Popular Mashup C-drama Heirs From Another Star Preparing for Korea Streaming Broadcast

This post is by no means recommending anyone watch Heirs From Another Star, a webisode C-drama that mashes together the titles from two of the most popular K-dramas of last year in Heirs and You From Another Star but plotwise doesn’t really have anything to do with either drama. Smart marketing move if any because in the short month since it premiered on Chinese video streaming portal iQiyi the drama has been viewed over 70 million times and has raked in unending fascination in terms of viewer interest.

Now the online drama is heading back to Korea where it got its inspiration as the production has finished dubbing all 10 episodes in Korean and is fielding a bidding war for the online airing rights. I actually watched all 10 episodes when it premiered, it’s like brainless crack, once I started watching I literally couldn’t stop. I was riveted by the skimpy production values, how bad all the actors were (though male lead Wen Zhuo is easy on the eyes), and what a silly inoffensive watch this turned out to be. All episodes are available online so watch it below without subs if you’re curious, frankly subs aren’t even needed for this hot mess. Continue reading