Official Drama Posters for Scholar Who Walks the Night Dazzles with Dramatic Flair

Feel free to have your own opinions regarding upcoming vampire sageuk Scholar Who Walks the Night as its certainly been one of the most eventful K-drama productions this year. I find the not too serious and a tad over-the-top style charmingly cheesy rather than annoyingly florid. It’s got just enough dramatic flair in all the teaser materials befitting the whole vampire theme without (yet) toppling over into complete ridiculousness. On the heels of the official character stills and the second video teaser, the production released the drama posters to the public with a flourish.

The four drama posters run the gamut from been there done that, the one with the entire cast arrayed around a room in character, to been there but woah am I loving it when it comes to the captivating OTP poster. The way Lee Jun Ki stares at Lee Yoo Bi in the poster above is something he does marvelously with all his leading ladies, but it’s the way Lee Yoo Bi stares back at me that really sells her casting. She doesn’t look the least bit too young for him or unable to match his intensity, she actually soaks up his energy and gives it right back. I wish the background wasn’t the dull blue-grey night atmosphere but that’s basically a given what with the vampires who walk the night theme.


Official Drama Posters for Scholar Who Walks the Night Dazzles with Dramatic Flair — 31 Comments

      • Since he is a vampire…he is way older than 30. But irl they are 8 years apart.

      • What the fuck are you talking about? She looks like a normal adult girl. xD

      • If you watched the teaser especially the second teaser of SWWTN, you will say that they have a chemistry. If Lee yoobi has a good chemistry with Lee pil mo in the drama Pinocchio which look more older than Lee joongi,then Leeyoobi- Leejunki have more better chemistry. Age doesn’t matter in chemistry of couple.

      • LOL, 13 year olds don’t look like that! She’s already 25 (26 Korean age), soon she’ll be in her late 20s. She was paired with Lee Pil Mo in Pinocchio, and he’s almost 40. What do you think about that? By your standards, maybe she should only act in middle school or high school roles, but weren’t we complaining that some actors/actresses around her age were already too old for such roles (Heirs)?

  1. Ah, the feels! I can now put my worries about LYB and LJK looking like siblings to rest because damn, there’s undeniable chemistry right there. <3

  2. Love the couple poster. I am anticipating LYB’s first lead role. I feel as if I’ve been waiting forever for her first lead role since I saw her in Nice Guy. She always accepts good roles and spends a lot of focus and time on the projects she has committed herself to (i.e. when she turned down the role for the School series to focus on Nice Guy). I hope she knocks this role out of the park and makes all the haters eat their words.

    • She is suppose to be way younger. Joseon girls were either engaged or married as early as age 12. She is clearly a young lady according to that era and in real life Yubi is 24 yrs old.

      The couple shot is lifted/inspired from the manwha with her touching his face but from a different angle. The only thing missing is the moon from background which made the manwha more romantic imo.

  3. They are both so freaking pretty and fit the characters perfectly. I’m excited to watch this! I hope it’s good.

  4. I want to see chemistry between vampire and innocent _smart lady.., not the battle of power between vampire and human..

  5. Attention: No updates here about Kim Hyun Joong vs Choi case at all! Other sites esp Allkpop are full of updates and reading from the many comments, the tide has turned in favour for Kim Hyun Joong.

  6. Love the posters, especially the one with the moon and fireflies, so whimsical and fairytale-like. The last poster reminds of the funny BTS picture posted by LJK, with the V signs from Changmin and Jang HeeJin and LYB using her mobile phone! LOL.

  7. What’s with all these age-concerned comments!? LYB is in her mid-20s… It’s not her fault Koreans look younger than they’re. I mean LJK doesn’t look like a guy in his 30s either.

    As long as they have chemistry – and judging from above poster they do – I’m okay with the age difference. Shouldn’t be a big deal anyways because they’re both adults. ADULTS!!

    Get a life people! It’s just a drama! And btw nobody complained about the KYJ (15) and Baro (22) pairing in Angry Mom…

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