Thriller K-movie Tyrant Completes Casting of Three Male Leads Cha Seung Won, Kim Kang Woo, and Kim Sun Ho

When I heard about the upcoming K-movie Tyrant last year I totally thought it was a sageuk. Turns out it’s a modern action thriller around something called the Tyrant Program, which is being run by the Korean government and once it’s shut down the three male leads are racing to get a hold of the final remnants. The movie star leads Cha Seung Won, Kim Kang Woo, and Kim Sun Ho each playing a key role in this Tyrant race. The director is PD Park Jung Hoon who has another movie coming out this year Sad Tropics starring Kim Sun Ho so it will be a reunion for those two.

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More K-ent Programming Cancelled or Postponed in the National Week of Mourning After Itaewon Halloween Deaths and Injuries

As South Korea grapples with how the Itaewon Halloween weekend celebration led to so many deaths and injuries, the entertainment world is taking quick action on programming this week during the formal national mourning declared by the government. The K-dramas … Continue reading

2022 Seoul International Drama Awards Announces Some K-ent Winners Including Kim Nam Gil, Jeon So Min, Kim Sun Ho, and Jisoo

The Seoul International Drama Awards felt so random when it launched as it combined both K-dramas and foreign television shows from various countries. It’s settled into a routine but still feels like a popularity contest even more than other awards … Continue reading

Ahn Bo Hyun Steps in for Kim Sun Ho in Romance Movie 2 O’Clock Date with Yoona While Lee Hyun Woo Takes Over in Ensemble Film Dog Days

One out of three isn’t bad for K-actor Kim Sun Ho in crafting his slow comeback, and it looks like all projects are moving forward one with him and two without him. After his October scandal with his ex-girlfriend, Kim … Continue reading

Squid Game and Kim Sun Ho Make the List of Top 10 Most Searched Terms on Korean Google for 2021

The helpful Google search engines continues to be the go to platform for anyone seeking information and the Korean search words in 2021 helps understand what was on people’s minds in Korea. Without splitting by category or top, only 2 … Continue reading

2021 Asia Artist Award Popularity Voting Closes with Actor and Actress Winners Kim Sun Ho, Song Ji Hyo, and Jung Ho Yeon

The upcoming Asia Artist Awards, one of those hybrid and trendier awards shows that bring together actors and idols, is all set for early December. The voting was open the last month for the popularity awards and for the actor/actress … Continue reading