Shin Mina Shines with Style in Star1 Magazine

Shin Mina is such an endorsement queen in Korea that it’s not surprising she’s not in more movies or dramas. I don’t have a problem with her trove of endorsement deals since she’s a completely winning model, with legs that seemingly go on forever and dimples that fairly mesmerize the viewer into heeding her siren’s call and go out and buy whatever it is she’s selling. This girl, she’s got the golden touch. I just lament how long the wait is between her projects, the last time a full two years went by between My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Arang and the Magistrate. She can afford to be picky, but I’m hoping she does a gritty movie next, something along the lines of Gong Yoo doing The Crucible. I think she has it in her to go dark, and one lament I had in Mawang was how pure her character remained throughout, despite understanding she was written with that purpose in mind. I’m having a hard time deciding who I liked her better with between her last two co-stars – puppy Lee Seung Gi or smoldering Lee Jun Ki? She had good chemistry with both, so I guess the choice comes down to which drama one liked better, and it’s kinda a toss up for me. I was relatively unimpressed with both, but neither are terrible and remains solid entertainment at the end of the day. Shin Mina was in Star1 magazine recently and looking absolutely enchanting, playful yet sexy with a twist of cute. She also seems like a super cool girl to hang out with, as apparently all her male co-stars have attested to. It’s nice to be well-liked in the industry and a total bombshell talent to boot.


Shin Mina Shines with Style in Star1 Magazine — 19 Comments

  1. Hi ms.ockoala! I’m just curious if you have some product to endorse with, whom you will choose shin mina or yoon eun hye.

    • not ockoala here, but if I had a product, I would have Yoon Eun Hye endorse it, because I would pick someone who can make me more money and sell out my products. Based on data, Yoon Eun Hye increased lipstick sales for 500%.

      According to Allure Lifestyle Magazine

      There exists a standard for sponsorships amongst these professionals. There are “Sell out Queens” who immediately sell out all dresses once they wear it, and there are actresses who increase the prestige of the brand with their luxurious and modern aura. These actresses are put in a separate category of “Special A Level”, and it is true that they have easier time in acquiring sponsorships of prettiest dresses. According to APR, a marketing company, Yoon Eun Hye is no.1.

  2. she should totally do a drama with jo insung. loved them in madeleine and plus they know each other way back. would love them more in a drama.

  3. Shi Mina can do it all! A great actress and a great model! I really love her. I hope she’ll make a comeback on the big screen. 🙂

  4. I love her wide set eyes. She has a great smile too. Her long legs off sets her somehow broad shoulders and wide hips. Or maybe her head and face are too tiny. I also like that her nose does not look plastic. I liked her in A Love To Kill but did not like her in anything else.
    I agree ….She needs to change it up.

  5. I like her a lot. Thanks for these.

    It is funny you mentioned Hunky and her, because I completely forgot about them as a pair, being eclipsed by her and Junki.
    Arang, I think, brought out more of her layers or facets as an actress than her character in Gumi. My preference is definitely Arang.

    What would I like to see her in next? Anything, really, but I hope get does more films. How about one with Ha Jung Woo?

    If anyone ever noticed, I always suggest everyone do a film with HJW because he is good at choosing projects, co-stars don’t have to worry about the decision.

  6. No other actress does fashion like Shin Min Ah. Not only she’s mesmerizingly beautiful and classy, she’s a chamaleon who can pull off any look, from sexy to cute to glamurous to anything the photoshoot proposes. She has such a domain over her facial expressions and body language it’s like she turns into a different person between takes, and every pictorial and endorsement she does turns into a masterpiece. I absolutely like her as an actress and have enjoyed all her acting projects, but I LOVE looking at her pictures!

  7. The dramagods heard my prayers and she’s been paired with Kang Dong Won for her next project…only problem is that its a short film…if anybody needs to make a comeback in dramas its him and hopefully with SMA

  8. HYUN BIN!

    I’d like her to pair up with Hyun Bin. I actually think he’s like, her counterpart LOL (both have deep bilateral dimples +awesome smile +modeling origins). Plus, they’ve been labelmates since like, forever. I think they both started as Sidus? And then under Jang Don Gun, and then now, they’ve set up their own agency.

    I first noticed this at the 2010 SBS Drama Awards.all the drama couples were up onstage for the award…Seunggi and Minah for Gumiho..and Hyun Bin and Hajiwon for Secret Garden. While all the Sega cray-cray fans were up all over how “hot” Hyun Bin and Hajiwon were..I was busy noticing how much more fitting and chemistry laden Minah and Hyun Bin were, because incidentally they were standing next to each other. And then I went and googled and it was surprising that they were actually in real life, good friends and labelmates.

  9. Do u know how much I envy her , first for her perfectly shaped body and most importantly do kissing lee seung GI even if it is fake or acting ! Omg !!!!!! I want GFB to come out soon I want to see his smile ! Waaa3

  10. I can’t say I’m too taken with this photoshoot, quite boring photos and styling.

    Love Shin Mina though, though I don’t know why (I haven’t seen much with her, but I just like here somehow).

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