Police Intend to Wrap Up the Park Shi Hoo Rape Investigation within Two Months

This is probably my last post on the Park Shi Hoo rape case in the near term until the police investigation wraps up, which the Western Police Station has stated that it will do in the next two months. Once it wraps up the investigation, its findings will be transferred to the Seoul prosecutor’s office and the prosecutor assigned to this case will decide whether the evidence is strong enough to charge Park Shi Hoo with rape. If he isn’t charged, then the matter pretty much ends there. If he is charged, expect this media circus to ramp back up again. I think the news will be relatively quiet while the police finally digs deep into its investigation, since by now every alphabet even tangentially involved in this case has been trotted out to give an interview or release “new” information. This is a relatively difficult case to sift through – the physical evidence has limited value since Park Shi Hoo already admitted he slept with A. He said it was consensual, she said he raped her while she was asleep (the first time) and then raped again when they woke up the next morning. Even if she has vaginal bruising that doesn’t necessarily mean rape since its possible to have consensual sex on the aggressive side (which K claims it was based on what Park Shi Hoo told him). Park Shi Hoo, K, and A all took lie detector tests which purportedly stick with each of their own stories, so that doesn’t help much since the stories are at odds with each other. All the ancillary text messages released involving A, B, and K add color to the before and after events (A made plans with K, after the alleged rape A and B discuss punishing Park Shi Hoo and/or getting a settlement from him), but in no way prove there was a rape or disprove there was a rape because A entrapped Park Shi Hoo. This is what I call a circumstantial case and hopefully the police will have much more information than what the public has been provided and maybe that information will be enough to either charge Park Shi Hoo or declare his innocence. I say this because if the prosecutor decides there simply isn’t enough evidence to charge Park Shi Hoo without fully exonerating him, that becomes a double-edged sword in my opinion. It just means there wasn’t enough evidence to prove rape, it does not definitively mean Park Shi Hoo didn’t rape A. That is the worst outcome since Park Shi Hoo’s reputation remains tainted while A can’t get any closure either.

I’ve heard about A’s identity since the news broke but to date the Korean media has not identified her, despite the blogs and other forums doing so. If you read that she’s been outed, that is not true. She’s been outed by fans of Park Shi Hoo, but as an alleged rape victim her identity is still being guarded by the police and the Korean media as required by law. She has also not outed herself, as she can do, so I won’t identify her. I can say that she’s quite pretty and definitely looks as young if not younger than her 22 years of age (Korean age which makes her 21 years old in Western culture). I really don’t know if Park Shi Hoo raped A, or they both got so drunk that night that they had drunken sex and she woke up remembering none of it and calling it rape. My only opinion based on Park Shi Hoo’s own words (that he slept with a young girl he just met that night after they both liked each other) is that I think he’s sleazy. He may not be a rapist, but no one will ever convince me he’s a gentleman.

Sleeping with such a young girl on the first night they met when he should know better is what I’m judging him on. I don’t have a problem with one night stands or even sleeping together on a first date, especially if two people are fully-aware consenting adults. Frolic away and be happy, who am I to judge? But in this case, he’s a good 14 years older than her and if she was as drunk as K and Park Shi Hoo claim she was (vomiting in the elevator and in the condo), then he ought to have the decency to let her sleep and not engage in sexual activity. Even if it was consensual, if A was as drunk as even Park Shi Hoo and K claimed, then a decent guy wouldn’t take her saying yes to sex as the equivalent of fully aware consent. Even if Park Shi Hoo were to claim she initiated it, then a considerate and upstanding oppa would tell the girl to go put on some clothes and sleep off her drunken ardor. Especially since Park Shi Hoo claimed he really made a connection with A that night – if so then why not date her and then sleep together when she’s not totally hungover after just vomiting her drunk head off earlier?

Park Shi Hoo gave another interview this week where he claimed to have lost 10 kg and can barely eat or function. His family and friends are so worried they have pushed him to seek psychiatric help. He claims to be staying strong so that he can clear his name. Oddly enough, his popularity doesn’t seem to have waned in some areas, though that could also be a rubber necking factor where folks are just curious about his scandal. This has caused a hold on his latest drama Cheongdamdong Alice from getting scooped up for overseas airing, though his recently released movie Confessions of Murder has opened in overseas markets. If he were a US actor, I’d say he can easily bounce back if he’s not indicted. In the US, celebrities have bounced back from way worse scandals. But in Korea he might become persona non grata on the small screen no matter what happens. Drama actors are required to project a very wholesome image, much more so than movie actors who allow themselves to take risks in projects that might be more risque. Whatever happens, this will probably go down as one of the most shocking scandals to hit South Korean entertainment in the last 10 years.


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  1. I hate people who uses writing style as a means to discourage or taint the image of the concerned. I just felt this blog pretends to be neutral at first but actually pressed hard on PSH! ….just live and let live, ok? Nobody has ever the right to question a man’s choice on such a night as one PSH got into. Age gap should never been an issue as they are still both considered adult, A herself knows that the moment she decides to drink with the 2 men.

    • Babes, this is a blog. Maybe you should check out the meaning of ‘blog’ before actually commenting on how you hate the writer. You have your opinion, others have theirs. But since this is not a news paper, a writer has no obligation to be neutral when they feel slightly towards a party.

      As for no right to question PSH. Everyone has the right to question him. Why? Because he’s a public figure who’s actions are scrutinized by the media. He chose this profession so he also gives the right for people to form opinions. No one can control other’s opinions. Also… He is accused of rape. Which means every person can believe he raped her – whether that’s true or not. It’s a scandal; if bloggers and the audience don’t give an opinion, it wouldn’t be called a scandal.

      • @Tiffany
        Totally agree with you. What you say is true. Yes, everyone has the right to question him. Whoever he is/she is, although he is not PSH, as a public figure should be prepared to accept criticism from the public. For that a public figure must maintain his/her good personal life. It is a risk that must be accepted as a public idol. When he/she want to be a public figure should have thought of that before.

