Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi Wrap Filming for Tang Dynasty Investigative Drama Follow Your Heart

Currently airing period drama The Legend of Zhuohua is not a bad story but C-netizens are crapping all over how old and visually unappealing Feng Shao Feng looks and feeling bad for Jing Tian and it’s just not a happy watch. But the story of a cold on the outside and kind on the inside royal male lead and a whip smart girl boss trying to solve crimes together is a great combo and we’re getting that also in upcoming C-drama Follow Your Heart. Starring Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi, the drama wrapped filming this week and will likely be a summer 2024 show at the earliest. And hopefully the visuals of these two together won’t rub viewers the wrong way and we can see a fun drama with good chemistry.


Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi Wrap Filming for Tang Dynasty Investigative Drama Follow Your Heart — 7 Comments

    • You’ve got what you expected. Self-fulfilling prophecy! I feel being entertained. LOL
      Nobody would prolly have cared a bit. But you prophesied and then the commenter below just did as you wish. LOL

  1. His clothes weigh more than he does. He looked a right disaster in his last appearance in raws. Forget dramas, someone get that man some real help.

    • Since you let out an old ghost for LYX first, I won’t hesitate to second you. He does look very unhealthily skinny. I wonder if he suffers any eating disorders or metabolic problems. He looked totally normal and fine when he just started acting in My Sunshine.

      • He used to look really good. I am not sure what happened except that he used to be a ballet dancer and that’s often the source of eating issues. I really wish someone gets him some real help.

  2. The Legend of Zhouhua gave me a pleasant surprise. The plot is interesting and the pace is ok. Although the chemistry between the OTP isn’t strong so far, I don’t care that much bcos other strengths outweigh weak love lines between the OTP. Feng Shao Feng doesn’t annoy me so much as in The Story of Minglan. He and the greasy 2nd ML in The Story of Minglan turned me off and I had to drop TSOM even I like Zhao Liying. At least I’m still watching TLOZ. In particular, I found some familiar young faces pretty impressive with their presence as supporting roles in the drama. The actor who plays FSF’s bodyguard was the bro prince of Xiao Zhan in The Longest Promise. The actor was like a non factor in TLP but his acting and screen time in TLOZ is worth attention. The other supporting actor was the ML for much-talked-about When I Fly Towards You. I dropped WIFTY since the school drama isn’t my cup of tea and I personally did not like the type of FL. Nonetheless Zhou Yi Ran as the crown prince in TLOZ impresses me a lot. I think he’s got a lot of potential to be a great actor if given good projects to work with.

  3. Luo Yun Xi is a great actor. Hopefully this will be a great watch since the synopsis sounds fun. Not familiar with Song Yi but I like their visuals in the photos. They look compatible.

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