Chen Fei Yu and Zhou Ye’s Fantasy Romance Movie Yesterday Once More Scheduled for April 28th Premiere in Theaters Despite His Recent Scandal Blip

In C-ent the scandals are either catastrophic career ending ones or more blips with more negative buzz than actual ramifications. C-actor Chen Fei Yu recently went through the latter after pictures were released of him sleeping in bed taken by clearly a bed mate after intimacy and it appears that a twenty-something unmarried man having sex is not a cancellable offense with the C-authorities. His upcoming movie Yesterday Once More with fresh-faced Zhou Ye is now scheduled for April 28th released right before the big May holiday week. He was probably saved by there being no infidelity involved (both parties were single, reportedly) and also there have been a slew of way worse misconduct so in comparison his just seems much ado about not much. I do think releasing this type of idealistic pure romance with this recent scandal seems counter programming and maybe this movie should have waited for the fall IMO.


Chen Fei Yu and Zhou Ye’s Fantasy Romance Movie Yesterday Once More Scheduled for April 28th Premiere in Theaters Despite His Recent Scandal Blip — 13 Comments

  1. It goes without saying that having se x is not cancel material (unless it is not consensual or it involves a minor, of course), but still, I bet being the son of Chen Kaige is a way to get out of (minor) trouble, no?
    By the way, I have never seen this kid act, is he any good or is it just nepotism?

  2. In his case, I think this is expected. He is a nepo baby, with his parent’s back up, this is just another stain that will be forgotten eventually. He will still get job left and right. With the morally high pedestal that cnets put on these artist, it’s a bit of a wonder also the same do not apply to him. I guess one of the reason as some has implied before, cnets just don’t care enough about him to start their cancel culture. Looking at this point, not being a liuliang does have it perks, meaning fewer antis. It’s good also, rather than have antis stalking and judging even the smallest of your action 24/7

  3. Excuse me people, nepo kid or not, single people sleeping together is not a criminal offense; noone should Lose their job over that…plus, he didn’t release the pictures, did he? Sounds to me he’s the victim here.

  4. For a kid whose father is one of the most famous directors in Chinese film history, he’s got very unimpressive resources and less perks than expected. His biggest problem is that he looks like he’s got something in his mouth all the time. Anyway, China never had cancel culture for having bed photos exposed (unless you are female), or Wu Yifan wouldn’t have survived that long. The fact that he got removed from that upcoming project with Yu Shuxin because of this scandal shows that his backers are exceptionally weak.

    • Lmao he has fantastic resources, what are you smoking. It is just that he is not a particularly good actor and you can’t force people to like him. Both his parents are trying hard to make him happen but they are also veterans of the trade, they know they can’t push too hard. Do you think immortality, which was one of the hottest roles at the time, came to him because he is some hot shit? Lol daddy made that happen. He is just unlucky that the whole bl ban destroyed that. Guy has major resources.

      • Wts are YOU smoking? People talk as if he’s got projects like Jackson Yi or Liu Haoran had. The fact is he doesn’t even get Leo Wu or Guo Qilin level of resources. All the guys in his age range are so privileged that everyone gets good roles. His doesn’t even stand out. Look at what I said, less impressive and less perks “than expected”.

        Plus, BL dramas do not have general public appeal and are meant to attract a huge fanatic fanbase only. By industry standards, it’s not the “right” way to breakout. For someone who came from nothing, it’s a huge resource. For someone who has supposedly extensive connections, it’s a bad resource. Have you seen any of the names I mentioned act in BL dramas?

      • @lol

        Lmao find somebody else to gaslight.

        After Untamed was aired, BL became the hottest commodity because they started believing that BL equals stardom (not true but irrelevant for our current argument because they firmly believed it). The big IPs and especially Immortality had a major bidding war and he got it because papa believed this was finally the way to make his son happen.

        His parents aren’t morons. They are aware of the social situation in China so they always made sure to not push too hard. Push too hard and the branch breaks. He never got anything bigger than he did because he doesn’t have the talent to take advantage of what his parents do offer nor does he have the charisma.

        Of course he does have the underhanded bs down pat though, as seen recently. Pity that doesn’t work either. Sorry your precious boy just doesn’t have what it takes to make it even with the rotten pr, his father working hard and his mother keeping him on a leash.

      • @lmao

        I agree but I just want to say thank you for mentioning about BL equaling stardom being false. People still live in this delusion that it will only take staring in a BL and you are the next big thing. But Untamed had a great book as a basis that wasn’t actually too complicated yet touched on some very currently significant issues like classism, privilege etc and that was combined with a male lead that had ample room to grow within the show, provided he had the acting talent thanks to the huge range it required. It really was that super rare combination of events and anyone who believes just being in a BL is enough is a fool. I don’t think nepo kid here would have gone further than GJ did (that’s obviously not bad at all but it sure isn’t real stardom).

  5. Nepo kids or not, nobody should have his/her private pictures posted on internet. He’s the victim whatever his or her age…

    I saw him in Lighter and Princess, I liked him. Both actors were pretty good and had a great chemistry. I liked him in My Best Summer even if the story always is frustrating, TV show or movie…

    • Exactly, if you don’t like him, simply don’t watch his shows but please enough with the nepo baby crap! Am pretty sure his parents are not paying you for viewership so go get your fix somewhere else.

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