Three New K-dramas Premiere This Wednesday with Tale of Gumiho, Private Lives, and Dol Dol Sol Sol La La Sol

The production delays due to COVID-19 for many live filming dramas in August and September has turned October 7th into D-day. This Wednesday three new K-dramas have all premiered and there is something for everyone. tvN released Tale of Gumiho (Tale of the Nine-Tailed) with Lee Dong Wook, Jo Boa, and Kim Bum, a fantasy modern take on the nine-tailed fox legend with mystery and romance. jTBC dropped Private Lives (Personal Life) with Go Kyung Pyo, Seohyun, Kim Young Min, and Kim Hyo Jin dealing with swindlers trying to take down a powerful corporate force. And last but not least KBS has Dol Dol Sol Sol La La Sol with Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook as the second piano-themed K-drama this year with a bright and quirky tone. All three casts held their respective press conferences yesterday as well so it feels like things are kinda back to normal in South Korea.


Three New K-dramas Premiere This Wednesday with Tale of Gumiho, Private Lives, and Dol Dol Sol Sol La La Sol — 19 Comments

  1. I tried all these 3 shows.
    I think I will drop DDSSLLS soon. I can’t stand the female lead there, both her acting and her character is pretty bad. I feel bad for Lee Jae Wook, since it’s his first male lead drama. He is good but his female lead will ruin this.
    Tale of Nine-tailed is pretty good start with good acting and visuals from the cast. I never watched Jo Boa in anything before. She is wonderful here. Even though the storyline is very obvious, she is going to be his first love from the past. It’s still watchable.
    Private Lives is very good as well. I love the plot and actors so much.
    It looks like cable networks will be doing much better than Big 3 again.
    How about the rating of Ep 1 of all 3? I think Tale of Nine-tailed will do the best.

  2. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is so boring. The same piano-themed drama, Do you like Brahms at least did very well while competing with Record of Youth which has A-list leads in same timeslot. So, we don’t know how it will turn out.
    Tale of Gumiho is another same old story, but surprisingly entertaining for now.

  3. I think now I know the reason why Kim Bum never make it since his BOF days. It has been many years since BOF. A lot of male Actors who debuted later than him, make it to the male lead status, but he couldn’t. I always thought he has charisma, visual and talent. I was wrong. He is such a bad actor, I have seen all his works since BOF, he didn’t improve at all, even a bit. Lee Dong Wook is also not a very good actor. At least in TOG, he is doing good. Jo Boa is not bad too.

    • After BOF they gave Kim Beom leading man status in Fly High, Dream and Still Marry Me but none of those did well. He became second lead. Goddess of Fire and Mrs. Cop 2 were poorly written and flopped. In your opinion he’s a bad actor but the majority finds him to be a great actor and thus far getting positive reviews for his standout performance in Tale of Gumiho. We are happy for his comeback and wishing for the show to be a huge success.

  4. TALE OF THE NINE TAILED got 5.8 percent for ep 1. I’m happy for the whole team.
    I absolutely enjoyed ep 1. It has good casting, acting and amazing plot.
    I hope the ratings keep rising. I cant wait for ep 2.

  5. Tale of Nine Tailed is old wine in new bottle but absolutely fun and delicious anyway. I will be watching this. DDSSLLS is kinda boring yet charming but Go Ara is pushing the wrong buttons for me so pretty sure, I will drop this.

  6. Go Ara is big no for me. I checked ep 1 for LJW. I dropped immediately after I saw her acting. No wonder DDSSLLS did the weakest in rating among these 3. Even cable, JTBC’s private lives is doing good.

      • KBS is a total flop this year save their Weekenders. They keep treading the same dramas over and over again. The ratings for Do Sol Dol are bad with 2.6%. Meanwhile, SBS is enjoying success because they’re at least trying.

      • KBS is very lucky to have their weekenders because other than that, all if not all their shows this year have done poorly ratings and critically. Meanwhile, SBS is killing it because they are trying to do something different.

      • SBS isn’t exactly killing it either. None of the public channels are worth anything. The only ones killing it are TVN and JTBC.

  7. So I’ve it checked out DDSSLLS and Private lives. I was only really looking forward to PL ti be honest. I didn’t expect not to see GKP at all in the first episode:(. Anyways Seohyun surprisingly held the fort well for the first episode. I also didn’t expect the story to start out with a revenge plot nor for the two leads to be involved in a con that might lead to real emotions (from ep 2 teaser ) I thought they’ll meet as con artists and team up I would have preferred that.
    DDSSLLS was surprisingly refreshing for me. Go Ara’s acting is good enough in my opinion for the role. However her general cluelessness and outright stupidity on how the world works is really annoying. She better change soon. LJW is *chefs kiss* we haven’t seen much of his character so I’m looking forward to ep 2

  8. Except for Reply, I could not watch Go Ara on anything else. It’s forced acting. And the fact the she seemed to control the opening and closing of her month when she speaks distracts me big time. Sorry I’m bring picky. But yes. Her eyes do not go along with the emotion she’s trying to convey when she acts, too. All dead.

  9. Once again, Go Ara is showing how bad of an actress she is. She’s worse than majority of idol actresses despite having YEARS of experience and countless projects. I’ll even take the likes of Hyeri, Joy, Seolhyun over her, Lee Yeon Hee, Jin Se Yeon any day. At least the prior three are popular haha.

    • Is Go Ara even popular in S.K? I know Reply was beloved. But even though she’s gotten FL’s, none have made her a huge star.

  10. i watch DDSSLLS,i think go ara here is quite okey.rara character suite her….her character mybe annoying but i can see go ara potray it very well.she not a good actress but i think she suit rom-com genre.

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