Rookie Actor Lee Jung Ha Achieves Breakout as the Young Male Lead in Disney+ Drama Moving After Gaining and Losing 30kg in Method Acting

I love a positive breakout story and the male lead of Moving definitely earned it. Young actor Lee Jung Ha went from just starting out his entertainment career with small parts in a few dramas to headlining the buzziest K-drama of 2023. To play bumbling sweet natured fly boy Kim Bong Seok, he put on 30 kgs of weight to achieve that round softness which he amplified by his insanely charming squinty smile. He’s since lost all that weight and it’s a bit weird to see him promoting Moving while looking so different from Bong Seok-ie (more like class president Gang Hoon haha), but I’m so happy to have found a talented new young star and I’m sure roles are just flooding in these days so it’ll be cool to see how he rides the wave of this breakout.

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Disney+ Capitalizing on Hit K-drama Moving with Continuous Release of New Stills and Promo Materials

I can’t get over the irony of Disney+ finally having a massive hit with Moving in everything (casting, directing, writing) when there feels like a downtown in K-drama trends overall. This week there are new really charismatic and strong visual … Continue reading