Suzy Gets Co-opted into the Narrative of the Yang Ye Won Scandal Involving Release of Naked Pictures

It’s probably best to say nothing and do nothing if one is a K-ent celebrity, at least until it’s clear what the truth is. Perhaps that’s turning a blind eye but jumping the gun just to support the underdog or fight for the rights of those weaker may cause blowback as Suzy is experiencing this week. Youtuber Yang Ye Won last week revealed that naked pictures of her were posted on a porn site without her permission and accused a photography studio of forcing her to pose for those pictures and also being sexually harassed and assault by twenty men during the shoot. Suzy linked to this story and gave Yang Ye Won greater exposure, but now the studio in question is threatening to sue Suzy for defamation because it’s owned by someone different than who Yang Ye Won is accusing, and the former studio head also released recovered Kakao talk messages from three years ago where Yang Ye Won asked to scheduled more photo shoots because she needed the money. I’ll let the K-ent authorities sort out who is telling the truth but it certainly looks less clear cut that Yang Ye Won was straight up forced to pose for nudes.


Suzy Gets Co-opted into the Narrative of the Yang Ye Won Scandal Involving Release of Naked Pictures — 29 Comments

  1. Well, Suzy was never known to be intelligent or bright one. She has had multiple scandals of being a real rocks for brains with no eloquence, and only diehard Suzy fans think she’s some hidden genius. Seolhyun too actually, who jumped into this petition mess, had a ’rocks for brains’ scandal. Both should just read more before jumping into things. As celebrities, they have a huge impact on things. Suzy fans are actually so dumb and saying how without Suzy the truth wouldn’t have been revealed when in fact those Katalk messages were bound to surface anyway. I’d highly recommend Suzy to study, do the entrance exam and enroll into a university. She’d widen her horizons and learn either acting or music more professionally and deeply. It isn’t god to just stay inside a closed circle, live idol life and rely on CF money when no one except your diehard fans care about your acting or music. Sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

    • The hell studying more in a school is gonna do better for her in this situation. This is a problem of unfortunately inadequate street smarts, experience and wariness. This 24 year old’s problem is that she’s naïve. Can you really blame a 24 year old for that?

      Even if she’s a celebrity, I think it’s unfair to demand that she know everything even if not told, or expect her to dig deeeeeeeeeeep into everything before saying anything. We don’t do that when we post comments. We don’t do that when we retweet something. We don’t do that when we see someone cry on a platform everyone can see about being sexually assaulted. Our first instinct is to believe her and be horrified because such things are rife in real life and even more so in the entertainment industry, the one that Suzy only knows all too well. We don’t assume that the victim is a lying, conniving bitch, because we know all too well that victims of sexual abuse and harassment are powerless and all they have only are their words, against the world’s. All Suzy, this lady, did was to ask for an investigation. How is that having rocks for brains? Plus, the new owner didn’t even change the name of the studio, nor the way the new studio pursues its business. If the studio owner didn’t speak up, would YOU know?

      It is debatable whether the Katalk messages would even have been revealed even if Suzy never stepped in. True, it doesn’t mean that without Suzy, they would NEVER have appeared. Without Suzy, they could have appeared, but the operative word here is “could”, and that’s not good enough when dealing with sexual assault. Because it’s also true that without great focus on this issue, those messages would most likely not have surfaced.

      It’s because people have been turning a blind eye to so many previous instances of sexual abuse for way too long that when their eyes are now pried open, so many heartbreaking stories relating to #metoo come gushing out.

      And I mourn the death of the bravery of a celebrity willing to speak up on matters like this when she sees it.

    • You’re so stupid, ignorant and blinded by hate. Suzy made it clear that she just wanted an investigation for this case and did so eloquently as a fellow woman to help the truth come to light. And it did. She was not embarassed to speak up and nor did she apologise to use her influence as a celebrity to make this case more known even if it hurt her reputation, she just couldn’t stand still and watch. Another 3 victims came up after police paid attention to this case and even if Yang Ye Won willingly took the nude pictures it doesn’t mean that she agreed to be abused, something that is still being investigated. Netizens are on Suzy’s side and if you’re not, it just means that you agree with these low level studios that win easy money selling pornography and abusing weak minded and desperate people to do so or you’re one of the most psyched haters Suzy has since your obsession with her has been going on for years now.

