Filming Starts on SBS Drama Incarnation of Jealousy with Jo Jung Seok and Gong Hyo Jin


The weather has heated all up and so has filming for upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Incarnation of Jealousy. Starring Jo Jung Seok and Gong Hyo Jin, the drama got more news earlier on for the bidding war between SBS and KBS but now the coverage can focus on the quality cast and hopefully top notch story. Set in a television network, the drama is a lighthearted rom-com about the competition and love between a confident dogged anchor reporter played by Jo Jung Seok and a less successful but still dreaming of making it weather woman played by Gong Hyo Jin.

It’s directed by the PD who did Angel Eyes, Queen of Ambition, and Phantom, but more importantly for me the screenwriter did Miss Korea (love!), Romance Town, and Pasta, and I’m guessing it’s the Pasta connection that brought Gong Hyo Jin on as her Pasta costar Lee Seon Kyun also reunited with this writer in Miss Korea. I’m hoping Gong Hyo Jin sparks with Jo Jung Seok along the same mature leading man lines as she did with Lee Seon Kyun, that would make the bickering and blooming romance a genuine treat to watch.




Filming Starts on SBS Drama Incarnation of Jealousy with Jo Jung Seok and Gong Hyo Jin — 70 Comments

  1. Sounds rather similar to The Greatest Love…I’m sure jo Jung seok’s character isn’t as crazy but the story still sounds recycled.

    • I don’t think so, I believe this drama have their own charm, beside, this is not hong sister, this is seok sok hyang writer. 🙂

      • From the brief description, it sounded like TGL just in the news anchoring world. I still like GHJ, can’t past out on her.

    • Yeah.. it’s sounds like that maybe.. but let we see then.. , I thinks this plot much better than ‘On the way to the airport’ (i am suck and tired with love affair), hope GHJ and JJS nail this one 🙂

      • OTWTTA drama is belong kim ha neul rite? I like her but why she choose a bad storyline like that? I know its matture and deep, but it just like KIM MIN HEE case, what a heck secret love affair, I hate that¬¬¬¬

  2. Anyting with Gong Hyo Jin, I am in. Oh.. I am waiting here for a year. Yes! Thank you, you are back! I love Pasta writer, she have a well written and it have a vibe of coffe prince drama, I hope the drama and the casts sparks and PD help the best to make it fantastic. There are so many info about the premier of this drama, it can be begin in 17 August or 24 August or 31 August (because summer olimpic), maybe Koala can give me detail info, anyway thank you 🙂

  3. but doctor from high society drama? I watch BM too, but I think BM much better, but of course who can beat PSH and KRW power?? Park so dam is just beginner, and weak starpower…

  4. HYO JIN KONG, DAEBAAAAAAAKKKKK. You and ha ji won is my fav actresses. Can’t wait for drama. August please come fasterrrrrrr dkjhjllkkkk???

  5. Jo Jung Seok is one of my favourite actor since What’s Up. He’s so versatile. And he’s a great singer too ! ( and because of him, I cried a lot in The King 2 Hearts !)

  6. She looks so youthful and purty in that dress ! She is indeed a good actress , not a fan of her and only watched her ‘ Master Sun’ but she did a fabulous job in that dramas ! To me she is not pretty but she has her unique feature and sexy styles that makes her different and stand out from other actresses

  7. GHJ got me into dramas. Never disappointed me even when the drama is uneven. I wish she would do more films though. Her only tiny drawback, especially for films, is that she seems to hold back a little in intimate scenes. There is a lot of emotional chemistry with her co-stars but the physical is a bit lacking.

    I haven’t seen the actor but I have just been gifted a copy of OMG and told he is pretty good.

  8. Even though the storyline seems pretty usual, but i believe in GHJ, she always picks great scenario.

    For JJS, i’ve seen him in What’s Up, he’s a good actor. Hoping for a wonderful chemistry between them 🙂

  9. Jo jung suk : wow!
    Go kyung pyo : cool!
    Kong hyo jin : wow, cool & fantastic!
    Please give us great collaboration, jjang!

  10. can’t wait for this drama. as a big fan of ghj, this will probably be the drama of the year for me. i’ve seen almost all of her dramas and a few movies, she never disappoints.

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