K-netizen Poll of Favorite Drama Couple of 2023 Goes to Yoona and Junho in King the Land Followed by Two Sets of Moving OTPs

It must’ve been a lackluster year in romance and rom-com K-dramas because of the top three favorite drama couples only one came from that genre. It goes to Junho and Yoona in rom-com King the Land, which brought in buzz and ratings for the network and lots of the love for the leads even if the drama itself was just a mediocre paint by numbers storyline. Then viewers love the young couple in superhero family and action drama Moving played by Lee Jung Ha and Go Yoon Jung, followed by the parent pair of Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung. For those still looking for a compelling onscreen couple from a drama this year you can start with these two dramas for sure.

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Disney+ Capitalizing on Hit K-drama Moving with Continuous Release of New Stills and Promo Materials

I can’t get over the irony of Disney+ finally having a massive hit with Moving in everything (casting, directing, writing) when there feels like a downtown in K-drama trends overall. This week there are new really charismatic and strong visual … Continue reading