it appears the casting gods have spoken on their own. Reportedly the drama cannot find a female lead and is being shelved, and as such Kim Sun Ho has declined but moved right on over to a thriller suspense streaming K-drama with Park Gyu Young as the female lead. She plays an older sister investigating the suspicious “suicide” of her younger sister and Kim Sun Ho is the mysterious man with knowledge that can help her solve the case.


Kim Sun Ho’s Romance Sageuk Can’t Find a Female Lead so He Declines and Picks Thriller Procedural K-drama with Park Gyu Young — 11 Comments

  1. I didn’t find fault in his scandal but it hard to see him as what I initially felt about him & I can’t denied that it will not effect my viewing experience of him as that youthful/innocence romantic leading man. That’s why many actors stayed away from the media & don’t interact too much w/ fans because they don’t want fans to see their real true self interfering w/ characters they will be playing in the future.

  2. Both has not formally confirmed yet. What if Park Gyu-Hyung will decline considering she has Sweet Home 1&2 to shoot.

    • SH 2-3 already wrapped up this week based on SongKang and GoMinsi’s IG post. I don’t believe PGY will be much in SH since she was filming her “Dog” drama while SH2-3 were in production as well.

  3. I still remember you bring g such a b when you bashed him and whe he got proved innocent, your fragilr ego wasn’t ready to accept that ex gf was wrong. So take a l and your site is gloo now auntie

  4. I don’t mind about what he does but if a woman does the same , she is called a slut ! That ‘s what angers me the most . K actors tend to have it easy which is not the case for actresses !

      • Not at all @Rina , i want for women not to be persecuted too, and to be able to get lead roles one year after the “so called scandal ” as it happened to KSH . He may have lost some projects because of his behavior but if he was a woman he would have lost a career . He is lucky .

  5. It’s really irritating when people can’t draw a line between a celebrities “past” private life and his/her Career, some of these scandals stem from envy and unresolved grudges
    Why does noone notice that this scandals and rumours are always released at the peak of their career?
    And why do fans and people act like we don’t have secrets of our own and keep dragging whatever scandals and rumours (even if they’ve been proven false ) to make themselves feel better
    They’re are so hungry to feed on the downfalls of these celebs to make themselves feel better,and I see you are one of those people,YUCK!!!

  6. Are you really, really sure that is the reason?! You are just another anti hiding behind this assumption…another “karen.” Expect more comments questioning your credibility by this malicious post.

    • I didn’t like the way Koala wrote about this scandal in the past either (just like another commenter said…they didn’t even address the clarification of the scandal), but for this one I don’t think it was malicious. Other sites even write it as “The production company decided to revise the entire casting, and came to the conclusion of withdrawing Kim Seonho from the cast”

      So, at least Koala write Kim Seonho declined as opposed to being fired

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