        Am I PSH’fan? Yes right. Am I dissapointed with this incident? Yes Right. Do I hate him? No. I do not hate him because of this incident. I still want to see his performance in the drama. I can separate his marvelous acting in the drama and his personal life. His case makes me want to criticize him why he could do something stupid. Having sex with a girl for the first time met. That’s it. Moreover, he said that he had a good impression on her. What Miss Koala said is true that he was supposed to be a considerate and upstanding oppa.
        I think this time he was negligent. He was lulled by fame.
        This incident is a good lesson not only for the public figure itself but also for the fans. To the public figure, he will keep his/her behavior well for the next time. As for the fans, we do not need to worship our idol excessively. He/she just ordinary people like us, who can also make mistakes. The public figure is not a saint and not have to trust them 100%.

    • If you can’t take Koala’s opinion, then don’t read. Just as simple as that. This is her blog and she is free to express her opinion regarding this matter.

      A suggestion for his fans, if can’t take other opinions which differ from yours, then better don’t read and get butthurt over it.

      • That’s true. And the koala can you stop writing about PSH. All of his fans do not like your writing. Because you are also not PSH’s fans, why do you have to hurt PSH and his fans through your writings and comments from all your angels. If I notice most comments on this blog is the PSH’s case not summary of drama that you created. Why you should take advantage of PSH? For advertising? If you hate him, Just leave PSH and his fans alone. This your blog but this is public blog.

      • N7djqa

        Even thought its a blog and Ms. Koala has the right to express her opinion, specially since he’s a public figure, i think she was as neutral as possible for the longest time. But judging from the facts confirmed by both sides u can’t help but question what were those ppl thinking. & when rape is the issue, we have every right to question what were those ppl doing!! Both parties didn’t act wisely, but PSH is over 10 years older & is supposed to be wiser but seemed the least wise between them. At best he was played by a 20 year old and at worst he raped her. Either way, its like koala said, he proved himself of not being a gentleman, cuz if he was, he wasn’t going to put himself in this situation. Whether your a fan or not, you have to judge objectively cuz this isn’t a simple subject matter!

    • As i’ve pointed out that if you can’t take whats posted here and the comments here go ahead and move on to another blog or website that are praising PSH for what he has done. talk about how proud of him there.

      • @3G: You know who REALLY didn´t care about Park Shi Hoo´s fans? Park Shi Hoo. He put himself in a situation where his behaviour can be judged – by investigators and the public alike.

        Koala´s personal opinion comes through in a lot of her posts and as this is her blog and she is not stating untruths or resorting to hate speech, she is allowed to write what she wants. She simply wrote that PSH is not a gentlemen in her eyes – a sentiment that is shared by a lot of people. That you are this upset about her statement says more about you than her.

    • Koala has a reasonable point. I myself was wondering why the rush of PSH to bed a drunk girl. It’s not as if the WORLD WAS GOING TO END the morning of Feb 15. He could meet her again the next day, and many days after, get to know her, or sleep with her when there is not even a tiny drop of alcohol in her system. they have all the time in the world.

  2. Agree with you, Koala, he didn’t behave like a real gentleman. Really disappointed. I’m not against one night stands or casual sex either, but I prefer two sober ot at least happy tipsy attracted to each other partners, who would have sex even when perfectly sober. The difference in power between A and PSH it’s just too huge to brush this whole thing easily under the rug. And something tells me that neither PSH or K know exactly what rape entails, and it makes them looks like amoral kids caught in the act of doing naughty things and not realizing it fully. This doesn’t make them look innocent though.

  3. Well said. If there is one clear message I took from all this mess it is that Park Shi Hoo is not a gentleman… Just a man, perhaps… or I hope…

    • I so agree with this. I think it’s clear that PSH saw nothing wrong having sex with a very drunk girl and that makes him no gentleman in my eyes. Like Koala, I really don’t know if it was rape or A regretting drunken sex. But I do think a gentleman would not have had sex with a drunk woman.

  4. it was Valentines night and PSH bday d following day. Friend K gave PSH the greatest gift. I remain steadfast with my belief that PSH and K were already at fault the moment they brought that unconscious drunk girl inside PSH apartment. (per CCTV footage). Thanks Koala for sharing these story for us international drama community. to PSH, honey, your too handsome, too famous, why oh why, if there’ll be next time you wanna spend a one night stand please call me in your dreams, ill help u release ur heat. and i assure u there ‘ll be no scandal at all drunk or no drunk. Ok?!

    • if you dont like Ms Koala then go away to other blogs

      I have an
      opinion about all this but I am keeping it to my self

      I like that Ms Koala has presented a fair and balanced view

      yes that my opinion but

  5. I would have hoped Koala to stay neutral until the end, although you say this is your last post on the matter [probably]. Concluding that PSH is sleazy based on the reasons cited, however, sounds kind of double standard to me. Men have been known to bed women way way younger than them but society somehow seemed to tolerate them. Hugh Hefner for example. Well HH is probably sleazy to some of us. On the second matter, despite all what we have read, the only people who really knows what happened in that bedroom would be PSH and A. I don’t think even K has the balcony view on this, even if he orbited the same space PSH and A occupied at the time. So how can anyone lecture what Park Shi Hoo would and should have done in that moment. Of course this is your blog Ms K, and a highly respected one, I presume. Still I would have hoped you remained a fence sitter until the end. BTW I would have said the same if you happened to lecture A. The poor girl….

    • Koala doesn’t have the responsibility to be neutral on this. Everyone has their own opinions and she is entitle to have one too and to express it in her own blog.

      • This indeed her blog or home. BUT please remember this is public place. The Koala and all her angels, can you become wiser, since you are a lawyer. Can you controll all that nasty comment.

      • @3G: Please give examples of “nasty comments” against Park Shi Hoo. I´ve seen dozens about the alleged victim (especially on that disgustingly biased PSH fanblog), but mostly very carefully worded ones about him.

    • Spot on, Julia.

      Funny that his fans are trying to control what others said about him yet they are also doing slut shaming on A. A pot calling the kettle black.

    • Are yoy kidding me! Rape cases are never neutral, especially one involving a powerful rich man and young poor nobody woman. Even if someone was neutral in the beginning, she would form an opinion when the circus started to come out, how could one not to form an opinion?!

