Suzy Gets Co-opted into the Narrative of the Yang Ye Won Scandal Involving Release of Naked Pictures

It’s probably best to say nothing and do nothing if one is a K-ent celebrity, at least until it’s clear what the truth is. Perhaps that’s turning a blind eye but jumping the gun just to support the underdog or fight for the rights of those weaker may cause blowback as Suzy is experiencing this week. Youtuber Yang Ye Won last week revealed that naked pictures of her were posted on a porn site without her permission and accused a photography studio of forcing her to pose for those pictures and also being sexually harassed and assault by twenty men during the shoot. Suzy linked to this story and gave Yang Ye Won greater exposure, but now the studio in question is threatening to sue Suzy for defamation because it’s owned by someone different than who Yang Ye Won is accusing, and the former studio head also released recovered Kakao talk messages from three years ago where Yang Ye Won asked to scheduled more photo shoots because she needed the money. I’ll let the K-ent authorities sort out who is telling the truth but it certainly looks less clear cut that Yang Ye Won was straight up forced to pose for nudes. Continue reading