Park Bo Gum Alternates Between Classic Dressy and Teen Dancer in New CFs

Watching a breakout happen when it’s someone I’ve followed since way back when feels extra sweet, like a diamond in the rough finally getting the final coat of polish and set out for everyone else to admire. Park Bo Gum has been on my radar since weekend drama Wonderful Days, playing the younger version of Lee Seo Jin in a strange visual casting since both are handsome in very different ways. Park Bo Gum is the epitome of the current flower boy trend, very slender with angular good looks, but his acting helps temper the too pretty visual and makes him able to take on any type of character.

I’ve recently started Answer Me 1988 and three episodes in he’s totally my boo, I want to just pet him on the head all the time and watch him be all awkward and adorable. He’s been hot this past year thanks to Tomorrow’s Cantabile and hosting Music Bank, but AM1988 sent his star into a new level, maybe even skipping a few levels. He’s also landing one CF after another and my faves are his classic dressy pictorial for T.I. For Men and his K-Swiss commercial that plays on his AM1988 character being a savant in baduk.


Park Bo Gum for K-Swiss:


Park Bo Gum Alternates Between Classic Dressy and Teen Dancer in New CFs — 26 Comments

  1. I discovered him in Remember with Seo In Guk. He was so awesome there too. He managed to make his serial killer role sympathetic. He managed to be creepy and heartbreaking at the same time. Then came RM1988 where we just wanna put him in our pockets. It shows he has the acting chops to deliver any role.

      • Mmmm…

        You should really check him out in I Remember You. He nailed the cute, heartbroken, psychopathic killer to a T. It was there I fell in love with him. I’m not a fan of the Reply series so I skipped his performance there…. but IRY made me a huge fan of his. Can’t wait to see his future productions!

  2. Everyone in the ’88 cast was great, but PBG was the definitive standout for me. The sheer range and depth found in his role, and the nuances in his acting was an emotional and aesthetic delight to watch on fold. Choi Taek is a pretty difficult role to take on, but PBG commanded the scenes whenever he shows up. RJY was excellent too (especially when you consider that he’s a newbie), but imho tsundere and quiet angst is not that difficult take on, acting wise.

    Koala wait until you hit episode 6 and his character starts evolving into one of the most complex cases of characterization in kdrama history. Dude seems like a living breathing person by the end… So real you can imagine him out for coffee with his wife (lol no name = no spoiler I guess?) down the street.

    • Wow! We’re poles apart! I consider it to be the best of the series, outstanding for its realistic and beautiful depiction of relationships in the context of family and community.

  3. He was my favorite in AM1988! I first noticed him in Cantabile but he blew me away with his performances in I Remember You and AM1988.
    PBG is going to go far; he’s adorable and has so much talent!

  4. He was supposed to be a bad guy in I Remember You, no matter the circumstances that made him so; but whenever he smiled in that drama, I was a gonna! I am currently watching Answer me and it’s solely because of him, though I love the series.

  5. I hope after you marathon the series you could wrote a post on your thoughts. Love to hear your insight. Personally I loved this series. It’s incomparable to 1997 or 1994 because of the length and focus on a whole neighborhood of families. But the same, heart, humour and nostalgia is stl there. If you categorize it as chocolate, this one would be dark chocolate, bittersweet. While 1997 is milk chocolate for not only being the original classic but also lighter and sweet. 1994 I didn’t watch the whole way, but maybe it’s the one with nuts in it. A little bit inconsistent but still delivers. 🙂

    Enjoy the marathon!

  6. He first caught my eyes in Gaksital, in which he played a small role as a young man joining the Gaksital forces to fight against the Japs.

    Totally love him in I remember you.

  7. Funny. AM88 is my favourite of all the Replys. But that’s me. I love the family theme and every single character in the series. Of course the love triangle have their moments too – especially with both awesome male leads.

  8. Yes right bogum captured my heart since in wonderful days as young lee seo jin, in wonderful mama as playful brother, gaksital. But his breakthrough i think in i remember you n reply 88. Also i think he is good mc too. Since he is mubank mc. Also a good singer n dancer. Since i heard he learn ballet at his university.also can play piano. What a multitalented boy. Hope he will shine more this year.

  9. Eeeeeee!!! He is such a cutie pie. I first noticed him in IRY and loved him in AM88. I love that series by far among the installment and I fell in love with Choi Taek because of that.

  10. Yes, he is adorable. I’m absolutely his fan after IRY, and i watch AM1988 because of him. I love his character too. Taek is love. I just cann’t wait for next project.

  11. I first saw PBG in IRY and I was a goner for him and I started watching AM1988 just because of him. Team Taek from the beginning. I hope we get to see him often in future projects. He’s adorable and talented.

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