You From Another Star and Producer Screenwriter Courting Lee Min Ho for Upcoming Rom-com Drama

I was hoping the same for Lee Seung Gi, who is enlisting in T-minus 10 days, but it looks like Lee Min Ho will be the 87er who will do a major K-drama swan song before he enlists later this year. Lee Min Ho is being courted for screenwriter Park Ji Eun‘s next drama, which continues her highly anticipated reputation after delivering the mega-hit You From the Stars followed by the less successful but still buzzy Producer. I’m still surprised she turned out to be such an influential screenwriter now, but then again she was unexpectedly awesome in her first penned drama Queen of Housewives.

The new drama doesn’t have a name yet but has a genre – it’ll be a rom-com, folks! That’s going to make folks clamoring for more rom-coms happy, but Lee Min Ho really isn’t the king of rom-coms any way one looks at it. Heirs isn’t a rom-com (lol not by a long shot), Boys Before Flowers is a school yard Candy fantasy, and only Personal Taste was supposed to be a rom-com and was a painfully dull one at that. I know more fans who like Lee Min Ho thanks to action City Hunter or fantasy sageuk Faith. With that said, I’m game for a Park Ji Eun-Lee Min Ho collaboration, especially thrown on top is news that the drama is being directed by PD Jin Hyuk who did City Hunter, The Master’s Sun, and Dr. Stranger.

No word on when the drama will air or which channel it’ll air on, but PD Jin works exclusively with SBS these days, and Lee Min Ho’s last three dramas were on SBS, so it might land there. But Park Ji Eun’s written dramas for all three networks, and with this being so high profile right off the bat there might be scrambling behind the scenes to land it. It’s certainly rocketed up my radar on Lee Min Ho’s name alone. I just pray to the drama gods he doesn’t play the same tsundere/chaebol/arrogant type he’s always playing in modern dramas. Make him a loser or a beta-male, anything to change up his image and challenge his acting.


You From Another Star and Producer Screenwriter Courting Lee Min Ho for Upcoming Rom-com Drama — 75 Comments

  1. Inasmuch as I’m anticipating this drama.. I doubt that he’ll want a challenge as his last drama before enlisting. In any case, count me excited.

  2. I am not LMH fan at all. Don’t find him attractive the way so many women do. However, I can watch him and this looks like a good set up.
    BUT…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not have him in high school!!!!! I’m so over that with these guys who played high school guys then played several dramas where they are mid-late 20 career guys…then back to high school. I CANNOT wrap my mind around it when they do that. I just pretend it’s college, not high school. LOL!!

  3. I wish Yoona can be his leading lady , i always wanted to see them together in a drama since they have such a good chemistry in their Innisfree Cfs.

    Also Yoona is at her best doing rom-coms , and they are both huge stars in China so this could make a lot of money for the producers.

  4. It has to have more elements than a traditional rom-com otherwise it’s going to be deathly dull. I love Lee Min Ho in action dramas. He has the looks and physique for it as well as the charisma. Of all the dramas he has done, I found Personal Taste to be the most deathly dull of them all.

    I hated Heirs with a passion, but even Heirs was more interesting, story-wise and acting-wise than Personal Taste. In my humble opinion, LMH would be wasted in a rom-com. Unless it has elements of Fantasy (like Secret Garden, or My Love From the Stars) or espionage (like King2Hearts) or something else to offer than traditional boy meets girl falls in love and overcomes the Chaebol type prejudice nonsense etc etc

  5. LMH has always been strong in the comedy side of dramas and thats what have made him this famous to begin with. his checky smile and teasing co-stars is his strongest side of all things.

    BOF’s has insane alot of comedy encounters Tom/jerry and had alot of comedy and was in a sense rom-com to a degree. Mackerel run has been a rom-com and really fun. even in Heirs and City hunter LMH’s strongest side were his funny side teasing, laughs etc etc. so in that sense I beg to differ alot his strongest side of all is his comedy acting

  6. You need to do something productive with your life Koala and stop writting about Invididuals you personal hate? It’s easy just stop writing about them thats all how hard can it be. we as Minoz are not forcing you on LMH and we are not forcing him on anyone if you don’t like just switch channel no need to carry grudge against the guy and there is absolutely no reason for that.

