Wu Zun Drops Absolute Darling and Jiro Wang is his Rumored Replacement

Can’t say I’m surprised by this news – Wu Zun has officially dropped Absolute Darling, the TW-drama adaptation of the manga Zettai Kareshi, co-starring Gu Hye Sun. Apparently GTV is furious, but Wu Zun’s publicist lays the blame on the repeated delays by GTV to start production, as well as a consideration that Wu Zun wasn’t right for the role of the perfect robot boyfriend. Word on the street is that GTV is hoping Jiro Wang will step in for Wu Zun, and I’m of a mixed feeling about that.

While I think Jiro is a much better actor by leaps and bounds, but I’m so adverse to the entire Zettai storyline that I’d rather GTV killed this project rather than drag Jiro into it. Jiro has been in China for the last 2 months filming Purple Mansion, a supernatural thriller romance movie with rising C-actress Tong Li Ya. The movie just wrapped yesterday, so confirmation should be coming soon as to whether Jiro (or another actor) will be stepping into the role vacated by Wu Zun.

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Wu Zun Drops Absolute Darling and Jiro Wang is his Rumored Replacement — 35 Comments

  1. You know which remake of Zettai I wanted to see? The one that’s been in pre-production (?) limbo for months, the one with Jun Ji-hyun. Then again, I don’t think I can deal with another finale like the ZK special. *is still in denial*

  2. The manga was adorable, the drama awful. Not looking forward to the TW version unless it follows the manga much more closely. Also, not a big fan of Gu Hye Sun. That said I will watch anything with Jiro in it.

    • Me three. Love Jiro. What a contrast he is to robotic Wu Zun. Just reading this made me perk up and suddenly the drama sounds energetic and exciting. Jiro has that effect on all the dramas he’s in. But I can’t stand GHS. Maybe someone else will take over her role….yay!!!!

  3. I have to totally agree. I like Jiro alot but this project just isn’t a good one period, I never read the manga but I watched pieces of the drama and didn’t like it AT ALL! The subject matter makes me nauseous so… I would really hate to see Jiro do such a thing. Praying this cup passes 🙂

  4. no Jiro!…dont!…..I actually read elsewhere that Wu Zhun commented that he dropped the project because the script wasn’t good

  5. Well, if robot boy won’t be playing the perfect robot boyfriend anymore, how about recasting the lead actress too? Jiro’s a little livelier, and he is a better actor than Wu Zun, but that’s only by a small, small, very, very SMALL margin.

  6. LOL @ ” Wu Zun wasn’t right for the role of the perfect robot boyfriend.” I thought it was the only role he was right for!
    I didn’t read the manga, but I did watch the Jdrama and wished I hadn’t. I too, am adverse to the Zettai storyline so I won’t be watching this no matter who takes over the role.

  7. I adore the manga, loathed the jdrama which murdered it, and am actually looking forward to this because no way to go but up from the jdrama. Also, Jiro is about 500 times a better actor than pretty-but-wooden-as-a-plank Wu Zun, so I am all for it. Now if they could also replace the most irritating actress under heaven, Gu Hye Sun, I’d be a really happy camper.

    • That’s exactly how I feel about GHS! Every time I hear she’s involved with something it makes me want to turn and run…far, far away…as fast as I can.
      But, why am I almost afraid to say so?

    • Agree with you guys. That pic of her smiling on Wu Zun’s arm? It sent shivers down my spine. In fact just looking at her makes me annoyed. Sad thing is I actually liked her in Hearts of 19….the first part; by the end of the drama I couldn’t bear her anymore. BoF….OMGGGGGG…..over acting, exaggerated expressions…..so so annoying. The My Princess girl….I hated her in Stairway to Heaven but loved her in My Princess. A good actress grows, but a mediocre one just stays the same.

  8. I agree with you on this one Koala.. I watched the Jdrama version with Hayami Mokomichi(am a fan of him) and that’s enough. I totally wished they would kill this project. As much as I love Jiro, I know he could pull of this part of a human robot but I feel he could use his talents to better projects, better opportunities and he just finished a film project (which I didn’t know about, thanks for the tip!) so He probably needs his rest too.

    I’m hoping there’s something better.. I’m already happy with Manny and Drunken to Love you.. too busy to watch things that aren’t worth everyone’s time, effort and money.

    Thanks for posting!

    • It’s a horror film “The House”…and I think this will be a challenge for him, if the scriptwriter is good he can tailor that script perfectly to Jiro’s whim and make him a victor….
      Chun/Zun on the other hand may need a better training ground for acting and action films need not require much of emotional efforts just a lot of movement and macho aura….but he does wear a poker face doesn’t he. Man he truly is a business man ahaha….I wonder when he will be able to put things in the right element. Yup I offered to slap him every now and then, I wonder if he got that message 😉

      • Oh yah tailor it to Jiro’s strength without losing the plot I mean…that’s the challenge of a remake…It will also apply to Buffy…sometimes blind loyalty can lead to depreciation or decline of growth….hindrance to creativity it will be a power struggle if Joss and Anderson will work together so the big guys (Corpo guys) have their own share of dilemmas….just saying thanks 😉

  9. I like Jiro & HyeSun but I don’t know if they’ll have screen chemistry. Sure, I’d like to watch if they make the drama. A perfect robot boyfriend who becomes humorous & more human, it could work. Jiro works out too that all i got to say.

