Song Joong Ki’s Agency Denies Report that He Vacationed in LA with Non-entertainment Industry Girlfriend

Rocketing to super stardom, even from the perch of already attaining stardom, affects the star’s personal life like when the lottery jackpot crosses that magical threshold when suddenly even non-lotto players want to play for the hopes of winning. Before the star just had his or her fans and recognition, now the suddenly increase in fans makes it appear the star owes the public in ways not present before. Song Joong Ki is undoubtedly the breakout K-star of 2016 thanks to Descendants of the Sun, and now his personal life is under strict scrutiny and his agency is required to do damage control even if he’s not doing anything wrong or scandalous, especially compared to some of his recent scandal plagued peers. Song Joong Ki was spotted in Los Angeles recently with a group of folks and reportedly a girl who was described as his non-entertainment industry girlfriend. His agency immediately denied the rumor and explained that Song Joong Ki is in LA with friends who tagged along as he was there to do a photo shoot.

An adult man in his thirties maybe having a girlfriend and traveling overseas with her, if that’s not the definition of healthy happy relationship with zero scandal involved I don’t know what else fits the bill. That his fans require to be placated that it’s not a true rumor and he doesn’t have a non-entertainment industry girlfriend is so annoying, it’s not like any of his fangirls have a shot at being his girlfriend so just let the man date, if he wants, and if he’s dating then go ahead and date whomever he wants. I just want him to be happy, and hoping when the fervor dies down he can go back to being just a talented personable actor.


Song Joong Ki’s Agency Denies Report that He Vacationed in LA with Non-entertainment Industry Girlfriend — 115 Comments

  1. Well, im happy as long as he’s happy so there’s nothing wrong in dating. Always supporting him and hoping to see him soon in a drama after his movie. ^·^

  2. Poor song hye kyo fan girl/ fan boys. Their oppas now dating another girl not shk lol! happy for song jung ki, but will be more happy if he dates ha ji won.¬¬¬¬

    • you don’t have to feel sorry for fan of ShK because true fan of SHK do not give a darn thing whomever SJK is dating because that has nothing to do with SHK activities !!!

      • SHK now famous because star power of SJK, you have admit about that. SHK being love because she act alongside the handsome and talented Song Jong Ki.

      • Song hye kyo has been famous since song joong ki was acting one scene in frozen flower…pls get your head off ur butt.

      • @ Joel : wrong , SHK is famous b4 Song Jong Ki ,you do not like her ,I understand and there is nothing wrong with that but do not discount her fame saying she needs SJK power !! She is famous with all the dramas b4

    • BUT we know that SHK has many scandal, even knetzz so angry to her, (from kkuljaem and netizen buzz), after she pair with my oppa Sjk she popular once again. SHK should thank to sjk for the fame she have nowdays, tho!

    • In my opinion SHK never same good level as jeon ji hyun, ha ji won or gong hyo jin. SHK just do anything for herself, she is selfish, even park shin hye is much better than her. And acting wise : SHK you should improve

      • Joel you seem to speak like a professional perhaps “A jack of all trade?” A person whose an expert on everything. Jealousy is such an evil thought. I hope you’re a man because a woman should not speak ill of another woman. If women does not support each other, we will never be able to attain equal rights and opportunity but your probably a man and not a gentleman at that.

    • If im not mistaken, SHK WORTH WITHIN DRAMA IS FLOP ACT ALONGSIDE HYUN BIN. Song jung ki acting ability and his handsome is the magnet in dots, Sjk is just amazing 🙂

      • How about all in , full house , TWTWB , autumn in my heart ,? No , you were not her bias , you are her hater who tried every reason to put her down, SJK is your bias
        You told people leave SJK alone don’t bash other actor and actress but you just did the opposite

    • Where you in the lala land all along, SHK was always been famous even before SJK. The truth and no offense to anyone SJK career took off after DSOFT and being paired with SHK.

    • Yeah you right, if SJK should date celebrity at least moon chae won is the best partner for him. But i don’t mind he dates ordinary girl. As long he happy 🙂

  3. He used to look very boyish but MS definitely caught up with him and I am probably in the minority, I don’t think that he was that handsome as how he used to look like pre-MS.