    The article is dead wrong as well his best acting is comedy and funny moments. I agree with the up lauhging and teasing etc etc and the first imagine of memory his fans have of him is the playful Minho and thats his true personality a very playful individual and never ending smiles friendliness

    • Way to overreact. There wasn’t even a mention of his acting, just the fact that he’s not particularly known for comedies which looking at his drama/movie list is absolutely correct. And if someone isn’t particularly impressed by his acting, their entitled to their opinion and free to express it.

  7. All these who come to this blog know that LMH is your ”Satan” the guy you hate more then the devil and as you know by now all this happened in 13,14 and 15. don’t you get tried of repeating things. how about you write only about the things you actully care about in your life and stop wasting your time ”insulting him and his fans repeatedly? I don’t understand what happiness that will bring you

    • lmao! these minoz are really something, my level of dislike on whaeva LMH up several notches after reading above comments. Koala can write anything she wants because this is her blog. If you dont like dont force yourself to read it. geez.

  8. If LMH can’t do rom com, he can’t do anything. He was downright awful in melodramatic scenes in Heirs and Gangnam. He’s not that great in action either. City Hunter came out first but JCW in Healer beat LMH flat. With good writing, he might do better in a rom com. Looking back, BOF was his best work. Since he isn’t the type who can play a character which is different from himself, give him one who is a goofy dork.

    • LMAO.. it’s better that you say he should just retire and all actors/actresses should retire as well cuz nobody is selling better then him out there nowadays or entertaining viewers. lets just agree that they should all retire from there profession because thats where we are going with this logic

      • I didn’t say he cannot sell. His >50 million fans will never let me ignore that. I am aware he is sought for selling any drama including the crappy Heirs. He just can’t act but who cares? They just want to make lots of money and he is good at that. Yes, I also think he should retire – enjoy life, appear in CFs and make his fans happy with fan meetings.

      • LMAO. there is no criteria of what is good and bad except what the people find wanting and entertaining. as long as you can hit with them there is no reason doubting yourself or ability you have done your job as an artist there is no questions beyond. This is entertainment so you gotta entertain or get lost period. right now his on top of his game. peace and eat pasta

      • But there is a criteria of what’s good and what’s bad in term of acting? And I don’t think any of self-respecting actor would be okay to be labeled as very-popular-but-can’t-really-act actor. He’s an actor not a pet you have that serves its job as long as it acts cute.

      • @Bossu

        Its something you want to force but sadly unpopular opinion who your going to impress 3 people watching or your going to capture billions with you acting? as long as you can do that time and time again you can’t be labelled bad at your profession this is entertainment bussiness after all. the result is that your sigificant actor. The majority rules the minority thing about that for once. If you really fail to entertain the watching eye regardless of what roles you take then you have failed as an actor and thats why they won’t even offer you good roles. the criteria is simple and clear but an individual taste is the not the criteria but the masses

      • There is this saying in our language ”Wrestling is easy for a sitting grandma” meaning ironically a sitting granpma thinks it’s easy to out wrestle the best wrestler.. They should actully step inside the screen and see for themselves how the world looks from the inside the screen not the outside and what the expectations are.. Having several global hits means you can’t be called bad at your profession satisfying people on larger scale.

        There has to be a limit of what is reality. you can’t call a black guy white or white guy black cuz it’s out of reality and thats how much it’s out of reality calling LMH can’t act. come with productive criticism atleast so we can look at it

      • Eh but I’m not saying LMH is bad? In fact I have not watched a single drama he was in so I’ve got nothing to say about his acting. I meant actors in general but now that I reread my previous comment I could see how people can interpret it that way so pardon me for that. I was just a little disturbed that LMH’s fans are not encouraging him to improve and rather complaining in a site, that in a totally not vicious way, expect him to challenged himself.

        Anyway, no, an actor’s performance isn’t evaluated by how many people ended up loving him or his character. It was evaluated by how alive his character was, and I’m saying this in the most childish manner. Also, let’s be honest: if City Hunter has zilch romance and has serious true to life political babble resemble the news, even though LMH play the same very character and say the very same lines, will you guys even bother to check it in the first place? Will you guys love it to the same degree as you are now?

