Wu Zun Attends Event with Long Time Wife and Shares Adorable High School Picture as First Loves

It’s still incredible to know that TW-actor Wu Zun has been with his first love for 24 years, since they met as high school students in their native Brunei. They got married over a decade ago and have two kids, an older girl and a younger boy and by all accounts are super duper happy in life. Looks like Wu Zun is finally making his wife a full part of his public persona as this week she attended a media event beside him and he also posted a throwback picture of them in high school days. It’s always easy to say that she’s so lucky to marry him but goodness I think he’s lucky to have her, a woman who was content to be in the background during his entertainment early days and is finally getting her proper due. Continue reading

Saving General Yang Releases Asia Trailer and Official Movie Stills Ahead of April Premiere

When I was in Asia last week, the entertainment shows were all covering the expanding barrage of press material and activities associated with the upcoming period wuxia movie Saving General Yang. It premieres early April worldwide which is a pretty … Continue reading

A Bevy of Actors Send in Greetings for 100th Issue of Mens Uno Magazine

The Chinese men’s magazine Men’s Uno celebrated its 100th issue recently by publishing a collection of photo shoot pictures from many of the famous male entertainers who have graced its covers in recent years, all with personalized messages and their … Continue reading