    He seems like a genuine nice guy but boy, this guy needs a stylist. I hate that pants and the shoes and the sock-less fashion. SJK is a good actor and I like him since Running Man and in Nice Guy always hoping for his success just that I find Dots is overrated and his fans make him look overrated as well.

    But I agree, it’s annoying to deny if he really does have a gf and vacationing with her. What’s the purpose of feeding on the thirst of delusional fans? Let him live his life and be a respectable actor and that’s it.

    • I feel that same way too! Could see in DotS that he has aged (probably from MS), but I don’t mean that in a bad way, just that there’s a noticeable change.

      Also, while I felt that DotS was a very pretty drama, I personally felt that Joong Ki wasn’t very memorable in that show. I will forever remember his roles in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Nice Guy though.

      And fans gotta be realistic man. The guy is in his thirties already! Nothing surprising for a guy that age to be dating, in a serious relationship, or even married!

    • Isn’t he in his mid 30’s? Of course he’s going to start aging and it’s probably just more obvious because of his boyish face. He’s older now so his body will not be able to handle too much stress as well as it did in the past. He still looks younger than 90% of men his age probably anywhere in the world. You should see what some (popular) Hollywood actors his age look like.

  4. I’m so sick of pathetic fangirls having qualms or fussy about whom their celebrity oppas date or marry. These delusional women have no lives of their own and are worse than rabid fans who aggressively defend their biases.

    SJK’s agency actually doesn’t have to clarify anything about his dating rumor. What the heck!

    • Seriously it’s much better for these guys to be in a healthy adult relationship than end up going to room salons and the like.

    • I think because he is getting global fame that’s why every step he moves is being watched by media !! So whoever he is dating will be big news
      I guess being famous has its price

      • ?Global fame…how is that defined? I live for all intents and purposes near Koreatown in LA. Not one peep on the local/national news regarding SJK being in LA. If I had not read it here, would not have had a clue he was in the US. A big-rig hitting 3 cars because the driver fell asleep received more coverage. As someone mentioned earlier, the “pathetic fans” could qualify as stalkers. Let the man live in peace.

  5. sigh … he is 30something years old. its normal to have a serious relationship. its not a scandal. no need to clarify anything, it personal bussiness.
    no need to feed delusional fans who think that they can dictate their fave life..

  6. I think this is a small price Song Joong Ki has to pay for ‘encouraging’ fans to ship him and SHK. I am referring to his post Dots activities. If SongSong is a boat instead of a tanker, I doubt there would be so much displeasure over him dating. I see the hullabaloo arose because the date isn’t SHK. Thankfully, the rumor wasn’t him dating another actress, fans’ reaction would be much worse.

  7. there no smoke without fire. it better for him to just come clean. then wait till picture come out. knew him&shk would not last long. she the kind that like to sleep around.

    • Now this is as bad as those criminals saying shk’s the kind who sleep around. can you prove that? do have evidence/photos of her sleep around? watch your words. if SHK agency see this you might be in trouble for giving false rumor and make bad name out of her.

    • LOL…this is another ignorant imbecile who thinks gossiping about a celebrity’s private life is nothing but like playing a really bad prank on your sis. Don’t be surprised if you’re legally accused of defamation by SHK’s agency. IT of 21st century can do everything to hunt down the source of any information.

    • timmy, I would rather be known in life as an honest sinner, than a lying hypocrite. Judging a person does not define who they are….it defines who you are!!

  8. He wasn’t seen with any supposed gf, FFS. And no, it’s not because I’m in denial or shipping him with anybody or what have you. (If he says he’s not seeing anybody, he’s not seeing anybody, period. I’ve followed him for over six years, and he doesn’t play coy with these things. And if his being friendly with his co-stars qualifies as “dating” them, I suppose he’s “dated” all of them. He’s “encouraged” fans to ship SS? Seriously? Gee, guess he should have shunned her as soon as the cameras were turned off.) It’s because I’ve seen what passes around as “evidence” and they were all crap. They were either blurry pictures of other people (celebrities, nobodies, I have no idea who they were, all I know is that SJK doesn’t have a moustache, so wtf was that guy in that HK tabloid picture?) claimed to be of SJK or old pictures of SJK but claiming they were taken recently in LA.