        Popular dramas is a combination of writing that include elements well-loved by its target audience, plot that is acceptable by its target audience, and an actor that is popular to its target audience. Even Faith tanked rating-wise.

      • Also want to add. I bet yes there are actors who prefer to be popular than to be say, critically acclaimed one. And that’s what I call an actor with no self-respect. And his fans who’s proudly saying it obviously has no respect to him as an actor either. Nooo I’m not saying LMH has no self-respect because obviously I don’t know him at all.

      • @Bossu

        If you haven’t watched any of his drama and works then why are you wasting your time and our time. not only that but you have the audacity to come online and write something you have no knowlegde off.

        There are no such things as no serious dramas or movies whenever the camera rolls everything is serious and there is audience. there is different genre and they are all serious genre and depend seriousness since there is watching eyes. Romance, Action, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Fantasy sci-fi etc etc all these genre are serious and example if someone is good in Crime genre then he deserves to be called good and if someone is good in romance he deserves that title. whatever good that comes out these genres is considered good.

        ”Anyway, no, an actor’s performance isn’t evaluated by how many people ended up loving him or his character. It was evaluated by how alive his character was”

        Now this part is really messed imo? if not the people then who is going to evaluated? this thing was never for few individuals but for the people. Majorty rules minority. if not then there would have been serious chaos everywhere in the world. tastes are comepletely different and we differ much even in food taste. humans are unique different. so just because you like something dosen’t mean everybody will join you in on that or you dislike something dosen’t mean we will join you on that either.

        The self-respect part is just reaching imo and out of line

    • @Fanish, PREACH! Give you applaud. LOL…This D and Bossu talked as if they were drama experts. hahaha…Dramas who do not sell are dead in showbiz. Ppl just don’t give sh*t theories how actors should act and how writers should write and how PDs should direct. Crap from ppl who know nothing much but talk as if they were theatrical buff with that kinda despicable one-man up arrogance. Fanish, you said it pretty well. We all have different tastes. We can dislike certain actors/actressess and dramas. That’s our own choice and personal preference. But don’t talk as if we have better sense than other drama views. That’s the basic etiquette in drama land.

  9. as much I dislike LMH’s acting, I prefer him to be in this drama rather than KSH. I’m really sick of KSH getting daesang all the time. That dude is too overrated.

  10. As a long time reader it’s no secret that the fault is not his fans but the blogger. This has been going on for how long 4 or 5 years now. obsessively hunting this guy. You guys should get a room or something there is definitely some sexual attraction

    • Seriously this. people really don’t realize that his been a huge victim and victimized to a degree you won’t believe not only that but the crazy crusade against him on this blog for how long running 5-years. lord have mercy on this guy

      • wtf are you talking about, she commented on how romcom may not be suitable genre for him based on previous dramas, which I wholly agreed btw. koala’d never said she hated him.
        Level of MINOZ delusion is mind-blowing.

    • I seriously do not feel like koala is targeting Min Ho, and I’ve been reading her blog for years!! What’s wrong with you that you have to interpret her benign article into something so malignant?

  11. Yay! I missed him in dramaland!
    Urgh to heirs, total waste of him and my time.
    He really should have skipped that, at some point I think he chose commercial friendliness over stretching himself in dramaland.

  12. whatever it is this guy entertain his viewers n sell his craft at the end of the day,that is what every entertainer want or need in his or her career.n every entertainer must be able to do these two things or he no entertainer.if u like him, watch his project if not move to another project without him simple as that, n give the guy a break jeez.
    every popular actor in korea r mostly overated n there is nothing bad about that.

  13. I think for the parting drama before enlistment. I am not sure he will risk a challenging role. Even if he may be keen to try, his agency may not advise it. If he failed the role, that will be leaving a disappointing project before enlistment. But if he does really well, he will be remembered very fondly.

  14. I really want him to versatile his acting by doing something different not typical character that he do..really like him in City hunter and BOF about heir sorry couldn’t pass 2nd epi, might be it is not my cup of tea..anyhow glad he is coming back but, as it seems this will be his last drama before MS so he might not take risk of doing something different.

