K-netizens Point Out Kim Eun Sook’s New Drama The Glory Has Same Story Outline as Another Author’s Manhwa

C-dramas have been widely criticized for plagiarism for decades, either outright or remaking other stories without paying a licensing fee. K-drama have had the same criticism though far less frequent and more debatable instances. Mere days after hit screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s new drama was announced, got a female lead in top actress Song Hye Kyo, and revealed the name The Glory and synopsis about revenge, K-netizens are taking the bare bones story concept and saying it bears striking similarity to another author’s work. The story is about the female lead who endured school bullying when she was young and had to drop out of school, her bully got married and had kids and is living a good life, years later the female lead intentionally becomes the teacher to the bully’s child to enact revenge. There is a manhwa with the exact same plot except in that instance it was by happenstance that the lead became the bully’s kid’s teacher. K-netizens think Kim Eun Sook needs to pay a licensing fee for taking the plot construct otherwise it’s too similar to call it coincidence.

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