Lee Jong Seok Rocks Stylish Mysterious Airs in First Stills From MBC Drama W: Two Worlds

Guh, I soooooo can’t wait for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama W: Two Worlds, completely and utterly due to my love for leading man Lee Jong Seok. He’s not the best actor, or the best looking, but for that ephemeral indescribable element he’s just won my heart and I love everything he’s done. The first official stills are out for W showing Lee Jong Seok’s mysterious leading man from one of the two universes, which will cross paths with Han Hyo Joo’s doctor character from another universe.

I’m trying to not dive too much into the details because this drama feels like the element of narrative surprise will be part of the enjoyment. K-ent is pointing out how the two star besties of Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin will be battling head on for ratings this July, but Uncontrollably Fond airs July 6th whereas W doesn’t arrive until July 20th, giving it a nice two week head start to build up a lead. When dramas don’t premiere on the same date it’s hard to gauge actual popularity and it ends up being whichever story and execution is superior that ropes in the viewers.


Lee Jong Seok Rocks Stylish Mysterious Airs in First Stills From MBC Drama W: Two Worlds — 33 Comments

    • Oh Skin! Maybe you’re just one of those with a really low-level, inferior taste who can’t distinguish excellent acting even when it hits you in the face. Hahaha.

      • There should be differences between some people & those professionals in industry like as Song Kang ho,Kim Hye soo, Jin Hyuk & cinematographers who has praised & acknowledged his acting skills.

  1. Can’t wait for this, I love Lee Jong Seok in Pinocchio and I love Queen In Hyun Man, so i will watch W for sure.

  2. aigooo my baby sukkie..cant for this…ljs and psh both has comeback drama at the same time hahaha…my ship is sailing….

    • Lol … Both dramas seem to be exciting. Starfire we will have a busy summer it seems- watching Shin Hye and Jongsuk kicking ass. Jongsuk is in great form and I’m curious to see how the writer and PD will let both worlds collide

  3. So many good dramas coming up. I couldn’t wait to watch Doctors and Uncontrollably Fond and looking forward to watch W due to my love for Han Hyo Joo and excited that she’s returning to small screen after 6 years.But after watching the trailer of Korean BBJX, I am looking forward to watch this drama the most especially with Lee Jun Ki in it. I pray hard that the drama will be a good one.

  4. Not the best???? Hello Koala! Who are the best then? hahahaha…His acting is charismatic and convincing as the roles he had to portray, as I see either in School 2013, I Hear Your Voice, Dr. Stranger, or Pinocchio. He actually saved Pinocchio imo. LOL

  5. Acting wise, W will definitely outperform Uncontrollably Fond. On one hand, KWB doesn’t seem to be a versatile actor; he’s way to convince me of his character as a top rock star and that’s the major concern of UF. On the other hand, LJS has proved to own the screen whenever he’s present; he has a knack to turn a boring screenplay into something watchable.

    • yeah, that ‘rock star’ Kim Woo Bin’s playing….. has to be the most insipid impression of a musician/performer I’ve ever seen. Hopefully once the drama starts it’ll be revealed that he was supposed to suck at it and isn’t just phoning it in.

      • I thought he was going to play an actor on the drama, If its really a “rock star” I don’t think I can watch he looked so stiff. I hope its just a part he’s playing as part of his character

  6. His acting was addicting for me, I wasn’t into him but after one of his dramas I found myself marathoning his other 3 dramas in a short while, surprisingly none of his characters had same feeling to it! He is really good at acting.

  7. He looks cute in the first picture lol, out of these new upcoming dramas I’m expecting this one the most, I like the writer and the premise is unique

  8. I’m a little bit tired that all his last characters are “genius”.

    But I’m happy to see HHJ in a drama. I like her since Spring Waltz 🙂

  9. he stole my heart in school 2013. i haven’t watched him in anything since (i couldn’t get into any of his other dramas despite their popularity/hype) but he still forever wins my heart.

    in terms of acting, i think he has an edge on KWB (judging purely on the fact that i have yet to see KWB take on a different character/persona) and HHJ also has suzy beat in the acting department. however, i will watch both because i actually like both sets of actors. it really does come down to plot and execution tho–hopefully neither is so bad that i will have to drop them (my heart would hurt so much)

  10. this drama will leave. suzy&KWB drama in the dust. suzy&KWB sux at acting. only way LJS drama dont hit big is. kfan still mad at HHJ scandal with her brother.

    • Ewwww. Song hyekyo has tax scandal before dots, netizen bash her no matter what and look now, she’s getting praise everywhere.

      • But HHJ scandal is so much bigger than a tax scandal I mean her I’m not even gonna mention it and even though shes not at fault for her stupid brothers mistake they still associate her w/ that and accuse her of trying to cover it up.

  11. his acting is not the best right, but he’s definitely one of the bests among out-there, otherwise PDs & cinematographers won’t choose hive over so many to award him with the Grimmae 😀 if anything make Dr. stranger survive till the end was his acting

  12. @Evilfan, agree Pinocchio had good script & strong cast, if he has saved anything it’ll be definitely Dr. Stranger

    • There are some bitter haters here that thinks PSH is only popular because she worked with their favorites.
      The dramas are popular because of the guys and she ruined everything

  13. Not a big fan of LJS but he was quite interesting in Doctor Stranger… I really hope this new drama could do well as I love Han hyo joo’s acting and i waited so long for her to return in the small screen!! I’m looking forward to this one!! 😀

  14. I love PSH, but goodness. Some of her fans make me embarrassed. :/ It’s okay if others don’t feel the same way. That’s why it’s called an “opinion”. Don’t let it bother you so much. Just move on.

  15. Awwwww I remember the days when you didn’t have much “LOVE” for one of my fav!! Lol
    It’s ok, I still love you and respect you 😉

  16. I disagree on two counts koala. He is one of the best looking and he is a strong actor. Still, we are both in agreement on the anticipation front so it’s all good, lol.

  17. i am so excited over this upcoming drama, it seemed like forever since Pinocchio! oh Koala sis, i love that you really like sukkie now. he is one of the best and probably one of the most humble in this side of the universe. i wish W would make it great for sukkie’s sake. i am also happy he is doing this drama with han hyo joo, she is one of the best.

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