Hit Screenwriters Kim Eun Hee and Kim Eun Sook are Good Friends in Real Life and Have Daughters Who Write in their Respective Styles

Okay this is such a cute and wonderful tidbit to share. Screenwriter Kim Eun Hee (Signal, 3 Days, Sign) was recently on a variety show interview and discussed a wide range of topics ranging her from dramas next year Kingdom 3 and Mount Jiri, but this info is on her personal life. She’s apparently very good friends with fellow hit screenwriter Kim Eun Sook (The King: Eternal Monarch, Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, Secret Garden) and the two meet regularly for a meal to catch up in person. Kim Eun Sook often suggests Kim Eun Hee add a kiss moment to a kiss and Kim Eun Hee says that moment doesn’t need it but the two laugh about it. Both screenwriters have a daughter who is also getting into the screenplay world and apparently write just like their moms. Kim Eun Hee’s daughter would write: there is a book that cannot be opened otherwise there is calamity, and the ending is the book being opened. Kim Eun Sook’s daughter would write: the male lead is a chaebol heir who transferred to the school and arrived riding a white horse like a prince. Ahahahaha lol I’m sure these are exaggerated but I love how Kim Eun Hee pokes fun at both of their styles and each occupies a different niche. Sometimes audiences want soufffle that falls apart if we stare at it too long, other times we want a long leisurely meal.


Hit Screenwriters Kim Eun Hee and Kim Eun Sook are Good Friends in Real Life and Have Daughters Who Write in their Respective Styles — 12 Comments

  1. After the disaster that was TKEM, I am excited on what will be the comeback drama of KES. I hope she casts new faces or new generation of superstars like PBG, PSJ, YJG, KSH and KYJ.

  2. Kim Eun Suk may be more successful but in terms of quality..
    Kim Eun Hee>>> Kim Eun Suk..
    I just hope KES tries something new. No more cheese or Cinderella concept..
    We want more dramas Mr Sunshine , On Air etc. from her.

  3. Yeesh, is it so impossible to just celebrate the friendship of two successful women in the same industry? Must there really be comparisons on who is better?

    Anywho, how interesting would it be if the daughters exchanged their mothers’ styles in their future writing careers? Many thanks to both Kim Eun hee and Kim Eun sook for their hard work over the years. I hope we see even better dramas from them next year.

  4. KES must be delighted with Netflix’s own results which came out yesterday and showed The King the Eternal Monarch as the most popular kdrama all over the world. Well done her and all who worked on TKEM, including of course one of the World’s favourite actors LMH.

      • TKEM and Kingdom 2 did much better and respectively came 1st and 2nd where as IOTNOB appeared on minor markets. Tkem 1st and Kindgom 2nd

      • TKEM was indeed the no.1 show on average it won the biggest markets and most markets. US, Canada, Australia, India and majority of Asia and Latin America including middle east. IOTNOB nodded TKEM on weak and significiant markets. TKEM and Kingdom S2 did best on the much populated western Netflix libraries and the important major Asian libraries as well

  5. Can we have a story that actually makes sense, please. K dramaland is on the decline, many of us can’t finish a k drama of late. No more cliché dramas. No more poor girl, rich guy. So very sick of it. Quality of story over perfect cinematography that doesn’t make sense in the story. Just compelling story.

    • Which kdramas are you watching that still have rich boy poor girl? I can give you 10 dramas that were made this year alone that have original plot and quality production as well. Or cliches but packaged in a way that they dont resemble the old dramas. Not to mention, this year has had many slice of life and melo-thrillers than rom coms.

  6. @KMT

    No. Not IOTNOB. The Kingdom S2 came second place not IOTNOB was outside of top 2 in cumulative and lost the major markets with most subscribers such as the US, Canada, Australia, India and majority of Asia + latin America. The King Eternal Monarch and followed by Kingdom S2 not IOTNOB

  7. Can someone tell me where I can get the article with the rankings. I love how people like to put down a writer’s material as bad quality even when the rest of the world disagrees. I read so much hate on TKEM here and I wonder if people ever wonder that it’s not the quality that’s bad but it’s the fact that the drama is not of your taste?

    Personally I didn’t enjoy crash landing in you at all but all my friends loved it. So clearly it’s not the writer at fault.

    PS: Loooove that they are such close friends

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