Who is Hungry! for a J-dorama with Mukai Osamu and Takimoto Miori?

It’s a veritable feast of Winter dorama premieres next week, and I’m keeping my eye out for Hungry! as well. Starring Mukai Osamu as a bassist for a rock band who takes over the family restaurant in accordance with his late mother’s will, he will be entangled in a love triangle with Takimoto Miori and Kuninaka Ryoko whilst battling the rival restaurant owner played by SMAP‘s Inagaki Goro. The cast held a press conference this week where Mukai’s costars revealed that he’s a fantastic cook in real life, and appeared to handle the cooking scenes in the drama with ease. So Mukai is a seksi bad boy AND a cook? How are the ladies supposed to ever resist him. While the teaser trailer doesn’t grab me right off the bat, it looks interesting and cute enough to keep me interested in checking this out next week. I like all three leads, so unless the story sucks I’m looking forward to an easy J-dorama to follow. Continue reading