    • +1. Tabloid and paparazzi know what juicy news titles can prompt readers to click on their web links. Savvy fans just have to wait and see when he’s caught in real dating. Joong Ki mentioned numerous times in his interviews that he won’t shy of going public with his real gf if they get caught. There’s no reason for him to deny if it’s just rumor. But he prefer to keep his relationship private without going around sending false signals.

      LOL @ all the shippers and stalkers.

    • Relax CL, you sound like you didn’t breathe at all when you wrote that. You also sound like SJK’s long-lost girlfriend. It just sound like your panicking. No one dies, all of it are just assumptions and gossips.

  9. I still don’t get it why dating life of celebrities are treated as a big deal. If I were the fan wouldn’t I appreciate it more that my oppa is a normal human being? Even if dots is not his best acting work (tree deep roots and wolf boy in my opinion are) I am just happy that it introduced him to many more people. I hope the fan fervor and dots bucks give him the push and liberty in choosing artistic projects that are more challenging in the future

  10. He is not that handsome enough for SHK. He is not that manly enough. I hope LMH will be paired to SHK who will not benefit of a loveteam spazz but both Hallyu Star already. He has a big hole in his nose and I think there is something wrong with the back view of his head in proportion to his head. If he has gf good for him so he wont and drag SHK everytime he has a FM or an interview.

    • SJK did not drag SHK around for his FM , she agreed to do that for the fan! No one has the power to tell her to do thing against her will 🙂

    • Why LMH? I think he has a bigger nose than SJK and I don’t find LMH handsome at all (just my opinion, this is very subjective I know)… And LMH has Suzy already. SHK wants to show her nice friendship with SJK, I don’t think SHK can be dragged to do things she does not like, plus I think she gets paid, doesn’t she? It’s a job!

      • Lol you don’t find Lee min ho handsome at all…I know opinions are supposed to be subjective but this is a downright fallacy .

    • This comment is getting funny…talking about who between LMH and SJK that has bigger nose. Come on, beauty is subjective. I don’t find either of them being that handsome while I find Lee Jun Ki is extremely handsome and ones may think the other way round. Different people different preference. So, let’s just not bash either one of them.

      • agree. why bring up LMH in the first place? the nose comment is so idiotic, right?! My point is “WHY LMH?” He is so out of context… lol…

    • Why you say that?? SHK is nothing also if compare with Ha ji won, yes shk beautiful but not have great charisma as ha ji won. I am happy if SJK find normal girl (not celebrity), why not??? It is much better if he got married with the girl he loves, rather than to be like yoo chun, i agree sjk have a relationship right now 🙂

      • Ha ji won is a product of plastic surgery better compare her old pic to jer new want one.

    • Tbh SHK akting is mediocre just like KTH, not only me who say this, you can look at another website, they are just pretty, thats all.

    • SHK is beautiful but flat at expression, I saw her a lot in dramas, she have a cold face also, not only me who say this tbh. Please don’t drag my lovely oppa LMH with SHK, LMH too young and to good for SHK. LMH is best pairing with jeon ji hyun the prettiest and great acting skill, SHK is MEDIOCRE. Even JO IN SUNG SAY THAT SONG HYE KYO IS JUST BEAUTIFUL LIKE FLOWER LOL, he not praise her for her acting skill, just for her look, oh.. Poor SHK!

      • Lolz Jo In sung praised for her beauty and acting !! Where did you get that he only praised for her beauty may I Ask ??
        And Jo in Sung acting in TWTWB was over the top also !! SHK has been praising for her acting skills and she did take her acting seriously
        You just simply dislike her lolz

      • Jeon ji hyun is not a great actress either and not even pretty plus aging horribly ….anyway what do you know about beauty or acting?