      Ockoala remains neutral on the rape charge. She didn’t say that P or A is guilty or not guilty. However, the part where she expressed her opinion is on PSH as a person who had made poor judgement that showed he’s no gentleman. A lot of us could agree with this statement, whether he raped her or not. It’s almost like a fact statement that you really can’t argue against. If P’s fans can’t even accept this solid statement, then you ought to introspect yourself and consider a possibilty that you choose to be blind and refused to see the truth.

    • PLEESSSEEEE I fell in love with PSH watching him in Prosecutor Princess and Alice…. so I’d consider myself a fan. But really he ought to have had better sense to have not done what he did. This whole saga smacks of K ‘pimping’ a young girl to PSH. PSH should not have been so arrogant to think that every woman would want to spend the night with him especially a drunk one he claimed to have liked.

      I do not fully believe A’s side of the story but being a famous celebrity with a huge fan base, you’d think PSH would have used his big head more than his small one!

  6. Did anyone read the case about the 2 footballers from Ohio being convicted of rape? Did anyone see any parallels to that case or was it just me? Judge rules in favour of the victim who was said to be at that time to be too incapacitated by alcohol such that she was vomiting, unable to walk properly, and did not remember events of the previous night. Sounds kind of similar to what was present in this case also?

    • Wow the similarities are astounding.

      Prosecutors said the accused had known the girl was too impaired to consent, but the defence denied she was raped.
      Prosecutors say the girl was attacked twice after the party while intoxicated beyond the point of consent, first in the back seat of a moving car and then in the basement of a house.

      Witnesses said the girl was so drunk that she vomited at least twice and had trouble walking and speaking.

      In an excerpt of a videotaped interview with the ABC News programme 20/20, Mr Richmond said the photo of the girl being carried out of a house by him and his co-accused was a joke. He contends the girl was awake. ( wow! Sounds like just P’s case)

      The only difference is the Ohio’s case , a tape evidence existed but then deleted.

      Verdict: Two high school football players in the US state of Ohio have been found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl.

      The case caused a bitter divide in Steubenville, a small and economically depressed former steel town that had immense pride in its high school football team, known as the “Big Red”.

      I hope SK prosecutor can refer to this case as the similarities are too much.

      • Big difference in the Ohio case was the photographic evidence.
        There were cellphone images taken of the girl being assaulted, while virtually unconscious, which were not made public.

    • Yeah, I was wondering if the verdict will have any influence regarding PSH’s. She was carried unconcious too by the 2 convicted guys. Same scenario and the 2 convicted guys claimed that it was consensual also. Only difference though the rape was caught on video. But different countries,different law/human/moral law maybe?

      • I’m almost sold on the ideal that PSH filmed his time with A…..This is what these guys do to relive the moment.

        It’s too late for shoulda, but he really should’ve taken her home. The day after even….Class A.

      • @Jae – Can you enlighten me the part you wrote about K took photos of drunk PSH? does it mean he was drunk then?

      • @mskokolia
        Omo, was that why both P and K took such a long time to surrender their cellphones to the police? Both had to “clean up” their phones?

        @ Lulu
        K’s himself made that statement that he took pix of them at the bar and PSH was drunk. Backtrack to 1 or 2 posts ago here at ockoala’s blog and you’ll find it. By so many accounts prior to this incident, PSH just dozes off when he’s drunk. He must have woken up just in time to have aggressive sex.

  7. I also don’t like this blog. This blog is a collection of people who never make mistakes. There are so many angels in this blog. If you blame PSH than you have to blame miss A. Why she had to walked into PSH’s bedroom? A man and a women were in the bedroom, just two of them alone in the middle of the night. Can you imagine that? In that situation anything can happen. No matter you are a public figure or not, A king or a commoner, a gentlement or not. The devil may influeance or temp their mind. That’s way I never blame PSH 100%,because I know he is only a human with all his weakness.

      • Finn is correct. Just take a look at the “elite” site to see how much praises they lavished on their saint PSH while bashing on others (co-stars).

    • Ok so PSH is human… That doesn’t excuse him from bedding a woman (barely) 14 yrs his junior when she’s not in the right state of mind. He and k even acknowledged that she was drunk. And she didn’t walk into his place on her own. she was carried in. C’mon! A real gentleman wouldn’t have done what PSH did. Koala ain’t tainting PSH image. He tainted his own image. Really, after all the info that came out, concluding that PSH is a sleaze is actually too kind.

      • Vicky, it’s no use to talk to that kind of people. They are “holier-than-though” in their rightiousness.
        Their beloved PSH could never do anything wrong on his own accord. Even if he did something that might be seen as skeazy, it’s not his fault, because “the devil tempted him or influenced his mind”.
        Yeah, because the man has no free will…

      • If you do not like PSH, could you leave him and his fans alone without giving bad comment? Maybe someday you will understand what it feels like someone you love is in trouble.

      • @3G, if you don’t like reading comments about PSH that do not agree with your point of view, then do not visit the place. No one forces you to come here, no one forces you to read comments or post.
        Please, return to your PSH-fansites, instead of dictating to other people what to think, or what to do.

      • @3G, I find it hypocritical you ask for people not to negatively comment about PSH, when his fans(not all though), have mercilessly bashed his past costars. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and preferences. I don’t think this blog has been unfair towards PSH at all. If you don’t like your idol getting scrutinized, you are free to close your eyes and cover your ears…or click your mouse to go to other blogs that support him…

    • Well I really agree with u , don’t get me wrong I like the blog ! But I feel that u r being so harsh on PHS , at the end if the day he is a man , a human , who can very well make mistakes ! And being a public figure cant make his personal life or dealing with his sax life or choices PUBLIC !!! We as public have only the right to judge his work and projects ! No more no less !!
      Plus I think he will bounce back up with all the support of his fans ! And I don’t think he will be convicted ! The evidences hasnt convinced most of us how could a prosecutor be convinced !