    • You have the likings of being very successful you are open to new horizons…good good 😉 Read the script first before you judge or gather facts before you reject or else give it chance….high five 😉 Jiro is lucky to have a fan like yah 😉

  10. I personally disliked the manga and pretty much loathed the jdorama as well…and based on the original casting (GHS and WZ) I was planning on skipping this. Jiro has steadily improved and you are right, he should definitely skip this. I was actually kind of wondering how they would pull this off since TWdramas tend to have stronger romance plot lines than jdoramas—especially since in the end things don’t work out for Night-O and Riko.

  11. I kind of feel bad for Gu Hye Sun because now it seems two of her tv projects are in limbo.

    Her other show The Musical has been delayed for many months and now this. I like her as an actress, but the thing I hate about the characters she portrayed are that they’re overly apologetic in everything.

  12. Although I will probably prefer Jiro Wang for the drama due to the fact that his acting chops are WAY better than Wu Zun… I still can’t help to think that Jiro Wang is so far from being a sex robot like Night (of Zettai Kareshi)… Wu Zun still would somehow be more befitting for Absolute Darling since he is playing a robot (so he would have an excuse for his lack of talent acting-wise) and has the better body…

    Then again, who cares who plays Night since the robot doesn’t get the girl in the end anyway… which was probably the biggest disappointment when I watched the Japanese version (coz the guy who played Night was WAY hotter than the one she ended up with)

      • I forgot to say over my dead body will Zun get exploited it means WAR…hehe I know he won’t do it anyway he’s a big boy he knows what to do…let the other angels kill for him 😉 I’ll be the secret weapon hahaha 😉

  13. I’m in the hate the manga, have a VERY soft spot for Jdorama Nighto/Mokomichi is Nighto camp (the rest of the dorama (and the entirety of the SP) can cease to exist and I wont bat an eyelash)

    BUT if WZ is going to be in any role, this may be the onefor him. I may need my meds but every role he’s in, he’s so wooden and totally not connecting… like what I imagined a robot would be in a human world. Sorry I’m mean, but I tried mightily and I can’t watch WZ’s acting. I JUST CANT. He’s so pleasant and good looking and sweet and nice in RL, I concur, but when he pulls on his acting cap. MY hell. So I’m totally at loss what I’m going to do with the Rainie+WZ. I need to do fangirl duty for Rainie. :/

  14. Ok I guess I need an ambulance, you guys have been throwing daggers I’m all flesh and blood all over for MY CHUNNIE/ZUNNIE…. I could not dodge it anymore poor me 🙁 doomed to extinction ….wahuhuhuhu

  15. Wow he dropped out? Dayum I would be pissed too if I was from GTV but then again they are lacking with the production &he can’t just sit around waiting. Him moving on was clearly a sign that he probably wasn’t all onboard to do the role &honestly I didn’t see him as the perfect Robot to begin with.
    Honestly I’m with you, I rather they just cancel doing their version of it. I really love this manga &i love the Japanese version way more so i’m not really up to seeing a another version even if it is a Taiwanese drama which I love.

  16. Jiro, I love you. Pls don’t act in this drama. If Wu Zun the Robot thinks this is not suitable for him, think how much worse it will be for you since you are not a robot. You are electrifying, and charismatic and tender. The moment you don your robot-suit, you will become a robot. Robots cannot be electrifying nor charismatic nor tender. You will just rot (or rust) in your robot-suit. Acting beside a lead actress who is annoyingly over-cute will also drive up up the wall. This is very dangerous as your robot-suit is metal and heavy, and you may fall and hurt yourself.

  17. WOW what a bunch of ANTIS HERE..doesn’t even know what they are blabbering about..A BUNCH OF PRETENTIOUS PEOPLE..GHS was picked by those people who are the expert in this field,they know what her talents are not like you stupid people who just know how to talk without using your brain..the people who picked GHS to act in AD are educated people not a bunch of idiots like………..

    • Ok Ms Borja….you’re again attempting social suicide….like so many other fans…so you found a bunch of people who like and doesn’t like…yep they keep murdering Wu Zun and am bleeding as well…but it’s a free thinkers world…we try to be positive with our opinions here, we’re educated too you know….well some are satisfied some are not but not absolute negative accusations on each other, we totally are strangers so we don’t know each other okies….we simply talk but we don’t get heated uneducated arguments….so chillax 😉 We are all objective with our likes and dislikes and we agree on it…NO HATERS PLEASE!!!!

  18. AGREED. Jiro’s acting skills are DEFINITELY better than wuzun’s.
    But not sure if they’re enough to turn this crappy plot around.
    sigh. Jiro…please, make a good decision. that’s all i ask…=.=
    I love you, and want the best for you~~

  19. Really don’t care for this drama. Guess maybe this drama slipped under my drama rador. looks like it’s going to be a while before this starts airing since they’ve changed leading men.

  20. I hope Jiro stepped in and the drama starts filming really soon. I miss Hye-sun on the smallscreen 🙂

    Totally disappointed with WZ.

    • i agree with you ais…. cant wait to see this drama… im surely watch it… and hye sun unnie… fighting, and dont feel sad, coz all the people only saw from the outside, the feel that they are the best, dont judge a person before you corrected your ownself… hope the best for jiro wang and hye sun…. gbu…

  21. Jiro, i’m sorry you were forced into this project!!! But don’t worry, Cun’s officially pissed everybody off, and I do mean everybody, GTV practically made him popular single handedly, and with him screwing GTV over by dropping this project so late… well, he probably shouldn’t be dropping his music career at the same time.

    Don’t worry Jiro! Your fans will still check out this drama for you, even tho you’ve been stuck with some absolutely horrid actresses (not counting Rainie), your acting skills have only improved. Hope your first movie breaks the box office record!!!

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