  15. Wow so happy to hear this. i so want Koo hye sun to be leading lady. Love their chemistry in BOF. I know half of ppl will running after me with knife in their hands by hearing KHS name anyhow i would still say it because i have right to say my opinion. LMH and KHS as lead let it happen GOD!!!

    • It is up to the blogger who she writes about and I am glad she gives a different opinion about LMH other then his die-hard fans. LMH is popular enough on the internet, why don’t you read about the million other articles or blogger comments that drool over his looks all them time and forget his amateurish acting.

      • ”Why don’t you read about the million other articles or blogger comments that drool over his looks all them time and foret his amateurish acting”

        This is when hate goes wrong and your coming off like a kid here. An actor who has +53-million fans and most celebrated actor in modern history worldwide thru is acting projects? is apparently amateurish?? lets come with something grown people can digest if you want to be taken serious

      • LMH is yet to prove to me he reaches JIS, LBH calibre. He is scared to do an erotic scene in a movie because his fans won’t let him. Back to rom-com? Those genre are really for kids. He will never improve as an actor.

      • No genre is for kids and grown ass people watch TV. What Erotic scenes do you think this is pornography or what? Rom-Coms require actully acting skills to probably sale to the people watching and come off realistic. if you manage that job well done. ”He will never improve as an actor” he has already achived the impossible on the screen and made history. LMH has captured the world as his lovers but you are asking for him to go captured the galaxies and stars as his lovers and fans before you are convinced. Being inside the TV is not easy let alone capturing so many peoples imaginations and affections. To do that you have to be good at what you do

  16. LMH fans should take a cue from fans of Joo Won and Lee Jong Suk. Before ms ockoala began her love for LJS, you should have read the terrible things she wrote about him. She has not written anything about LMH that comes close to what she used to write about LJS and for JW, no love yet. If you think she doesn’t like LMH or can’t take criticisms, why read her blog?

    • By the way this article is from early 2013. other vicious articles was non-stop being produced and rising higher during heirs to another level unheard off. I honestly don’t know what this guy has done to koala

  17. I don’t know any actor well enough to comments. However the statistics quoted don’t seem to tally with facts. If it is claimed that LMH has 53 millions fans, why is his movie not a success ( I did not say flopped). If every of his supposed fans just watch the movie once, he should break all records in the theatre. Again, there was such a Hoo ha when the viewers of the video he made for the promotion of Korean tourists reached 2 million. Why are the other 51 million fans not watching their entertainer? I suppose if LMH fans insisted on quoting datas, there should be another poll not relying on outdated statistic.

    • The Movie was a blockbuster hit since it was rated and meet the expected numbers and the ticket sales only count in Korea while only 750k of his registred fans are korean the rest are International fans from allover the place.

      The video was never 2M but hit 37Mio on youtube in 6-7 weeks more then allmost 95% Kpop MVs on youtube except the big hits that reach that numbers. so you can see why it was impressive and his Roach ferrero hit 3Mio views in 2 days.

      Anyways nevertheless all of this is not that impressive compared to his Tv-shows numbers and appeal. Hit +1billion viewers on chinese portal streams 3 times with 3 different dramas. His tv-shows are wherever to even rural areas of the world like Boliva you would find LMH posters. His mainstream and wherever nowadays. His enjoying life tbh right now but everything has its time hopefully he will enjoy this time because after the enlistment it might be the end of LMH era

      • Fact: According to KOFIC (go search if you don’t know what KOFIC is), the 2015 highest-grossing domestic film in South Korea ins VETERAN (also the 3rd most-watched film of all time), starring Yoo Ah In, Hwang Jung Min, Yoo Hae Jin, Oh Dal Su. Gangnam Blues is nowhere near the Top 50. It was a big hit in China as well. Gangnam Blues was a flop in China.

        Who cares about Youtube/online video counts?