      • Beauty is the strongest power if song hye kyo no doubt about that. I just want to say that to shk fans : don’t being salty to song jung ki, don’t bash sjk, let him alone! I don’t care again if shk beauty or not, good skill or not, we have different opinion about our bias, so i think its fine! Its ok we critisize actress or actor, hope it will make them improve, but not for their privat life because its nun of your business. Thank you 🙂

      • Joel, you really need to go back to your english teacher so we can understand clearly what your trying to express.


      • Which vote every list I’ve seen has song hye kyo as the most beautiful woman in Korea or are you basing this on DT neitzen stupid list that came out last year due to the popularity of who came from the stars and young pal?
        We will see the list this year after the popularity of DOs …we all know the list is a popularity contest not actual beauty …jeon ji hyun should be no where near any list talking about beauty not with her scare crow shapeless body and tiny mosquito legs plus wrinkly face .

  11. Having so much fun on my favorite beach while reading all the fans are about the suitable dating partners but what made me laugh like crazy was the nose-wars.
    The people next to me were a bit annoyed though… And I thought I had read every possible nonsense! Good job,people!

    • Nosewars are the best wars EEEEVEEERRR!
      I can hardly wait for the earswars! LOL!!!
      PS So jealous of the beach! Have fun (and lots of laughs), Georgia!

  12. I love hye kyo,feel kind of sad like being make use but as long they enjoy and want to give fan that kind of good memory.i sudden wake up from dots after the news.i Will only follow hye kyo.

  13. Am happy song hye kyo never dated him ….he is way beneath goddess song hye kyo .Now give me Lee min ho or Chang wook two of the most handsome actors in Korea paired with our most beautiful actress hye kyo .The children they will make !!!

  14. LMAO. I never expected a simply blog about a dating rumor would invite so many comical comments. Joong Ki, definitely you’ve proved your star power – rabid fans (including me) and trolls are equally active bcos of you. LOL

  15. Never liked this song joong ki to begin with …don’t see his appeal …his 15 mins of fame has elapsed that’s why he used desperate ki kyo’s fans to stay relevant ….watched his fan meeting with hye kyo he was dragging her around acting all touchy ….the woman felt so uncomfortable .

  16. haha…Obsessive trolling galore from a particular antis! It’s equally entertaining to read hate speech along with rabid fans’ defense.

    • yeah right… very entertaining indeed… now we know the troll does not like PSH and SJK… let’s see who else will be added to her list? LOL…
      And Hey Bobby, where are you? The troll said “never liked… to begin with”. Aren’t you curious WHY she said that?? Duh?!

  17. Lolzz since when SJK dating news was obssesed with all antis and crazy fans for both SJK and SHK
    If you dislike SJK that much why bother to read SJK article
    If you dislike SHK that much even go to SJK to bash her
    Get a life people


  19. We first have to consider the culture of Korea. Stars needing to remain single in order to remain an idol/crush for fans is similar to U.S. in the 1920’s-1950’s. Because U.S.culture frowned upon adulterous affairs, they’re was no longer a fantasy once that star married. Korea is still in that phase so once he is part of a couple/married,fantasy’s over.

    But don’t worry, we’ve infected South Korea enough that they’re changing, as evidenced with doing away with the law against adultery last year.

    • I meant to add that the reason we westerners can’t understand Korean fans reactions is that we no longer have that reverence/respect for marriage. Marriage does not mean, for us, that that person is completely unavailable.

      • Wut??? You speaking for Americans? I am Asian and while I think we can make general statements that westerners are more liberal or point to statistics which show marriage as an institution is less revered in the west, what has this got to do with keeping the fantasy alive? Fans who insist their idols stay single or stars who stay single(I doubt!) or hide their real marital status are plain dumb for the former and greedy for the latter. It has nothing to do with how their society views marriage.

