Go Sung Hee Joins Park Shi Hoo in Sageuk Drama Wind, Cloud, and Rain

Breathing a sigh of relief here and none of my fave actresses are cast in this one. Go Sung Hee will be the lucky (or unlucky) leading lady to join Park Shi Hoo in his upcoming TV Chosun sageuk Wind, Cloud, and Rain. Knowing TV Chosun carving out a nice niche in sageuk dramas courtesy of Jin Se Yeon (who knew?!) this may be a hit and thus continue to solidify Park Shi Hoo having a place in K-drama land. Go Sung Hee was awful in her one sageuk appearance in Record of a Night Watchman but then that drama was terrible on its own anyway. She’s since improved in the few instances I watched of her, namely a solid supporting turn in While You Were Sleeping and she’s got other leading lady roles under her belt such as in last year’s Suits. Wind, Cloud, and Rain is scheduled to air in the middle of 2020. Continue reading

Popular Dramas and High Profile Stars Like Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Jin Lead 2018 APAN Star Award Nominations

Following behind the nominations for the Korean Drama Awards come the nominations for the 2018 APAN Star Awards which is on its 6th year now. It’s skewed towards the popular more than elite selection metrics but as always an interesting … Continue reading