      • Plus come on stop bringing that age difference whenever !! It’s not an issue what so ever it’s so normal there are alot o actors marring an dating girls who are that young !
        However yes he is dumb and stupid for doing that mistake why ! Only because she was drunk ! That I agree !

      • I don’t it is proper to say that a public figure HAS NO MORAL OBLIGATIONS TOWARDS the public whatsover. they are viewed, followed, admired by young people too, who are still impressionable and still needing guidance when they are just about forming their own set of values, you mean to say that them learning him behaving like that is 100% okey ? no accountability whatsoever? really?

      • True. We should judge an artist on his arts and not his personal life (who he dates, how much money he has…ect). This guy however, is being accused of rape. His private activities are being judge in the public court of law. So it is kinda hard not to judge *roll eyes*

      • Imagine A is your girlfriend or sister or cousin, will you extend the same grace to P? Will you still defend him fearlessly? Don’t forget that A is a human being, a woman, somebody’s family who’s loved too. It’s so bias to think that since you love P that he deserves a break, but Since you don’t know A then it’s her fault.

    • We all make mistakes, yes. But that doesn´t mean, noone can have an opinion on these mistakes. Should we just ignore despicable or wrong behaviour?
      And, you know what, if he indeed raped her, than he did more than make a mistake – then he would have committed a serious crime.

    • This is Miss Koala’s blog and its her right to write what she wants

      she has expressed her view as a lawyer she is presenting the facts

      we come here to enjoy her recaps

    • Are you for real????? That is so ignorant to blame a victim. Its people like you that cause victims not to come out and report a rape/sexual abuse because someone will always say it’s her/his fault. I hope you and your love ones will never have to experience anything like this.

    • @3G I know I can’t force my opinion through your throut, like you’re kinda doing right now. But I have formed my opinion based on actual facts. If a guy you just met wants to have sex with you, while you are drunk off your ass, then general consesus is that he is a sleazy dirtbag.
      Now based on what actual facts/ events do you say PSH is a good guy?

    • His image is ruined because of his own mistake, not Koala! So don’t shift blame onto someone else just because you think your oppa so blameless.
      Now he’s playing his sympathy card that he lost 10kg. Hell0?? Self absorbed much? Do you think A isnt stressed? A isnt trashed by others? What’s the purpose of P screaming to everyone that he’s seeing psychiatrist and has lost weight? I agree with him seeing psychiatrist, he’s obviously a sex addict who needs help.

    • You got it wrong 3G. Miss A never consider saint Park Si Hoo as a mate partner. You know why?
      The devil sneezed and She discovered that he was wearing a hairpiece and so she was knocked unconcious. You are right. Its all the devil’s fault…… E~U~N~G………+ + ….TT…..kekkeeke.

      • my comment is FOR 3G, thanks to u diehard fans like u make our world hv rapist actors walk out free

  8. Thanks for the latest update on this case. Aaaahhhh….I can go back to ignoring this celeb because I’m not a fan and the two-month wait communicates a prefab case.

  9. I still can remember well how the fanatics of PSH gangs up together and bash or make up rumours against whoever is his latest lady co-star, when the actress is not even doing anything wrong. what are they yakking about now? getting a mega dose of their own medicine? when it was PSH who brought this on himself, huh!

    • @Mila

      Yes, the fanatic fans of PSH are not willing if PSH looks close to his co-star.
      They hope that PSH just for them. As happened to his co star in his latest drama. The fans spread rumor that the actress had a relationship with the camera director of the drama. And then they commented that the actress face using facial injections because sometimes her face looks tyre sometimes looks chubby on the camera. It made the official agent of the actress made an official statement that the actress never did injections on her face as they say. Her pretty face is natural. Very funny to see the behavior of the fanatic fans. It’s good to admire the actor but do not be an over obsession.

      • Sadly, there are so many of his fans who are like that.
        It not only happened to his latest co-star but also the previous one. A lot of bashing and defamation.

      • And the more bizzare and ridiculous is that the fanatic fans who love to spread gossip on his co-starring are not a teenage girl but the middle-age woman who already has a husband. In Korea, the middle-age woman called ahjumma. They are very fanatical. They are willing to spend money to come to Korea and see their favorite actor was shooting on location.

  10. Thanks for the info…my personal feeling is that a decent guy would not carry (or have someone carry) a drunken woman into his apartment…even if she “wanted it”, send her home. So I think that makes him sleazy. He probably walks on this one but deserves the bad press. Sorry there are people bashing you…appreciate your honesty.

  11. @ Koala –

    Thanks for reporting the facts. I’m still not rushing to defense or judgement of either party. Hopefully the “facts” as the police discover them to be will speak for itself.

  12. Doesn’t it seem ridiculously long to investigate for two months before bringing it to trial? I mean, I understand that it may take that long to get a court date if the are already cases ahead of theirs, but still…How much more evidence/investigation is left to do?

    As far as whether the-actor-accused-of-rape committed a crime, we don’t know, and may never know unless someone confesses the opposite of what they have already claimed.
    But, if your 37 year old cute neighbor had sex with your 21 year old drunk-ass niece after she puked in the elevator of your building, it would be totally acceptable to give him the evil eye seeing him taking out his recyclables. It would be OK to say to him, “I’m watching you, buddy.” You would think he was kinduv a jerk and you would tell EVERYONE what happened because you were disgusted.
    Should he career be over? No. And as K said, if her were North American, he’d be on Lettermen by now apologizing, and in a couple years, we would forget.


    • you and the others who say this are irrational as his crazed fans. if the blogger herself doesn’t say anything why are you?
      we all know she can speak for herself, if she didn’t want discussion going on here there would be no comment section.
      from what i read no one is bashing her only saying how they wish she stayed on the fence.
      most if not all should try to stop all this bickering and don’t give into the negativity.

  14. Oh my….the soompi actor thread for PSH is not the most pleasant thing to read….

    Without commenting either way, I find the whole behaviour of the various parties post the event very unprofessional – by that I mean the legal/investigative aspects. Everyone is mouthing off, giving interviews, accusing each other then the police are coming across as if they are from the “Police Academy”. In the UK, none of this would be allowed and the police would not be revealing so much information either – but I guess thats the difference between the systems in the two countries.

