SBS Gives Sneak Peak at 2021 Sageuk Romance Drama Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob

There’s a sneak peek at upcoming SBS sageuk drama Hong Chun Gi and I’m conflicted. On one hand it looks great, leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob are gorgeous in character and look good visually together. But it looks so much like Kim Yoo Jung’s last sageuk Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, Ahn Hyo Seob even looks so much like Park Bo Gum! I don’t know if it will be a problem, I mean I loved Moonlight but it also reminded me of The Moon Embraces the Sun but still enjoyable in its own right. Hong Chun Gi is adapted from the same name novel by the writer who also wrote Moon Sun and Sungkyunkwan Scandal so the source material is definitely solid. I’ll wait and see but this remains one of the dramas I’m really looking forward to in 2021.


SBS Gives Sneak Peak at 2021 Sageuk Romance Drama Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob — 95 Comments

  1. Sageuk princess is back. wooow kim yoo jung is so pretty. so pretty. cant wait for the drama to air in 2021. Hope will be also available on netflix. High ratings please!!!!! so excited. Thanks koala for this article

      • Please? Hahaha…why aren’t you arrogantly declaring this drama will be an over 20% hit like you did for BR? After bashing and mocking every other actor/actress on this site, you’re desperate now and begging for your girl to get a hit. Yes, she deserves a hit but she doesn’t deserve a toxic fan like you. You better change your foolish ways or karma will bite her once again.

      • @chalice lmao this clown joane still didn’t learn her lesson. I can still remember how she declared with 100% certainty that Backstreet Rookie will be “Descendants of the Sun-level hit”, and we all know how that drama turned out ?
        Now she’s doing the same again ?
        Oh well, clowns will be clowns, I guess ??

      • let’s give joane a chance. can see that she already become humbler from before. from “this is surely will hit 20%” to “please hit 20%”. now joane know her place after her bias’ not so good performances ?

      • @lilyan

        No mercy for a troll. She still bashes other actors and actresses. Plus, if this drama ends up becoming a hit, can you imagine how insufferable she (and her fellow toxic KYJ fans) would be?

      • In Twitter and other places you can already see them twisting up data and stats and making up things so that they elevate their beloved. For example, she makes so much money, so her male leads need to get to her level and people shouldn’t be disappointed that she is cast with their favorite actor or they will argue that the success of a brand depends on her only or they will say that her being highly search in a search engine represents that she is an A-lister. They like to twist information. They don’t respect other people opinions. If some people don’t wish certain actors or actress to be cast, then respect it and move on. I see them get angry and mad and calling people bad names and cursing. They need to take ice baths to chill. I don’t like majority of their fan base, they act like kpop idols fan bases. They get angry at any small differences of opinion. Unless they start to criticize anything that is not related to her acting profession like her physical looks, then that’s different.

      • omaigod @tammy! i felt the same thing with u! i thought i was the only one feel like that! i tried to find information about hong chungi in twitter, yet i found how boastful her fans are by belittling ahn yoseop. i admit that they’re very good in words, but they seriously need to take a chill pill tho. they just can’t accept it that there are peoples who dislike their bias. lol… i mean, why they’re very easily to be triggered by something small? just because certain yeo sop’s fans dislike yoojung, they in twitter be like all of the fans on yoseop fandom hate yoojung. lol.. and the tweets were like ‘i wish her male lead fandoms is chill as ji changwook fandom, ah.. i miss ji chang wook fandom, etc. “.

        and there’s one person in twitter who is a yoseop and sungkyung shipper. she hates the 99liner actresses which is the trio kims. and they seems to be sooooo affected when this particular shipper when she gave out hate tweets about yoojung. that’s why they were so boastful in twitter, talking how superior yoojung as compared yoseop. that hater is just a troll like @joane, but they throw real hates on yeosop. even sohyun and saeron fans didn’t got triggered like them, lol. it’s not a big deal tho if your bias got haters ?‍♀️?‍♀️it’s NORMAL you know, NORMAl (read it like cheon song yi.. hahaha)

        but the funny thing is, when they belittling yeosop in ig or in twitter by saying they dislike his acting, i didn’t see any of yoseop fans went ranting or got triggered by their claims! lol. i think it’s very unfortunate for any male leads who will be acting with yoojung in the future. because the male lead’s fans must like yoojung. otherwise, they will be boasting how superior yoojung is as compared to her counterparts. which is now happening in twitter right now. they seriously have to take a lot of chill pills ?

