Mukai Osamu is a Rocker Turned Chef in the Fuji TV Dorama Hungry!

WANT. You know Korea’s been having a field day with those Flower Boy drama(s) from tvN Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and the upcoming Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. So what if Japan combined the two? A dorama about a lead singer of a band that decides to open a restaurant, with resident panty-melting hottie Mukai Osamu in his first leading man prime time role? Well then you get Hungry! I’m sure the obasans will be hungry for something something after watching the dorama, and it’s probably not for the food porn. Starring opposite Mukai Osamu in the upcoming Winter 2012 Fuji TV dorama Hungry! as the love interest is fasting rising leading lady Takimoto Miori, who I though was beyond cute in Ikemen desu Ne, even if I found the drama a waste of time since I already watched You’re Beautiful once. Playing the older girlfriend at the start of the dorama will be Kuninaka Ryoko, who was quite lovely in Hotaru no Hikari.

Mukai Osamu plays a former bassist of a rock band who gave up his music dreams to take over his family’s traditional French restaurant. Of course there is a love triangle involving the two ladies – Kuninaka is the older girlfriend whose relationship with Mukai Osamu hits a bump when he ditches music to become a chef, and Takimoto is a college student whose initial bad impression of Mukai Osamu changes after she samples his cooking. Rounding out the cast will be SMAP’s Inagaki Goro as the owner of a rival French restaurant. After I saw the previews for Yamapi‘s new dorama, which were not terribly impressive or interesting, this is now the Winter dorama I am looking forward to the most. Hungry! airs on on Tuesdays starting January 10, 2012.


Mukai Osamu is a Rocker Turned Chef in the Fuji TV Dorama Hungry! — 15 Comments

  1. cool!!! Mukai Osamu… he played as a bassist before in J-movie Beck…
    I’m still watching him showing his acting stretch in Gou…
    so looking forward for this new dorama

  2. osamu!!!!!!!!!!love love love~totally in love with him..beck is the most notable character of him to me..sadly paradise kiss sucks~ however totally going to watch it!

  3. Can’t wait for this. I lurve Mukai Osamu! Plus Takimoto Miori was adorable in Ikemen desu Ne. I’ll also be watching Lucky Seven with Matsujun and Eita.

  4. The final dorama season in 2011 turned out to be better than I expected and surely revived my interest in the dorama world (yay!). This one looks alright; I hope the script will be good. Another one that’s on my radar is Lucky Seven (yeah Eita! and not in a melo! yes!!!)

  5. yay Mukai Osamu! will definitely tune in! I hope he’ll do a getsu9 soon.

    ya Eita (mine!)! Is Lucky Seven showing around the same time? Eita does not just melo (soredemo ikiteyuku), he does wacky too (nodame)! 🙂

    lalala…. I’m so excited now!

  6. Im gonna watch this because it has an interestin plot and mukai is the lead haha
    there are so many wonderful doramas this year.
    My new year’s resolution is to watch only my original love this year, doramas, since ive watched too many kdramas last year hahaha.

  7. I’m looking forward to watching this drama because of the good casts with Mukai Osamu as the lead !
    And I hope Miura Shohei gets lots of screen time 😀

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