  15. well PSH did a terrible mistake that one night.. he might forever be called “sleazy” by some people and that’s one of the consequences of that one mistake.. however I know PSH had learned his lesson in a very hard and sad way.. i just hope people won’t judge him too much, sure he is a public figure but he is also just human who commits mistakes.. this is surely a wake-up call for him that this world is not as smooth sailing as he might see it.. i believe after this scandal, he’ll be a better man.. everything happens for a reason.. i hope he’ll be back to his normal self sooner than everyone expected.. for all the people involved in this scandal, i just wish everyone would just forgive each other, although that might seem still far-fetched now as this is still fresh.. i am a big fan of PSH and i hope he’ll still be back in the acting world.. he may have failed or disappointed others on how he handled his private life, but that’s life, we all stumble hard once in a while.. but he is such a good actor and it would be a pity (imo) if he won’t be able to portray another character after this.. what happened here would give him more depth in acting on his next dramas..
    also, his fans are very much tested with this scandal.. as the blogger had said it did not wane much on his popularity.. it just shows the love of his international fans (I for one).. for me, this just made me realize how this guy i have only known through his TPM last year affects me this much..
    i totally believe he is innocent with the rape accusation.. he may have committed a misjudgment of sleeping with a drunk girl, although he is also drunk which clouded his actions.. i believe if only they were both sober, or if PSH is sober enough he will not do the act.. but then they are both drunk, so i feel its both their fault.. the girl might have regretted what happened the next day but its unfair to cry rape just because she could not remember whatever they’ve done together while in that state.. and they did it twice, she can’t possibly call it rape still the 2nd time, there should have been abuse on her body if that’s the case since she is already sober and totally awake that time, and after that she did not go home immediately, she still stayed for some time in his condo and even exchanged numbers with her “rapist”.. and about the age gap, they are both adult, so the age gap does not mean much.. call me bias if you want, some people are also bias against him.. to each his own..

    • As you have appeal for PSH, how about we appeal to you for “A”. Please don’t judge “A” too much, Fans. Not to mentioned that she being call the worst names regardless of what. She may not has been the purest “girl” as everyone expect but she is also a human being, suffers from this scandal and from taken advantage of by a man. If you want to have some pity, give it to “A”. She may has less chances than PSH to become celebrity now because of this scandal. Will everyone dig on her identity once the case is close ? What she is going to do with her life, (hopefully not end up messed up but who knows) ? What is even saddest is that probably REAL rape victims who are raped by other famous actors and Rich-Powerful Inverters won’t even dare to come out seeing how this scandal has became, especially those heartless-bias netizens and the Managers can use this scandal to scare off these victims. So the will remain silence forever and “Rape” culture will goes on.

      • did i judge the girl on my post? i just said that it is unfair for her to cry rape just because she can’t remember what happened.. i stand with my believe that no rape occurred.. it was a drunken one night stand..
        some people here have presumed him guilty until proven innocent while it should have been otherwise..
        i am not calling the girl any bad name since all of them involved especially PSH, A, the guy K, and even B (who wanted limelight of her own and earned 2 lawsuits instead) are already getting a lot of hateful comments..
        but since I am a fan, comments against PSH are the ones that affect me much, that’s why my first comment here.. although i respect everyone’s POV on the case, to each his own..
        if only this is a clear-cut rape case, if only force were involved, if only there is abuse on her body, drugs found, then yes, i would gonna hate PSH, and sympathize to the girl, but no, as i said i believe this is all about misjudgments and misunderstandings..

    • If you have read my posts from other articles. I am also pity PSH and K, and never even hate them. So, This message is to ask fans to also be considerate to “A” and not hate to her. That’s all. Also, nobody ask you to hate PSH and change your opinion. However, this scandal Does have implications not to those who are involved only. As how I see it, there are real victims who may want to speak out but how the scandals turn out, they will remain silence. Who will want to go through like how these people go through, not to say those are real victims.

      • sorry if i’m not familiar with your other posts but its good if you say you don’t hate them.. i don’t hate the girl too.. hate is a very strong word..
        as for the implications of this case to REAL RAPE VICTIMS, i dont think it will affect much.. this is a different case, since there are no strong evidences against the accused, its a totally he-said-she-said situation.. i dont even think this case is even similar to that Ohio rape case.. the only similar thing is that the girl was drunk, and it involves 2 guys.. but the similarity ends there.. there are a lot of incriminating evidences against the accused rapists there, videos and pictures i think..
        so for those victims, i sympathize with them..
        Raped victims should go forward and report their assailants since rape is a terrible thing to experience.. but if it involves celebrities, then expect the worst and expect this kind of scandal.. especially if media get hold of it.. but as long as they are really victims and there are strong evidences to support their claim, then there is no reason for them to be afraid..
        but rape is also a very serious accusation.. i just don’t like an innocent person being called “rapist” because the girl regretted a drunken one night stand where both of them are at fault..
        and i’m sorry if i’m not “considerate” enough to A.. if, and i mean, IF what the other girl B said recently is true (I don’t really trust a person who goes on interview and changes stories), that A lied to her from the beginning, about escaping PSH’s place immediately after waking up and fighting with K afterwards, then i’m sorry i will never feel considerate to the girl ever, both of them.. i just don’t get what will motivate a girl to lie about these things from the very beginning, ruining lives in the process..

  16. Good on you, Ms Koala, for your reports covering this case.

    Fully agree with your assessment: no decent person would bed someone who’s clearly not in her right mind. He took advantage of a young girl drunk out of her mind, so out of it she had to be carried to his place. Disgusting and appalling behavior.

    • Hahahaa your brain will explode if you visit his famous fansite and read the comments his fans made to his co-stars from TPM to CDDA

  17. He was sober…for he claims to remember every single detail…from the time she was throwing up her insides out. oh my.

  18. In response to the title of this post, I’d say to say this: THEY BETTER! It’s about time us K-drama lovers take a break from this madness. Seriously,nobody wants to know more about this case anymore. It’s quite taxing on the mind you know with the media consistently trying to remind us of the ugly side of the K-entertainment biz. We are perfectly well aware that it’s not always sunshine and roses in this industry.

