KBS Finalizes So Ji Sub-Shin Mina Drama with Name Change to Oh My Venus and Casting of Supporting Leads

There’s been major movement this week on upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Oh My God, starting with a name change to Oh My Venus. It’s not a good drama title still, but slightly better than Oh My God which can range from a disaster drama all the way to slapstick comedy with no real clue that it’s supposed to convey. Venus is the Roman name for goddess of beauty so that hints this drama will involve a beautiful woman, or at least the pursuit of one.

Starring Shin Mina and So Ji Sub, the drama has now filled out the entire supporting cast starting with second leads Yoo In Young and Jung Kyu Woon, followed by Sung Hoon, Henry, and Jo Eun Ji. No one stands out at wholly terrible in the supporting cast but also nothing to sweeten the pot for me, in the end I’m going to watch to see how the long awaited pairing of So Ji Sub and Shin Mina pans out. KBS might be relieved that recently premiered drama Sassy Go Go is a 12-episoder (I thought it was a standard 16 actually) since the ratings are so low, which keeps the pressure on Oh My Venus to jump start that time slot for the network starting mid-November. Continue reading