Tale of Gumiho Off Impressive 5.804% in Scary and Tense First Episode

The good is that Tale of Gumiho really is a mash-up of Goblin and Hotel Del Luna and in ways which correct the problems in those dramas, but the bad is the same because viewers will inevitably compare and notice many of the same tropes and the production values aren’t as sleek here. With that said, the first episode stormed out of the gate with 5.804% AGB nationwide ratings, the second highest premiere for tvN in the Wed-Thurs time slot after Boyfriend (Encounter). What I loved was the genuine feeling of being taken aback when I watched the first episode – the first 10 minutes are FREAKING HORROR MOVIE LEVEL SCARY SHIT. This drama isn’t cheesy rom-com at all and actually has balls to deliver real tense chills and have the male lead gumiho hunter throw a female gumiho around before slaying her. Even better is the female lead is incredibly perceptive and has balls of steel, she’s the opposite of dumb as bricks and constantly bewildered and flustered Ji Eun Tak in Goblin which was singlehandedly the weakest characterization in that otherwise wonderful drama. All I can say is that I’m mostly hooked and happy with how the drama isn’t afraid to get away from sugarcoating fantasy elements.


Tale of Gumiho Off Impressive 5.804% in Scary and Tense First Episode — 15 Comments

  1. It’s actually Goblin + Hwayugi + You came from the stars with Gumiho-themed. But I like the first episode, it is fun.
    Yeah, what I love the most is female lead character. She is smart and independent, not like normal dumb K-drama FLs.
    And, I love Jo Boa’s acting in this role. I didn’t realize she is a good actress actually. Her past roles didn’t give her a chance to shine. She really shine here.

  2. You’re right, the female lead character is well-written and incredible. I love that in these days K-dramas, we see a lot of amazing female lead characters who are independent and not dumb, different from the old dramas.
    Jo Boa seems the best actor here.

  3. i just saw some clips in ig. and felt that this drama has a goblin vibe. but of course, i have more good feeling in this one as compared to goblin. maybe because I’m more fans on lee dong wook as compared to gong yoo. Lee dong wook is so hot and handsome!

  4. Kim Bum is phenomenal!!! I’ve always recognized his talent, but I feel that this will be his best performance. He’s such a nuanced actor who can pull almost anything off!

  5. I’ll check it out, sounds perfect for this time of year. I pray to God it doesn’t run out of steam at halfway point or the tough female lead doesn’t get stripped of her edge so the male leads can save her…please writer, I’m especially tired of dropping so many dramas that start out well and fizzle way before they end 🙁

    • I agree with what you said about running out of steam halfway and tough female leads losing their edge. So I am withholding judgement for now.

      The rating is good and will probably go up since Koreans love dramas with gumiho theme.

      Though it’s nice to see a ballsy female lead for a change but that last scene didn’t sit well with me. She deliberately let herself fall to test him. No human would be able to do that.

      And then once safely on the ground, immediately stab him with a syringe. She might be more believable as a robot or an alien.

  6. I had low expectations on this drama so I was surprised at how promising EP1 is. The pace is okay and LDW and KB’s acting is actually entertaining, not cringe-worthy or over the top lol.

  7. Very strong first episode, I enjoyed almost everything immensely! The two things that didn’t make sense to me is that she trusts him to save her by jumping off the building but still believes that he was responsible for her parents death (?) so she tranquilize him? So she can do experiments on him or will try to capture him and try to force him to reveal what happened in the past??? She was portrayed as an intelligent and highly instinctive character but she couldn’t put two and two together and not believe he’s innocent since he could had killed her as a kid if he wanted to?

    • Yes, that last scene bothered me too! You summed up everything I was thinking.

      Also, which pair of parents does she think he killed? The ones in the car crash? He wasn’t there.

      Or the imposters at home whom she herself knew were fake and stabbed one with scissors before running away? He saved her from them so what gives? Does she have false memories or what?

      • ikr, it was really confusing. Unless she’s ignorantly generalizing all foxes as bad and has bad intentions even after rescuing her. Although it made things dramatic and make it an interesting cliffhanger at the end when she jab him with the needle, it doesn’t make sense at all. But besides a few quibbles, I’m enjoying the fun ride so far haha

  8. I’ll have to check this out….LDW in Strangers was a role made for him, and I think he found his niche, now that he’s a Gumiho. You should also check ZombieDetective, it’s funny as hell , it’s cheesy but the comedy is on point. Choi Jin Hyuk is great!

  9. THIS, ladies and gentlemen (looking at you, Goblin), is how you write a fantasy female lead!!!!! Finally!!!! Love it!

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