  19. It is not just the matter of his being older than the girl. He is in a position of power. A position he abused. Any young aspiring actress is going to be awed by a successful person of his stature and he knows that. He abused that power. He used remarkably poor judgement. He is getting what he deserves. The court will decide his fate but we are all free to have our own opinions. Ms. Koala has always showed incredible restraint in her posts and tact. She is absolutely right in her assessment that he is not a gentleman. If this sentiment is so hard for you to take then by all means stop reading HER blog.

    • The 2 men also was in control of the environment. A was supposed to meet K at some place but was changed last minute to accomodate PSH and his STAR status. A has no reason to suspect that given that PSH was supposedly respectable actor/sunbae. So I am in agreement of PSH abusing that entitlement he thinks he have.

      • Yes, he was taking advantage of both A and K. K probably wanted to please his more successful senior and curry some favor so he could land some small parts in a PSK drama.
        I don’t know whether PSH raped the girl or not…..but he exploited both these much younger vulnerable people.

  20. Regardles of the bond as a fan if there’s differences of opinion about this case, i think it’s fair b’cos everyone has their own thoughts how to respond & as one of my principles i agree with you that he may not be a rapist but no one will ever convince me as well that he’s a gentleman. And as korean dramas fan who admired some of their actors/actresses i hope this kind of scandal wouldn’t happen again b’cos it’s very hard to forget which each of them has their own mistakes. However, i still believe this case will not be solved by reason that all parties don’t have strong evidence b’cos this case involves a person’s life & reputation as a result they will be in bad condition severely depressed. So much damaged just for one night stand.

  21. Thanks for the updates Miss Koala! I only read your posts on the issue instead of other sites because you just report what the media in SK reports without the millions of “new” updates!

  22. lol ”everyone makes mistakes” ”Poor PSH he only did a mistake”

    Yeah right, I wonder if you would say this if it happened to you, would you say the person just did a ”mistake” or, if Miss A really lied, will you say ”everyone makes mistakes” loooooooooooool okay.

  23. I don’t pay much attention to age gaps because age does not always dictate maturity, and I agree that people should be allowed to engage in CONSENSUAL casual sex as much as they can handle. What tripped me up was the fact that both K and PSH saw this girl vomit and neither of them thought that she needed to immediately go home or rest instead of partying and having sex. That is not only poor judgement but extremely insensitive to her. 

    How desperate do you have to be to have sex with a girl who you just saw puke? Most people would be grossed out and look for a willing and sober partner. It was that statement alone that turned this whole thing for me. 

    • Similar to Ohio’s case, the victim was seen puking many times and unable to walk straight. She couldn’t fight back or dozed on and off when the football players raped her. So, don’t tell me just because A vomited several times, it means she was awake thus the sex was consensual. As proven by the Ohio’s case, the victim was not able to fight back because she passed out and she too was raped twice. She didn’t even know that she was raped until the sex video titled “sex with the dead” was posted in social media. It’s not out of reach to think what happened that night with K, P, and A is parallel to the Ohio’s case.

  24. lmao, PSH fans pissed that unlike other places (soompi, allkpop) here PSH is not the ”poor him” and A isn’t that slut shamed so much. They want Koala to be on PSH side too and are butthurt.

    • Yeah, tried to dictate and overlord someone’s else’s blog too. Too bad for PSH devotee not everyone here cowed to their rants and tantrums. If PSH could play dirty, and all of a sudden playing the sympathy card , It doesnt make me feel sorry for him. Playing dirty got him in that state cuz he was busy choreographing mud slinging and making loopholes on their statements. Now that B is also getting sued by Eyagi, he’s trying to play his strategy.

  25. I only read this blog and I can’t stand the PSH fans here. If you don’t like what Koala is saying then go be deaf and blind some where else. Seriously if you are a woman how can you condem his actions, he’s a douche bag either way. Even if it wasn’t rape, he still is a douche bag for taking advantage of the situation!! If he wanted to get laid that bad then he should have just screwed K!! Man you PSH fans really know how to piss an old lady off. Anyway great job Koala…and more power to you 🙂

  26. What I learn from all this? That some PSH fans can be scary when it comes to defending him. He did commit a mistake, and to me after this he isn’t a gentleman. If he did like her so much, then he should have called a taxi, get her to go to her house, and call her the next day to set up a future date.
    I think that PSH is a good actor and have seen three of his dramas. I used to go to one of PSH’s fan website because I thought they were covering the case well, but later after not anymore.
    I come here now to read what Koala has to say about the case because she reports the facts and lets one decide what to make of it.

  27. I just don’t understand why a few of PSH fans get offended over Koala’s statement that PSH is no gentleman. It’s a true fact! A gentleman would have sent the girl home. A gentleman would wrap the naked girl and tell her to rest when she initiated the sex.
    Seriously, rather than worrying about the trivial statement, the fans should worry about a bigger thing…hm…such as he’s being charged with rape. Why get offended over “he’s no gentleman”? pls worry about his rape accusation, about possible going to jail, about his ruined career. There’s no one in their right mind truly believes that after this rape case that people would now look at PSH and think “wow..he’s truly a gentleman”. Ha. You can kiss that wholesome image goodbye.

  28. I’ve been following the PSH news since day 1 and I want to thank Ms. Koala for giving so many updates. In the defence of my fellow PSH fans, I think some of their complaints are totally well-versed. First of all, I appreciate the posts here and I don’t see a problem with disagreeing with Ms. Koala’s opinions. I don’t hate her on a personal basis and just don’t agree with her 100% (is something wrong with that?). Obviously there are some comments that attack Ms. Koala directly but opinions are never one-sided. The reason why these posts have become so popular is because everyone is discussing/debating/and predicting what the truth is. It’s not mature to accuse Ms. Koala for being unbiased because it IS her blog, but it’s also immature to tell PSH fans to get the hell out. It’s the dichotomy of those for and against PSH which brings so much variety and excitement in blogs.

