Gong Yoo Warms the Eyes and Soul in Everyday Spread for Epigram

I don’t know who to thank for this photoshoot, whether for brand Epigram or because the model is Gong Yoo who can do no wrong. All I know is that I am swooning and more swooning over this pictorial of Gong Yoo being, well, himself in all his boyish casual glory. For daily menswear brand Epigram, Gong Yoo has morphed from the nearly omnipotent Goblin back to being himself, a top star with less than perfect features but a surfeit of undeniable charisma and allure. Every shot is perfect in its sheer normal-ness, I can imagine Gong Yoo or anyone doing that pose or being captured in that moment, which makes it even more captivating. The color palate heightens the beauty as it makes me want to sink into the warmth and soft lighting like a warm blanket. Please cover me in more Gong Yoo forever and ever!


Gong Yoo Warms the Eyes and Soul in Everyday Spread for Epigram — 30 Comments

  1. Koala Jiejie- I’m so offended!! What do you mean less than perfect features! My hubby is PERFECT! In every way!! Thanks for the photos. 😛

    • I couldn’t find those “less than perfect features” either. I thought “maybe the author saw a corn or bunion on his toe, but nope. Every little piggy is perfect.

  2. GY would make so much money if korean didnt piss china off. why good thing happen to nice guy like GY. LMH want to go to the army now that he cant steal hina money. he hoping by the time he finsh army the ban is gone. hope someone young steal his gf while he in the army.

  3. Perfect!
    What i love the most about him is he has boyish and manly feature unlike mostly other korean actor with a lil bit ‘feminine and beautiful’ face.
    The other actor i like is cha seung won. They both ooze charisma.

  4. oh my goodness, this looks like the bts of how the goblin spend his free time and what he does while waiting for his bride. … oh I’m having more withdrawals after seeing these images, such a beautiful goblin i see here. thank you koala for these images, gong yoo will always be goblin for me and these images just makes me want to rewatch the dreams all over again.^3^

  5. Looking at a pic of Gong Yoo is like drinking a great cup of coffee. Being given a complete spread like this is like adding a bunch of warm choc chip cookies.

    On MY mind: What’s his next project? I need to see more of him acting asap. I do hope he revisits dramas in addition to films. Films just take longer to get to me here in the USA.

  6. “less than perfect features” are what make him so handsome. Perfection can be boring when it comes to looks and the eyes can look empty. Not so with Gong Yoo. His eyes could look right into your heart. He has mine and my admiration and respect for his immense acting talent.

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