      • @tammy If you hate KYJ what are you doing here!! If you cant see anything of her but here you are searching what her does

      • @lilyan

        No you’re not the only one, many of the users that has her name as part of their Twitter usernames are very immature. One of them even called @netizendrama a b word after @netizendrama posted excitement of the casting news, just because that user who is a fan of their fave didn’t like backstreet rookie. Even fellow fans turn against each other if they see certain fans don’t love their fave 100 percent. They have a huge problem. And what’s worst is that a good number of fellow fans would join the shark fest and instead of calming them down they would support them. You can be a fan and not like everything drama they are in. And you wonder why there are fan battles? They say they don’t like fan battles but they encourage it with their actions and words… and they wonder why many fandoms don’t like her fandom.

        Not just Ahn fans but there was a time they even turned against jcw fandom. They fickle and redirect their anger all the time.

        “Normal” LOL I know right, the negative comments expressed don’t even hurt their fave in anyway. It’s not even that negative of a comment. There’s nothing wrong with even saying I like or I dislike this… it’s like saying I dislike carrot and tuna. Read the comments and move on. No one can like everything another person will like. Most of them don’t even know what a hater or a real hate comment even means.

        You’re right, most actors probably have to think twice if they want to work with her because they have to deal with many of her nonsensical fans. There’s some decent fans of her but it’s a small number compared to other fandoms.

      • @tammy

        sometimes i found it’s really a joke and funny when they’re boasting when whenever she was in a trending, it proves that she is an A lister. so according to her logic, everyone who enters the real time ranking, be it a rookie, is somewhat a high profile celebrities ??. again.. that’s NORMAL u know, NORMALLL..?they’re even so proud that ahn yoseop wasn’t trending, but she was. tch3x… poor the actors who gonna be her male lead in the future. make sure that her next male is a par with her. otherwise, he will be looking down by her fans ?

        i agree with u. they should brush it off if someone dislike yoojung. it’s not a big deal tho. they again and again mention about ‘haters’, ‘stay jealous’, etc repetitively in their posts and tweets just make their fandom look so toxic. but i bet that whether they realised it, coz they’re just too proud with their fandom. and it’s funny when reading that they claimed their fandom to be the MATURE one. but at the same time always talking about haters. lol. they should just move on frrom haters! i kind of pity towards yoojung. because whenever they post about her, they always mentioned haters. poor her

      • @loves people like you explain why many in her fandom is bad. I don’t dislike her, I dislike fans like you.

        lollllll many of them lack common sense. It’s is indeed a comedy reading their comments. Them going against ahn will make it difficult to focus on the drama since they are the main couple. I can already imagine all the finger pointing, they be like ahn is the one to drag down the drama with his bad acting, they will use him as a scape goat. It’s not going to be pretty. For ahn sake, I hope the drama turns out to be good.

        I’m really tired of them acting like a victim when they are the big, crying child that pushes the other kids around the playground. They be like how dare they not like her and then they will go all monster mode on the user for sharing an innocent opinion or comment. I see them gang up on users in Twitter and other sites, it’s a tragic thing really. You can kindly disagree with the comments but there’s no need to be aggressive and cruel with their words and telling people to shut up or get lost. Like chill.

      • @tammy

        i agree with you. just look at @love up there. we here were discussing about yoojung fans, but they acted like we dissed and talk bad about yoojung. I’ve seen many fans like her. when ppl criticized about the fandom, they treat it as we criticized about yoojung. lol. yoojung is good. but her fandom is problematic. felt really pity with yoojung coz of her fandom.

      • Lolll I know right, @loves appeared at the right time for us to prove our points. Disliking her fandom has nothing to do with disliking her. I’m so tired of her fans on Twitter being so hypocritical, they need to leave @netizendrama alone. They spread misinformation of @netizendrama to their fellow fans and incite anger towards her collectively. She didn’t like backstreet rookie due to racial controversy and other controversies, which is legit reasons not to like a drama. She’s typically one of their fave biggest fans, but unlike most in her fandom, she uses her mind to think clearly and not defend controversial elements of the drama. And then she got hated for standing her ground and sharing her opinion.

