Chinese Video Portal iQiyi Premieres Hilarious Web C-drama Heirs From Another Star

Ain’t nothing this year going to top the upcoming C-drama Heirs From Another Star for hot mess potential. The drama was produced and filmed in what felt like the blink of an eye and is actually arriving in mere hours as it premieres September 19th on the major Chinese video streaming site iQiyi. It was always meant to be an online web drama and there are more and more of those these days so it doesn’t indicate quality (or lack thereof) but does reflect that the drama is meant for a younger audience that watches online. Despite it’s name, the C-drama is not a mashup, remake, or parody of both Heirs and You From Another Star. The story borrows major set up elements from both dramas packaged into its own unique story. Male lead Wen Zhuo plays Emperor Yongzheng’s third son 3rd Prince who marries a Baekjae princess but their love is torn asunder when she dies to protect him and he is sucked into a time travel portal and winds up in the modern 21st century.

In 2014, 3rd Prince discovers that he’s now the high school aged chaebol heirs of a major Chinese conglomerate who is engaged to a fellow heiress at their exclusive high school who happens to be a doppleganger for his Qing dynasty true love wifey. He tries to acclimate to modern life, keep the heiress safe and make her remember their past love, all while trying to find a way back to the past. Playing the female lead is C-actress Zhou Yang who I swear looks like a knock-off version of Yuan Ai Fei, while the perpetual second male lead in both timelines will be played by Wang Yue Xin. The whole endeavor actually looks ridiculously entertaining based on the long and short previews below and might even come with easy listening theme songs to boot. I doubt subs will be needed to enjoy the silliness so feel free to check it out on iQiyi when it premieres to critical swords ready to flay it alive. Continue reading