Sung Hoon and Lee Ga Ryung Lead Script Reading for TV Chosun Drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music by Makjang Queen Screenwriter Im Jung Han

Next year is going to start off juicy with extra strong makjang in upcoming TV Chosun drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music, heralding the return of no-longer-retired queen bee screenwriter Im Sung Han. She wrote the still epically insane Princess Aurora and many other crazy but addicting dramas and retired a few years ago in a huff, she hates criticism lol. She’s back and for her new drama she is reuniting with Sung Hoon who shot to stardom starring in her New Tales of Gisaeng. The drama has three sets of married couples and Sung Hoon is paired with female lead Lee Ga Ryung, with the drama set in the world of radio broadcasting where the three ladies work and the respective husbands are a judge, a doctor, and a professor. The drama will premiere in January 2021 on TV Chosun.

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Sung Hoon and Lee Ga Ryung Confirmed for Makjang Queen Screenwriter Im Sung Han’s Comeback Drama Marriage Story

The lambs are all lined up for the makjang slaughter to come, lol. The leads and full cast have been confirmed for crazy (in drama and real life) screenwriter Im Sung Han‘s comeback drama Marriage Story. She wrote New Tales … Continue reading