      • No, her first post that she deleted, clearly shown she supported that girl. The second post only she gave her thought why she so passionate about the investigation. The third post she apologized due to studio mistake.
        I hate seeing Suzy’s fans trying to divert to the second post to justify their dumb idol intention.
        Suzy only smart in seducing old creepy men.
        And why she so passionate in this metoo case, why she ignored the other cases.
        So arrogant with her statement-my big influence.
        Stupid influence, Korean now depending on dumb female idol to solve their social problem, without this dumb girl, Korean policemen not working.

      • I don’t know about that. Thanks to international news outles, forums and the like, and despite me liking Suzy alot, I accepted the “Suzy has rocks for brains” narrative. Barely out of middle school, she was already a succsessful idol, she never had time to be at school, grow normally, etc. It was easy to believe. I also think most idols are not that smart (for the same reasons), so I never doubed it. It wasn’t until everyone and ther mother were knocking her down that one time because she stuttered and looked nervous as fuck that I took offense. I’ve worked with similar people before, mostly children, and stuttering has little to do with intelligence. I came to the conclusion that the most likely scenario is that she has an average IQ and Suzy being so stupid she’s unable to connect words or whatever and is therefore more of a dumbass than any other celebrity is an exaggeration. I read what she had to say about all of this (, and she comes across as self aware, articulated and pragmatic. Suzy may not be a college professor, but she is no dummy either.

    • And it was just revealed that the studio head of the said studio was fined for touching a model in 2017 and was also accused in 2008 and now there is a total of other 6 accusers. So before YOU say people are dumb enough to believe these cases what about YOU do something about your stupidity and go study on how and investigation takes time to happen before coming to a closed conclusion.

      • So back to square one, as Suzy dumb fans you believe more on accusations than the actual facts.
        At least Yang Ye Won didn’t said the katox messages were false, she herself admitted she just useless, that’s why she still calling that porno studio.

      • Let the police do their job. It seems like Suzy just wanted to jump on the feminist train now that it’s the hottest of hot in this #metoo era. There are countless other cases like Jang Ja Yeon case and so many other cases that need attention too. While it’s great Suzy wants to help, sometimes you need to be careful what you post on social media. And it was the old studio that got fined. The new one hasn’t got anything to do with this but got dragged into it regardless. Anyway, I said what I said. She isn’t the pencil in the pencil case.

      • I do agree that Suzy did this to support the Metoo movement, which isn’t a bad thing. And she has every right to post her opinion due to freedom speech. However, I don’t know the whole situation but don’t agree with her fans thinking without Suzys intervention the truth wouldn’t have come out. I am sure there were other factors involved and giving the law enforcement the benefit of the doubt that more would have been uncovered after a careful investigation.

    • She did it with good intentions but frankly, 24 is old enough to be expected to think before you post, especially in matters with potential legal implications and with the kind of following she has.

      She seems like a nice, well-meaning person, just (going off her interviews etc) one whose thoughts really don’t extend much beyond her own perspective, so to speak, so this is not a surprise. Well, whatever it is, the situation wasn’t as it seemed on the face of it so I don’t blame her.

  2. Oh no! I wake up to this??? Suzy had honourable and sincere intentions when she posted but surely she would have done a bit of research beforehand but obviously she didn’t and now this. JYP why isnt anyone vetting her posts or reminding her she is a ‘brand’ and the ‘nations first love’ before she writes or says anything? Let’s agree she is naive and gullible and terribly misinformed. Whoever is her PR get on to it and sort it fast! And poor new studio owner- spare a thought for his innocence and his livelihood. As for this YYW I’m not wasting my time on her attention seeking 2 mins of waste of space.

  3. the minute JYP was not looking over her shoulders, Suzy posted something stupid (or I must correctly state as “not well-thought of” or “not researched enough”). Maybe JYP should double check every single one of her texts from now on! if not JYP can no longer bank on his “nations first love” who is quickly becoming the “nations big mouth” or “nations airhead”… lol…

    • Yep this one has backfired majorly! Suzy has a reputation to uphold and this has just sullied it. I hope her sponsorship and CF deals are not affected by this issue.