  20. I don’t understand what Song Hye Kyo has anything to do with this topic (that Song Joong Ki is or is not dating I-don’t-know-who).
    I remember that she clearly stated that Song Joong Ki is just her friend (which obviously doesn’t mean boyfriend) and she went to his fanmeeting in the name of this friendship (not because she was dragged by Song Joong Ki nor even to please the fans).
    P.S. By the way, there is a friend here, who calls herself JoeL; why do you leave comments in capital letters? Is it because you are afraid that Song Hye Kyo might actually date your beloved oppa Song Joong Ki? I was just wondering…

    • @Drama2016- ah I love it when we could delete expletives and name calling in the viki timed comments section. When it degenerates to this level….

      It’s online true but it’s never good when the conversation reduces to the gutter level just on a blog. Seriously… how old are these trolls? Don’t they have homework to do? Assignments to hand up? Love letters to write to Oppa Joong Ki?
      Parents restricting Internet hours?

      I truly hope some of them are not legal adults because it will be truly embarrassing to see adults behaving like kindergarden kids throwing a tantrum.

      • I think many nonsensical comments here were coming from preteens or teens, just like Kpop fandoms. Lol

      • You had be surprised to know how delusional & immature shippers of these two people who are in fact women with kids.

      • Not all native speaker in this forum. I think his or her English is good enough. Most of Asian people can speak more than 1 or two languages. I know that learning something new is difficult. I used to learn France but i can’t because i dont have partner to learn. So just respect each other, ok girl, peace✌

  21. Some commenters’ desperation here feels so real. I mean, it seems to me that only those who express their numerous dissatisfactions (“too old”, “mediocre” etc.) about Song Hye Kyo actually believe that she is dating Song Joong Ki.

  22. I came here to read an article and was bombarded with so many negative comments and trolls. Trolls everywhere! Wow. Can’t believe such an article can stir up so many emotions.

  23. ????? Man Ms Koala, I was wondering why there were so many comments. Didn’t know the trolls were here.

    Seriously there were some pathetic attemtps at defamation or defence. I am a Kdrama fan but at times like these I hope sane ones like us outnumber those insane ignorant fans. Who can’t be called fans- imagine spamming a site name calling both actors and other fans. Shesh.

  24. Good debate contest everybody.. ^^ who is the winner?????????? Hm… sounds weird. song hk vs song jk………… LololololoL!

  25. hahaha…this is like back to your DotS recap days, Ms. Koala. Crazy ppl have turned your blog into Kpop fandom war zone. LOL

  26. Drama2016, Google online started the deterioration of the English language “Copy and Paste. Let us start using our own imagination and learn to used big words specifically when being critical of another person. This forum is a great place to practice your english.

  27. @Sarah g, never expect to master formal English by being an online goof. It would be a disaster if you think you can translate online goofing language into any effective communication skills at school or at workplace. The benefits of picking up these pieces of urban slang are mostly for nothing but a laugh. That’s why I easily get LOL on most comments.

    • Agree @Sarah g – this is not writing an essay for publication… don’t be so old school. Chill and enjoy the laughs… lol…

    • @Sarah g – and oh… if you expect commenters to write good English here, we will be missing a lot of entertainment from those idiotic trolls who cannot think and cannot write… LOL…

  28. I enjoyed reading the comments action LMAO All I can say is that stupid fan girls are everywhere. Drama fan girls, actor fan girls, kpop fan girls… All are stupid delulu hoes wasting their time watching romantic shit non stop.

  29. For all the fans of SJK…let him enjoy his being human…he is at the right age to date and let him be whether he dates a girl from showbiz or not…let us be happy for whatever he chooses…nonetheless he will chose a GUY to date..hehehe… Please spare my idol SHK for whatever SJK’s issues are…she is what she is and I love SHK very much since day 1 of Autumn in my Heart and I want her to be happy to whatever she does in her life. Please stop comparing her with other actresses they are stunning as much as SHK is-they are unique and beautiful in their own ways.

  30. I don’t care who Joong Ki’s girlfriend is but I am curious to see how protective he is towards his girlfriend identity. When did he meet his girlfriend if he fell in love with Moon Chae Won during his Nice Guy drama and he went straight to Military training for two years then, I read he has been in relationship for two years. If MCW is his girlfriend then, I can understand Joong Ki’s protective behaviour.

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