  18. seriosly i dont know what this guy did to always receive hate from koala this is too much he is also a human being like you he is an actor who is trying his best to entertain the viewers if you dont like then stop writing about him

  19. Haha, if you think I am a hater it is because of you naive fans. You are quoting 53 millions of fans but the supposed statistics given by you guys also just don’t match. Yes, if his shows are distributed all over the world, of course he will be known all over the world especially to places where there are no other entertainments except his shows. If a person depends on his look to be popular, it will not last. for him, it may be worse because you guys know his present look is after PS. After some time, there will be side effect and he can’t remain handsome for Long.
    I agree that he has left a deep print in Korea’s drama. Why don’t you find out his forte and work on that instead of biting anyone that talk sense about your oppa.

  20. hahaha…Ppl may be critical just for the purpose of being critical. Some ppl may not think highly of their own comments without dissing up certain celebrities. LMH is not my #1 favorite. But I do like him Faith and City Hunter. I found BOF boring, not bcos of him or the cast, but bcos of the chaebol chilche being a very bland storyline to me. For similar reasons, the Heirs totally turned me off. Unless I find an actor/actress’ personality or looks absolutely (by my standard though) despicable, otherwise I won’t jump to a conclusion that this actor or that actress won’t make it a successful project next time. Just giving up our personal prejudice would make us happier drama fans.

    • I will not predict the outcome of an actor’s performance based on his personality or looks. I’d based it on his acting ability and his motivation/drive to improve. By the way, project success does not always equate to good performance. For LMH, I think hardly anyone will say he is not handsome and honestly, I don’t get the PS nor the Kris Jenner jokes. I do not want to judge his personality because no one can truly know an actor or any celebrity just by reading interviews and news. I just find him lacking in the acting department. In BOF, he stood out because he was really the one with looks and charisma. However, it has been a steady decline since then with the exception of City Hunter. It was unbearable to watch him in Heirs and GB. Like what his fans say, he is a playful individual. I am not surprised if he hasn’t matured and taken acting seriously. Please don’t quote me his interviews on how hard he worked because that’s hardly significant in the Korean showbiz where many worked much much harder. If anything, he does seem less driven than his peers. Or maybe he believes he is already successful because you know, who else can boast of 53 million fans and loved by the whole universe?

      • Opinion is opinion. There’s no rocket science in entertainment in terms of rating or who’s good or bad. It’s all about PERSONAL preference. LMH is charismatic in City Hunter and Faith, but looks so awkward in the other dramas. For me, it’s my personal taste to appreciate or not appreciate certain things certain ways. It’s also definitely your PERSONAL preference to think highly of someone or think lowly of someone. But you talked as if you were a drama buff that’s pure arrogance. For me, LJS, like LMH, is one of my favorite actors. I like LJS a lot in I Hear Your Voice and Dr. Stranger (even though this latter drama is a train wreck in plot). But hell I’m just not so much for him in popular Pinocchio that is so dull to watch (and I dragged myself through the last ep for LJS’ sake LOL). Let’s just admit we all have our own perspectives and tastes and not put other drama fans down by talking as one-man up.

      • BTW, LMH is not among those actors who will pique my interest in digging in there life off screen. LOL…The only news about him I’ve got so far is ALL from this blog. Other than, I have no passion nor time to care about what he has said or done in whatever or wherever…LOL…Don’t label me as someone in his fan club.

    • Aren’t you being kind of hypocritical here? Weren’t you the same person who happily criticized PSHs acting a few articles prior, calling it all kinds of things because that was your honest opinion urging rabid fans not to be blind? You said she would ruin moon lovers if she was in it, but now you’re preaching personal prejudice? At least be objective. Maybe, some people just don’t care for LHM’s acting, so why jump to conclusions about their opinions or level of taste. You don’t know better, but are just as well entitled to your opinion.

      • You whatever an obvious PHS’s rabid fan does remember whoever doesn’t like her as an actress. LOL….yes, it’s my opinion that she doesn’t fit the role of Moon Lover. But don’t put your words in my mouth. I only speak for myself and never announce to the rest of the world that my opinions are based on whatever the crap assessment of acting skills or knows-how acting theories. So you’re never tired of being reminded of how PSH just looks boring to many drama viewers including me, right? LOL Keep your hate towards any fans who just don’t swoon over your faves. I don’t care. It won’t change anything. I’ll go on like whoever I like, dislike whoever I dislike and keep being Koala’s reader. LOL

      • BTW, I never ever urged PSH’s fans not to be blind, calling it all kinds of things. If you could just clearly referred to which blogs I did say so, I wouldn’t deny it. Actually it’s ppl’s choice to like her and it’s also my personal taste to dislike her. But I found it’s very despicable of you to direct your hate to me by manipulating and twisting what I’ve never said. Let me say one more time! Stop getting all worked up and bitching about me just bcos you got deeply butthurt since I had plain talks about how I did not like PSH as an actress.