  4. Used as a Distraction( real problem is about cult involvement and financing a talent agency) Mediocre media play, staged to show I care about others, greediness, attention sickers! How much the YouTuber was paid? Just poor PD. Really unfair for the true victims.

  5. I hope suzy learns a lot from yang ye won case, and still dare to support all victims of sexual harassment in korea, because it seems sympathy and courage to speak is not enough to go forward and support the victims, if she seriously willing to help the victims and metoo movement. you go girl!

  6. lol look at ‘Candycane’ and ‘prettyautumn’ users here aka two of the biggest haters of Suzy on this site! xD You’re always as pathetic from what I see!^^ It’s been a long time since I came to this site and apparently, it hasn’t changed, always the same usual haters here! Imao

    • @diiidiiii3 Are you sightseeing? And who are you calling ‘same usual haters’? Go on and least before you stop your tour let us have the courtesy of an explanation please. And if you go through the past Suzy posts there are a lot of comments for and against that are quite informative and yes they may veer towards being inflammatory but it’s a forum and not everyone is going to agree but the purpose is there to debate so I guess you’ve missed out on chapters before arriving at your conclusion above.

    • Hello. In case you haven’t noticed, I comment negatively about almost everyone. To some actors I give constructive criticism and to others who are hopeless and have rabid fans, I’m a bit harsher. Thank you very much. Are you by the way didi marley aka riiiii aka sushi yoshi aka didimm aka dddmmm? Because if you are then you should use just one account to upvote yourself on netizenbuzz and pannchoa lmao! And yes, you got me if you recognize yourself from this text.

    • @didiiii and your multiple identities – grow up.

      @prettyautumn has criticised my faves too and unlike you, I don’t throw tantrums and call them “hater” but just say why I disagree, it’s not that hard.

  7. I prefer reading information from Suzy critic because many of the information are true, rather than reading information or comments from Suzy dumb fans who always lying, manipulative, exaggerate, and gives stupid compliments to mediocre talent.

  8. why people act like suzy is totally innocent?

    the investigation had happened and the police said that they can’t see the coercion part based on the 1st post by YYW, then suzy make it 10x popular with wrong studio and that studio suffered losses. Does the studio deserve the criticism? no, they sued for defamation and it’s for both YYW and Suzy because they are the main influencer,
    power comes with responsibility.

    The original studio said that there is no coercion or bad environment because she still ask for more jobs which meant she has no problem and she need to sue the 3rd party who reupload her pic.

    She just want to be guilt free in front of other
    “I did nude cause I was forced”
    she doesn’t want to admit that she sells her body

  9. Lee Dong Wook take Suzy’s Mobile off her and JYP PR department sort your shite out and impose a ban on her posting via IG unless it’s pretty sweet pictures of her posing in a park etc… Look after her for god sakes. And please pay the new studio owner compensation for the duress and loss of revenue he has suffered over this. Settle out of court and give free lifetime tickets to any JYP events. Gosh You’re giving me anxiety attacks down under! ?

    • what’s with infantilizing Suzy? Asking her BF to take her phone away and such? People who post such sexist stuff will only look at the scenario as one where they consider women as dumb. Suzy is a grownass woman and she did what she thought was right under the circumstances though it turned out to be more complex than she thought. As an actress and idol,she may be more knowledgeable about how things work in the industry than netizens who don’t even care about women’s rights in the first place who feel that boyfriends should control and gag their girlfriends.

      • hahaha… Suzy’s ass may be grown but not her brain, and you seem to be the same?… lol…

    • @Mimi Seriously umm you know I’m taking the piss aye? Are you new to Koala’s playground? OMG do you honestly believe everything you read here? Don’t read it as literally. Please you’re joking right? Oh no you are serious? I’ll redeem myself just for you.
      Dear Lee Dong Wook, Dont take the mobile off Suzy cos she’s a grown ass woman like Mimi says. Thank you for your consideration and have a nice day. Yours truly, Ann Joel. PS; Just hide the charger. ?

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