Thrilling First Teaser for Fugitive of Joseon with Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo

Woah momma what do we have here? While the more high profile upcoming sageuks Gu Family Book for MBC and Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love for SBS have been getting the majority of the press and attention (also because they are airing head-to-head), over at KBS the cast and crew have been quietly filming The Fugitive of Joseon (the official English title for Heaven’s Order or Mandate of Heaven pronounced Chunmyung). It’s called a sageuk thriller and is basically a Joseon version of The Chaser involving a royal physician on the run from being framed for a poison plot, all while trying to save his daughter suffering from a terminal illness. Talk about wearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. The drama doesn’t premiere until April 24th (following IRIS 2) on Wed-Thurs, but it just released a truly kick-ass first teaser that about blew GFB and JOJ out of the water. It has shades of Chuno but grittier and less visually focused. Starring Lee Dong Wook, Song Ji Hyo, Song Jong Ho, Yoon Jin Yi, Kang Byul, and Im Seulong, this drama might be the first time I could care less about the OTP and watch solely for the daddy-daughter cuteness and heartbreak between Lee Dong Wook and child actress Kim Yoo Bin. If you check out the plethora of daddy-daughter stills below, this drama might cute me to death first before I even get to the excitement of watching seksi Lee Dong Wook run all over Joseon Korea. This baby just ramped up my to-watch list and for good reason. Check out the exciting teaser below.

First teaser for The Fugitive of Joseon:


Thrilling First Teaser for Fugitive of Joseon with Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo — 17 Comments

  1. AHHH, why so cuteeee? I’m looking forward to this even if it’s a little outside my normal rom-com kdrama. I can’t wait for this and GFB.

  2. Yeahh, this is the only sageuk I am looking forward to at the moment because I adore the cast. The trailer reminds me of TPM which is a personal favourite (disregarding the controversial male lead) of mine, so I hope it’s just as gripping. Coincidentally Kim Yubin was the cutest thing in TPM so I look forward to her ramping up the cute with daddy LDW. I’m fine with no clear lovelines too.

    • I have to agree. The trailer is very TPM-ish – from execution to color-grading. Probably the ones who were behind TPM’s trailer are the same bunch who made this. Anyhow, this takes the cake for the most anticipated sageuk this time of the year.

  3. The one of her kissing her daddy?
    She is so cute that even if I am LDW and not married, I would want to get married stat and get a daughter like her. Something tells me she is going to be spoilt to death on the set.

    She is so cute. Cute. CUTE!!!

    First time I’ve raved on more for the kids rather than Wookie.

  4. SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE. In fact,I wasn’t even half as excited for GFB as I was for this one,let alone JOJ. I guess the overloading drama stills and not so stellar posters was a bit of an overkill for me,although I’ll probably tune in that drama just to check Seunggi and Sung Joon out.(CAUSE I’M SHALLOW LIKE THAT) But this one is another story totally. I’m genuinely invested in the trailer and really want to see through what the drama truly has to offer,plus the Lee Dong Wook-Song Ji Hyo pairing was like seeing a dream come true after watching them on Running Man. Although at this point of time we’re still not given much to deduce their onscreen chemistry yet but it’s alright,I totally dig the father-daughter dynamic he has with Kim Yoo Bin! Will this be the drama to drag me out on my current state of unexcitement over the current batch of dramas? I HOPE SO!

  5. I didn’t find the trailer as great as some (idk, slow mo running doesn’t do much for me?), but the daddy/daughter moments are too cute. Looking forward to them and the drama.

  6. Thank you for your regular postings which I thoroughly enjoy.

    I’m looking forward to this new series 🙂

    As an aside, every time I click on your site, a blocker comes on saying “This is an attack site”. Just wondering if you know about this.

    • If you compare the level of intensity offered by the super short cut of the cute daughter to that of SJH, you already know who’s the more talented actress. And she’s just, what, 7?

  7. I’ve been a fan of Lee Dong Wook since his My Girl days, and now I’m a fan of Song Ji Hyo in Running Man, although I’ve never watched her in a drama. A lot of ppl criticize her acting, so I’m curious to see it for myself. In RM she is kick-a$$ (always very smart, quick, funny, and most of all she holds her own in an otherwise all-male cast) which is why I love her.
    The father-daughter relationship will be heart warming and heart-wrenching at times for sure.
    Definitely looking fwd to this one!

  8. If I have to endure a sageuk for Lee Dong Wook, I’m glad it looks as promising as this one. The little girl is just the cutest! She’s the same cutie pie who played PSH’s niece in TPM, right? So adorable!!!

    And from the character descriptions I read earlier, I have a strong feeling I’ll be shipping LDW’s character with Yoon Yin Yi.

    Lastly, “The Fugitive of Joseon”, seriously?! Mandate of Heaven is so much better! Guess they really felt the need to highlight this isn’t your avarage sageuk – it’s a THRILLER one, guys, without a doubt! He may be a boring royal doctor from the Joseon era, but he’s also a kick-ass fugitive, y’all! 😀

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