Roy Qiu Confirms Break Up with Tang Yan at Drama Press Conference for Wine Beauty

Just days after Roy Qiu went through a potential romance with Tia Li (he shot that down as pure media conjured nonsense) and a break up with never-confirmed girlfriend Tang Yan, he showed up with his co-stars Li Sheng and Myolie Wu at a press conference for their upcoming modern C-drama Wine Beauty (official English title). After Tang Tang’s assistant posted that sensationalized smackdown of Roy on her weibo, he actually answered on his weibo that night and said that he thinks of his love life not as a performance and apologized for not being able to go public with it. He also wrote that he has never done something in love that he needs to apologize for but he’ll accept whatever censure comes his way. At today’s drama press conference, the reporters spent most of their time asking Roy about this recent juicy dust up and he candidly revealed for the first time that he did date Tang Yan but they have recently broken up. He also stated again that the rumors of him and Tia were all false, they are just friends. When asked about the assistant’s post, Roy said that what happened between him and Tang Tang was mutually agreed upon with the same understanding, so he doesn’t understand how it ended up becoming public this way. When asked about the assertion that he lied that he hadn’t seen her in 7 months when the assistant said Tang Tang flew to Taiwan last October, Roy said that his statement earlier was that he didn’t see her for quite some time and it was the reporter who wrote down 7 months since that was how long it had been since they were seen in public together. Roy wishes that even as a celebrity he can maintain privacy in his love life. When asked about the future, Roy hopes that he and Tang Yan can take a step back and be friends. I’m sure Roy doesn’t think he did anything wrong, but with a string of disgruntled and heartbroken ex-girlfriends behind him, he’s probably as bad a boyfriend as they come. My guess is he kinda loses interest and just disengages from the relationship until the girl has no choice but to give up. I’m known plenty of guys like that, LOL. Also – Roy’s outfit above? – so ridiculous it merits its own sartorial smackdown.


Roy Qiu Confirms Break Up with Tang Yan at Drama Press Conference for Wine Beauty — 17 Comments

  1. Ho My Gahd.
    The Outfit. The Smackdown. The LOL.

    What the heck? Or who the heck decided it was right in any way?

    I hope future possible ex-girlfriends of his go in knowing he won’t commit for long and keep themselves from being heartbroken.

    Meanwhile, I volunteer to accompany Roy at any time for any length of time – no strings. There is the potential problem of my husband caring, but I could totally risk that for pretty boy Roy.

  2. Urrh… Wackle outfit Roy, really it doesn’t match at all. I don’t mind dating a man like him w/o commitment at no time limit. Humm… It would be really nice to date him in the lonely days and quickly exit on the days that filled with activities. Hahaha… Lol….

  3. Movie stars never confirmed they are on a relationship however, they confirmed when they broke up. The timing of this possible “love triangle” with his C-drama promotions makes me think….

  4. Well at least he has girlfriends instead of always claiming to be single like some celebrities.However a string of unhappy ex isn’t too good as well.
    But his outfit…. wow even a sleazy nightclub owner dresses better.At this point even a clunky gold necklace is better than that long feminine, take on rosary necklace. I don’t know how to describe seeing a guy wearing that.

  5. Despite the gigola outfit, I can’t help taking a second and third look at his beautiful face. Tang Tang, you enjoyed that gorgeous face and bod personally for a period, be satisfied with it, girl. We would die to be in your shoes. Good thing must be shared.

  6. What a horrible look on him.

    Frankly, I don’t really care about his love life. But I do feel bad for the girls. But I don’t know them either. Aside from Rainie, they have to know that he’s has a string of these breakups and probably not a good choice for marriage materials or long term relationship. Still, I feel bad for them.

  7. Apart from his love life, I really can’t stand his outfit…ugh, look like a pimp! Seriously, from head to toe, the corny combination made me feel so bad for him. It’s hard to earn my sympathy when you dress like that, Roy!

  8. aah Roy, many girls fall for u, thanks for that sizzling gaze of yourz, I melt too. Right, this kind of man is like an ice cream, just a flavor for a month or season but not for keeps. Just enjoy it man while your still young hot and famous. Take care u dont fall like PSh, Ok

  9. He is sexy as hell! but I agree with everybody, WTH is wrong with his fashion. Leopard jacket?? that’s a no no. maybe on a girl it’s okay, but him…hmmmmm???? not to mention the fur. maybe the jacket was meant for the other two ladies there…keekeekee…

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