Oh My God with So Ji Sub and Shin Mina May Get the KBS December Mon-Tues Slot

There’s a teeny update on upcoming KBS drama Oh My God, a title for me that now conjures up connections to the recently finished Oh My Ghost on tvN, what with the exclamation and the exact same initials. Oh My Ghost was a solid hit for tvN so there are worse dramas for Oh My God to be coincidentally associated with. KBS has long gotten A-list actors So Ji Sub and Shin Mina onboard Oh My God despite the project not having a set slot on the network drama schedule.

There was conflicting news today – first came confirmation that Oh My God was going to air on Mon-Tues on KBS starting in December after the cheerleading school drama starring Kim Yoo Jung, followed by the network backpedaling and saying it was only considering On My God for the Mon-Tues slot. Initially I had heard the drama was being eyed for Wed-Thurs, which right now is lined up out into December, with Innkeeper 2015 airing after the political drama Assembly. I think Wed-Thurs feels like a better bet since Mon-Tues in December will see long dramas on SBS with Six Flying Dragons as well as MBC with Glamorous Temptation.

I still think it so random to cast So Ji Sub and Shin Mina as a couple who meets and falls in love while losing weight together. Like, what? They don’t even look plausibly realistic as fat adults even in a fat suit, both have such lean lithe figures. With that said, they are so charming to watch onscreen in the right roles, and their Giordano CF couplings prove without a doubt that chemistry is potent between them. I guess watching them lose weight does create tons of interesting scenarios to fall in love. I hope KBS locks down the time slot for certain soon, it would be such a disappointment if one or either were to bail in this drama for whatever reason.


Oh My God with So Ji Sub and Shin Mina May Get the KBS December Mon-Tues Slot — 8 Comments

  1. Shin Min Na, 2 of her drama put on hold this year, must be because of her dating, makes someone not happy, and slapped her again.

    • sigh… There’s a rumor it happened when she dated TOP of Bigbang so they broke up. But I guess now she’s older and her career is much more stabil so I hope whoever her big daddy is can support her

    • DOTS will most likely air after this one. Since Oh My God only has 16 ep I’m expecting DOTS at the end of February. Unless one of these 2 decides to bail and then DOTS gets the December premiere. I don’t mind waiting if the drama ends up being mind-blowing tbh.

  2. These two could read the phone book and make it interesting, so I’m not too worried about the thin, wonky plot; I trust them to make it work, whatever.

  3. Why would this air in December though? The drama before this one should end in the middle of November, unless it has over 25 eps which I highly doubt since it’s just a high school drama. Or are they planning on showing drama specials until December? Shouldn’t they do that for the holidays in December? Drama schedules confuse me.

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