Disney+ Capitalizing on Hit K-drama Moving with Continuous Release of New Stills and Promo Materials

I can’t get over the irony of Disney+ finally having a massive hit with Moving in everything (casting, directing, writing) when there feels like a downtown in K-drama trends overall. This week there are new really charismatic and strong visual stills of the three older parent gen leads Jo In Sung, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Han Hyo Joo. I’m finally caught up to the latest episodes which were all parent gen stories and I can’t wait for the parents and the high school kids to dovetail in the present day and majorly kick some ass all around. The love for Moving is so expansive and there was a US reviewer that said Moving would have been the next Squid Game if it was airing on Netflix.


Disney+ Capitalizing on Hit K-drama Moving with Continuous Release of New Stills and Promo Materials — 16 Comments

  1. Uh…I would hardly classify Moving as a ‘massive hit’ when the only people who can and are watching it is a small subset of existing kdrama viewers who have Disney+ (or Hulu, depending where you live). Accessing this drama is a headache.

  2. I started this drama because of curiousity after reading about it here. Its good. Its really good. I read some chatter that some viewers preferred the younger leads and originally I couldn’t work out why the 3 actors agreed to play this role for a drama. It feels like a movie and it’s shot like a movie. The parents stories are gritty and they didn’t make them into the typical ahjumma and ahjusshi like in the other dramas. Those parents have kick- ass personalitites.

    • I haven’t really seen/heard any new dramas announcement from Netflix and definitely not Disney since the strike, so I’m not sure what u are talking about. Everything that is airing right now were already finished filming. Though I expect there will be more project to be announce in the near future.

      Streaming service is in recent years the new thing, who knows about the future. Hence, Let the writers and studio come to a conclusion that is agreed upon them. ‘Pure evilness isn’t really appropriate too, because Netflix has also given so many Korean actor more job opportunities, fame, and more diverse drama(some subject matters can’t be air on national TV).

      • Licensing can be purchased for already filmed and already purchased content so I’m not sure that reasoning is convincing.
        PURE EVILNESS is very APPROPRIATE because it wasn’t the Netflix that made them famous but rather the Korean writers, directors, and actors themselves. It’s time we stop with the white savior complex, Netflix invests in content that makes them rich and Korean entertainment was already global before Netflix became a streaming site. It’s a very mutually beneficial relationship. If Korean drama fans deleted their accounts Netflix would suffer.

        Their contracts a predatory, they make billions of dollars from writers and actors but pay them peanuts with no job security and very little benefits. They literally want to drag the strike until people lose their homes and become desperate. It’s horrible and evil people like do not deserve your defense. How many families to they hope to become hopeless? Children will lose safety and gain Truama while they live in their expensive mansions?

        I did read that Korean writers guild is standing with Hollywood writers guild and tats amazing

    • I heard from a relative working in the CGI industry that they have been affected too and many film projects have been put on hold since the strike started. No much progress yet.

      Yeah. It’s time for the film industry to distribute profits more evenly.

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  4. Ep 8 got me hooked. The young ones are cute and all but the older cast is just captivating to watch. Thunderman episode got me feeling melancholic somehow. The Frank deleter guy is just menacing on screen.I’m really looking forward to the continuation of Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung’s story. Last week’s Monster episode got me rooting for him. The cast is one of the reasons why this show is really buzzy.

  5. They had to pay a lot of money to get these actors, so it’s normal they promote them well.

    But the drama itself… It’s funny like they don’t have issue to show violence, bones, etc. but didn’t really show the job of the sex worker…

  6. I checked it out and gotta admit I can’t follow the whole “massive hit” drama but that’s fine. Not every drama is for everyone.

  7. I love this drama. It is like movie. Shot like a superhero movie. I loved kids’ stories and loved parents’ stories but it is a lil bit dragging now. Hope they stop with parents stories now or blend with kids’ stories and i love this newcomer actor playing Ganghoon even though i love the other kid. Kid stories are kinda like Weak Hero class 1.

  8. They got it right casting the veterans and their children generation. Felt like its a gift getting Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo together. I hope she would appear as a guest again for Unexpected Business. Park Bo Young already confirmed she filmed and will appear. So im hoping to see more reunions amomg guests like Kim Woo Bin.

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