    I think the police is ridiculous and that it has turned into a whole slew of mess. No one knows what’s going on and it’s just layers of lies lying underneath each other. Both parties are obviously at fault but just who is right? One night stands may be the ‘norm’ now, but if this is the ‘norm’ in Korea, then do we consider PSH a jerk or commend him for following the pack? Because all of us come from different cultures and expectations, the “standard” isn’t so clear anymore.

    Before writing a comment, maybe you should clarify why you think he’s an a$$ or why he isn’t. If you have slept around and never found it a problem, why be a hypocrite and judge PSH? Obviously none of us will ever know cause we are wearing internet masks. Gentleman or not, that’s something that’s PSH’s business not ours.

    Unfortunately I’m pro PSH, but before you neutral commenters throw curses at us please understand that some of us aren’t here to hate. We don’t disagree on purpose (at least some of us).

    • I completely agree with your comment. I think it IS immature to say all PSH fans are blindly worshipping him and isn’t able to see the truth. But I think a majority of PSH fans are throwing out comments like “why would he rape if he can get any girl”, “I’d be thankful if I was her”, “I want to be raped by PSH”, etc. That generally gets most to believe every PSH fan’s mentality is of that nature.

      As for the consensual sex, I personally believe anyone can have sex with anyone – irrelevant of age or gender – as long as both agree to it. Different people have different opinions, based on culture, and where they grew up. Neither belief is right or wrong, just different.

      I have to admit that your comment is one of the most mature ones of PSH’s fans. Because most of them – as I did mention – have such low regards for women and rape victims in general. But I stick to my word that if one doesn’t agree to a writer’s opinion in her blog, there’s no need to be disrespectful or question a person’s right to their opinion. They have theirs, you yours and I have mine. But we can still have a good discussion.

    • The problem is with such “fans” who tell the blogger to stop writing “bad things” about Psh. As in ” if you don’t write good things, then do not write anything at all”.
      To which I say “if you don’t like it, don’t read it.”

      Otherwise, good and thoughtful post, mochi. 🙂

  29. @bia
    I’d better explain in more detail about my meaning of their mistakes. This young lady mistake was that she didn’t think someone as famous as him & someone else who she considered as a good friend can do the immoral acts, so i guess what she expected to hear them to admited their actions were not appropriate & they apologize sincerely when they spoke to each other on the phone the next day. I’m sure as woman this is what triggered her to complained to the authorities b’cos she felt insulted & hope that public also know who they really are. And the mistake of the two men is b’cos they don’t think this young lady seemed to be willing to go that far to keep her self esteem. So, this is my meaning of the mistakes from them & i hope my explanation will ease your laughter which confused me b’cos talked about who’s guilty which i hope the truth comes out, i give it to the trial judge to decide. My opinion is cleared that guilty or not he’s not worthed to be admired anymore.

    • @bia – well said. There are other decent celebrities and morally decent men out there in this world that deserve our admiration because they are truly role models. There is enough social prejudice and gender disparity that women need to build self respect by not settling for a scumbag husband/boyfriend/idol/actor . Unless of course that he repents from his mistake. I’ve seen too many times when a girl friend dates a scumbag because she thinks she couldn’t do better / doesn’t deserve better. Then somehow she got dragged by his low life and my friend ends up paying for his mistake. i think if he chooses to repent and turns his life around, then I believe he deserves second chances. In this rape case, PSH and K don’t seem to regret their wrong doing and repentance seems far from their plan.

  30. I admit PSH is a great actor, I just discovered him in CDDA. But what he did really turned me off….having sex with someone that is not fully conscious on the first date is pretty desperate. His so-called fans backing him up even before the case is determined are scary….that’s what I call blind loyalty.

  31. This is Koala’s blog and she can comment on whatever she wants and has every right to her point of view. The reason most of us are here is because we love her recaps and insight into the the characters we watch in dramas. The only difference is sadly, this is a real life drama. If you do not like her point of view then go somewhere else….

  32. Good on you, Ms Koala, for all your updates about this case.

    Totally agree with you – if he was a decent person he wouldn’t have taken advantage of a young girl who’s clearly not in her right mind (so drunk and out of it she had to be carried to his place, for God’s sake). Given that he is rich and famous, why resort to such morally disgusting behavior? Why not wait until the girl is fully conscious so there is proper consent between both parties?

    • Famous public figure or not, any adult in his right mind is responsible for his actions. He CHOSE to bed an unconscious girl and now he must face the consequences of his actions.

  33. Maybe he didn’t rape the girl. But how could a 35 year old man having sex with a girl for the first meeting. Whatever the reason he had to do something stupid. He can’t keep his personal life, as well as a famous actor and an ordinary man.

  34. Does the adage, bad publicity is still publicity applies here? This incident created so much buzz, that’s why his popularity has not waned. But for sexual assault to be tagged to his name in online search engines is really damning. better to be talked about? than when it comes a time when no one ever mention his name anymore, or they just talk about him in whispers and hushed tones remembering this incident.

  35. @3G you are the most sicken personal i hv ever met in any blog, yr diehard fans attitude blindfoldly take side of yr idol no matter what mistakes has he done makes me so sick of you everytime saw yr post on someone blog directing anyone must take side of yr idol room, pls just leave this blog nobody is even like u here

  36. Well, I’ve been pretty quiet all the way while reading this matter and the thing is that I harbor pretty different feelings about it.

    The main reason: I’m French. Well here most of teenagers start having sex at 15/16. In high school nearly 60% or 70% go to clubs, bars and have “casual sex”. I could not even tell you all the sex stories I’ve heard from my friends, and some of the chicks of 21 were like super pro in the matter.

    Talking about the matter: first, the rape issue: the only two people who know the truth are PSH & A, nobody else. K, B parents, friends, fans, whoever it is, no one know the thruth. Only PSH & K know.

    Of course, the declaration & the attitude of this 2 people can tell so much, but it’s more a subjective analyse.

    I could tell you that if I was raped I would never ever go “kekeke” on msn after the event. I would never stay in the flat to sleep, I would not ever talk to K who was next door all the time of the suppose rape, I would just tell him: “Screw You”, would I go like kekeke with the guy who presented me to the culprit of the rape and stay in the place all the while and molested me, absolutely not and seriously the kekeke thing is… well.

