Vic Zhou and Janine Chang Go for Moody Sexiness in New Magazine Pictorial

Janine Chang and Vic Zhou are one of those onscreen couples that really work for me despite not having a definitive OTP project between them. Janine has done two dramas with Zai Zai, Black & White and Returning Home, but she’s probably most memorable for hitting up the F4 boys with her pairing with Jerry Yan in The Hospital. Janine and Zai Zai were all over the airwaves last month promoting Returning Home, and with it came a splashy high profile spread in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. I’ve said repeatedly that Zai Zai is becoming a Tony Leung doppleganger and nowhere is that more evident than in print. Onscreen, I would say their acting styles are different enough that the resemblance isn’t as pronounced. But on paper Zai Zai can pass for a younger Tony easily, which makes me wish he would do more wuxia projects. Tony did a slew of wuxia dramas and movies in his twenties and thirties that are some of my faves of all time. If I were to pick a Louis Cha hero for Zai Zai, it would probably be Zhang Wu Ji of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre. Hopefully Zai Zai liked the experience filming his upcoming wuxia movie Saving General Yang enough that he’ll give it another go. As for Janine, she looks luminous here but I don’t quite have a hankering for her to do wuxia. I like her taking on a more diverse range of projects and character styles, and hopefully she’ll have another chance to work with Zai Zai. In B&W, as much as I loved Zai Zai with his sorta-OTP Ivy Chen, there was tons of simmering chemistry between him and Janine as well. I would have been fine with all four leads in that drama swapping partners. The Taiwan entertainment industry is relatively small or everyone ends up working with everyone else. Lucky for me, that means more chances for great pairings to give it another go. Seeing these gorgeous moody pictures makes me want to brave the pain and watch Returning Home.


Vic Zhou and Janine Chang Go for Moody Sexiness in New Magazine Pictorial — 8 Comments

  1. Yes on paper he’s channeling Tony and portraying with his eyes. But omo his eyes are popping out! Those try-hard-to-electrocute eyes look kinda funny to me.

  2. Did this girl star in sunny happiness with mike!!! I’m not really good with names but I’m pretty sure of that ! And if she was ! DAMN ! that girl’sgot some luck with men !

  3. Actually…i bought and watchef the dvd version of Returning Home… i was quite excited at first but dissappointed at the end…maybe because what i bought was the dvd version???? The editing and subbing were so bad… it was unbearable to watch… fast forwarded so much.
    Such a shame as the story line and the casts were great!!!

  4. I didn’t like any of the photo. I think I know what they are going toward for but it’s just not working. 🙁

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