      • @Drama2016
        Your assessment of me is so wrong it’s hilarious. I’m no one’s fan. I mean, why would I care enough for an actor/actress to actually be a fan. I don’t know them. PSH? LMH? Don’t make me laugh. Actually I was one of the persons who agreed with you about PSH on that article, thinking look a rational, objective person, then I see that it pertained only to PSH, because when someone holds the same stance as you did on PSH on LMH, you’re quick to put them down. You voiced your honest opinion about PSH, but when someone else does the same about LMH you say that they act as “drama experts”, “know nothing much”, show “a despicable one-man arrogance,” are “critical for the sake of being critical.”

      • @Drama2016
        In case I put words in your mouth, this is the article: Hwang Jung Eun’s Agency Refutes Casting Rumors that She’ll be the Leading Lady in Moon Lovers
        You also assess acting skills and act as a drama expert: “She still needs a lot of work to be able to convey subtle transitions of emotions….” You also are prejudiced about whether an actor should/shouldn’t be in upcoming projects; “PSH will be a liability to Moon Lovers” doesn’t have the acting skills… You also put other fans down: “Rarely see rabid fandoms like this in the Western showbiz.”
        Unless you suffer from dissociative personality disorder or I got the wrong person (which I’m quite certain I don’t, since I hit the PSH nail on the head) my point is let people be free to express their own opinions. If someone disagrees with the masses, and thinks the masses don’t know good Tv/acting, nothing wrong with that…they’re entitled to their opinion. If someone is part of the masses, nothing wrong with that either. Just difference of opinion, that’s all.

      • @whatever, I think accusing someone of being hypocritical is the most despicable manner without knowing that person in real life. I absolutely denounce your manner and refute your insult on my personality just bcos I honestly expressed my PERSONAL opinions in an online blog. Now I don’t need to reserve myself not to be offensive to you. You’re really out of line and very pathetic to attack me with your twisting words. Yes, I said those opinions about PSH before. But I also said somewhere that she may change my impression about her with upcoming interesting projects. But they’re all my personal opinions. Bitch you get it or not??? I repeatedly said so many times on koala’s blog that whether I like anyone or dislike anyone or anything, that’s all my personal preference. At least, I never cried out pleading for support as if I were a drama expert. Well, you go ahead attack me and insult me with all kinds of labeling including using psychological terms to degrade my personality. That just shows how despicable and twisted your true self is. I’m totally done with you. Enjoy your bullshit and keep indulging in your own stinky pride just to prove how just and righteous in the drama land. LMAO. I have my own life and will not respond to your rambling nonsense anymore.

  21. I didn’t want to get involved because I mainly don’t stan anyone just an avid drama viewer from time to time.

    But the Idea that LMH is a bad actor or questioning him? Is a crime against Film and theater arts as a whole. As some of these above already said you really can’t question the ”LMH BRAND” right it’s a force of nature and something to reckon with. His the viewers darling by a large margin and calling him out is a hit on Theater and film arts? His mainly doing what is aquired of him and Boy is he doing that right

    • Film and theater arts lives thru Lee Minho and he has defined what you can achieve by entertaining the people. His a magnificent artist in his own profession anything saying otherwise is rightfully a rejected source or opinion. as long as Lee Minho keeps delivering his megahits and creating global nostalgia then there can’t be questions regarding him whatsoever period

    • I honestly said my opinions about all the negative criticism lashed over LMH and got the most vicious attack back on my personality instead. LMH isn’t even my fave. I feel that ppl have these extreme emotions against LMH that they just went all the way out of their mind with fists, trying to knock down those who are either LMH’s staunch fans or stay neutrally positive about him. Geeeeezzzz. I never came across rabid antis like this. What a jinx!

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