Time-travel Period Drama Back to 1989 Takes Over SETTV Friday From Love Cuisine

I’ve been ignoring soon to end SETTV drama Love Cuisine because it pains me so, the drama is absymally dull and the second drama in a row to waste my beloved Lego Lee. Thank god it’s ending soon, and up next is a drama that seems promising by virtue of having no big name cast members and a fresher idea. Back to 1989 stars Marcus Chang, Ivy Shao, and Mini Tsai, putting the leads in a time-travel period drama that goes further back in time than In a Good Way did with the 1997 setting. Marcus’s character is a 2016 stockbroker who time-travels back to 1989 and ends up falling in love with Ivy’s character from that time. Mini plays Marcus’s mom in 2016 so when he goes back in time he encounters the younger version of his mom as well. I find the cast cute enough and frankly it’s going to have to work hard to be as bad as Love Cuisine. Sign me up for at least an episode. Continue reading