    As a french girl, I’m not the least shocked about one night stands between a guy 14 younger than the girl. I knew a girl who was 17 and only slept with guys at least 10 years older because she though they treated her better. I never told her somethnig about it becoz I never judge people by their sexuality.

    So of course, even if I’m not a PSH fan, I find nothing wrong with what it claims happened. People meeting for the first time in clubs and bars and having one night stand even being drunk is like so usual here that it doesn’t shocked be. Of course, I can understand that if you’re were borned and raised in countries were the mentalities and the sexual intercourses and some how more serious, you can be shocked, but this is also very subjective. In some countries, girls of 12 are married by their parents to guys of 50…

    Somehow, this rape case seems like it was not a rough rape but more like a “I was so damn drunk yesterday, can’t remember clearly what happened”, then you start to remember and feels like you didn’t give your consent to have sex so it’s a rape.
    Well it could also be that you don’t really remember and the night it happened you were okay with having sex but the day after you feel like it was a mistake that you are not okay with it so it isn’t a rape, but you fell like it was even if you give your consent at that time, but it’s not a rape, only regret.
    Somehow it could also be a trap to destroy some carreer, dignity and grabbing some money if you can. As i said, I hope that the truth comes by the protagonists.

    • Problem here is that PSH and A are Koreans and they are not French. Two different cultures and like others have stated, in Korea, people put age as a very big deal. It isn’t like in Western or in any other Asian countries.

  37. Definitely, some parts of the world are still not very liberated in their views on this kind of lewd behavior. But no matter where something like this, whether in this part of the world or there..it’s not really only a matter of moral values, culture or principles…but rather just SIMPLE common sense…
    If the subject of one’s lust (whether it be the male or the female)- if that person is drunk – ARE YOU 100% SURE that her participation or having sex with you is really his/her voluntary, accurate approval or agreement? can you be 100% sure. Specially with someone you barely know – how much she handles her alcohol intake – because YOU JUST MET HER. …you don’t know how she is when she’s drunk, you don’t know how liquor affects her inhibitions or behavior…you just simply don’t know! BECAUSE SHE IS A STRANGER TO YOU. There’s always that possibility that she’s not acting as her real self…because of the influence of alcohol.
    If only those thoughts or apprehensions slightly triggered PSH’s common sense, he wouldn’t be in this pool of mess he has thrown himself in.

  38. Ockoala is merely pointing out the age gap here as a fact and she is not imposing her value/moral judgment on this issue just by stating a fact.

    The more I think about it, I’ve realized that the Korean language and behavior is tied to their age related hierarchy. If you’ve watched enough Kdramas, you would realize this. Whether I like it or not, the Koreans will definitely judge P based on this age difference. 14 years is more than a zodiac cycle of 12 years. By Korean/Asian standards, this is half a generation. By that, PSH has to set an example for his hoobaes to emulate.

    As for the 2 months worth of investigation for a one night stand, I can’t even imagine the tons of dirty laundries the police will have to uncover. 2 MONTHS?!! Chincha? For pete’s sakes, dude has already lost 10 kg in a month, do you really want him to lose another 20 kg? And poor A, another 2 months of torment.

    • On the contrary, I think those eye bags can’t be faked. Otherwise, he’s got a top-notched make-up artist to make him look like death. This look is befitting of someone who is guilty of some wrongdoing. As much as I am appalled by his lurid behavior, I do kinda feel sorry for him and A. Hmmm….mostly A though.

  39. It’s just a personal view by Koala. Don’t like why u guys gotta fight so hard on whether Koala is right or wrong over someone that u only know on the big screen.

  40. Koala what I love about your blog is your views and opinions so please don’t ever change my dear. You have many readers here who support you. Koala fighting!!!

  41. PSH is not a sleazebag because he slept with a girl few hours after meeting her, nor because she was 16 years younger than him, nor because she was drunk and puking her guts out in his apartment right before sex, but simply because all these three situations simultaneously. Extreme situations like these really prove women if a guy is decent or a jerk. Lesson learned!

  42. This situation is just so sad. Everyone involved will have to live with the consequences of their actions that night. No one will remain unscathed. One bad choice in judgement (from all parties involved) and you are affected for the rest of your life. It’s just very sad.

  43. Hi Koala, I just read that PSH failed all of the questions in the lie detector test. Have you seen any news about it? I just want to know if it was true or not.

  44. @Koala,why no news of Park Shi Hoo’s rape case now that he n “K” have charged in court? PLease let the fans know what’s going on ? Keep us informed

  45. alcohol was banned in Islam as detrimental to his people. also cause people addicted to alcohol. if they do not drink alcohol this case will not be happen. I have tremendous respect for your religion but, do not do things that will harm yourself up to this kind of things happen. I hope this case finishes quickly, I am very sympathetic to the PSH. thanks for the news.

    *don’t get mad of me ^________^

    • You absolutely right. I have the same idea with you. That’s why the moeslem banned to drink an alcohol because they dont have any benefit. Alcohol will ruined your life like PSH case. So many people ruined his life because alcohol.

      Sorry if some of you is not agree with what I am saying. Dont made of me ^_^ it just an opinion

  46. For Karisa, I agree with you. You’re so wise. I am also PSH fans. I also dissapointed with this case. But PSH is just an ordinary people like us. I hope this case will find good solution for PSH and A also. I wish the public will not judge PSH too hard. we must judge this case from all sides and wiser. The best way for PSH to face this case is praying and ask some help to God. Be careful in the future. Make this case a valuable lesson. Pray the best for PSH and A.

  47. i don’t believe with anything wrote about him.. in the first place if the girl went to a bar – it is expected that she may get drunk – or maybe it is her way to lure him to destroy his image as he is famous than that aspiring one? i guess so! i hope people in Korea will not judge him..anyway i just read the news that the girl withdraw her accusation to PSH. PSH please return to Korea and make new series pls!! we love you here in Philippines ….

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