Viewers in Awe of Writer Im Sung Han’s Prowess as Episode 12 of Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music Season 2 is 70 Minutes of One Couple Arguing About Fidelity and Cheating and Still Got 10.688%, 12.538% Ratings

I think the buzz meter has turned between two competing makjang queens in K-drama land, Kim Sun Ok of Penthouse (seasons 1-3) has taken repeating killing and resurrecting main characters whereas Im Sung Han in Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music now in season 2 is wowing viewers with not just quality but also innovative makjang. This past Sunday’s episode 12 was in its entirety of 70 minutes just two leads Park Joo Mi and Lee Tae Kon (the 40s aged couple) arguing and debating about his infidelity, with his trying to gaslight and excuse himself as merely being human, having emotions, making mistakes and her saying that he wants his cake and eat it too as a weak man requiring a woman to accept his flaws. He doesn’t want to divorce her for his one infidelity mistake and she wants to divorce because there is no trust anymore. She ends with the line that relationships between genders have to be clear, like is like and platonic is platonic, there is no grey area where a man can have a wife and a mistress. By cheating (one foot on a different boat) then the guy is just a piece of crap bastard. AMEN to that! That above is mere highlights but the entire episode is apparently just amazeballs in acting and dialogue.

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Sung Hoon and Lee Ga Ryung Lead Script Reading for TV Chosun Drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music by Makjang Queen Screenwriter Im Jung Han

Next year is going to start off juicy with extra strong makjang in upcoming TV Chosun drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music, heralding the return of no-longer-retired queen bee screenwriter Im Sung Han. She wrote the still epically insane Princess … Continue reading