      • @joane please stop! You’re obviously a kyj anti pretending to be a delusional fan. It’s so obvious I don’t know why many of you her are believing her? Maybe you’re plainly gullible or you chose to believe her because it’s a chance to poke fun at kyj and the fandom? Can you see her replying at your jabs? No, because she’s happy she’s getting the reaction she wants lol. This is not the first time I read joane’s comments in kyj thread and they are all the same. Boasting to the point that it’s really annoying, but please learn to distinguish between a fan and an anti.

  2. She looks so grown up and beautiful in red!

    I loved The Moon embraces the Sun and disliked Moonlight drawn by clouds so I look forward to this one!

    Btw, it looks like any other sageuk drama to me.

    • Gasp, you didn’t like her in love in the moonlight??? That’s still my favorite drama of hers but I have to be fair, I didn’t like what they did to her character in the second half of the drama haha

      • Well Park Bo Gum is not my favorite, but my main problem was the storyline. Secret Door was much better.

      • Ya right! She was so bright n smart in the first half then suddenly turned into a dumb n useless one later. No matter how much i love boyoo couple- cant bring myself to rewatch the second half *sad sad

  3. I’m so happy for my girl! This is better than an official confirmation article! We get a video of behind the scenes and pictures! She’s so beautiful! But I have to be honest, I’m not liking her hair styling in her red outfit (it makes her look to mature) and her brown outfit looks like a eunuch uniform. I want the same style team from love in the moonlight.

    • We can’t do anything about that because if you’ve watch enough drama with a painter in it, then you will know that, that kind of clothes is the official get-up of a palace painter.

  4. I am not familiar with the whole cast and I did not see the KYJ dramas since Moonlight, but I read the plot and it seems to me a historical drama with a somewhat repeated plot, I do not know if I will see it, I will have to see the promotions since I like the writer and it’s been a long time since I found a historical drama worth tuning into.

  5. Seems like they’re trying to recreate the success of Love in the Moonlight. If that’s the case, they’ve forgotten that Love in the Moonlight had the charismatic and charming Park Bo Gum, who was mostly responsible for the drama’s success. Because yes, no matter how KYJ fans love denying it, it’s mostly Park Bo Gum who brought in ratings for Love in the moonlight, and he’s also the one who mostly benefitted from its success. One of the many proof is he’s included in the Korean Consumers Favorite CF Stars, and other popularity polls, while KYJ is always nowhere to be found.
    Let’s just be honest here, KYJ just doesn’t have enough star power to pull in the ratings without an A-List leading man.
    On the other hand, the PD and writers of this drama are quite good, so let’s see if that alone could bring in the ratings.

    BTW, not a fan of her styling here. Her hairstyle in that photo where she’s wearing red just emphasizes how flat her face is. No offense lmao

    • I have to disagree, it was both a combination of my girl and bogummy efforts that catapulted the success of love in moonlight. Yes, the drama made park bo gum more famous than my girl but it’s undeniable it’s a tag team effort. There’s no evidence that it was him who brought in the ratings solely, at the time he only had one successful drama to his name, so he wasn’t known for consistency at that time. She also won awards and gain recognition during that era. But I agree that he got more attention than she did.

      I don’t understand why you have to criticize her face? Her face is perfect! I agree that her hairstyle isn’t good in that one photo but it doesn’t detract from her natural beauty.

      Why is it so important to compare her to park bo gum? They’re both successful. Is it important if he is more popular than she is? I don’t think so lol

    • U believe she cant bring rating but need the support of her A-list leading men ur opinion

      I wonder despite knowing she cant bring ratings those A-list leading men willing to work with her

      May b they see her potential which ppl from this blog cant see or dont want to see my opinion

      • Who is her main lead who’s A lister? No, genuinely curious. PBG became an A lister AFTER Moonlight. Other than that, she’s worked with YKS and JCW as main leads. Now it’s AHS. And in no world would any of those men be considered “A lister”, B-lister is a reach too, so…

      • @butterfly
        Sorry my bad i dint knew the criteria for being an Alist

        Someone mentioned she needs Alisters to make her drama hit so i assumed bogum was an A-lister as the drama was a hit and all the credit was given to him whenever moonlight is mentioned in this blog

        U mean to say he became an Alist after working with kim yoo jung
        In moonlight

        I dint know this genuinely

      • @Ana

        Lmfao yup. He became an A lister after working with her. Unfortunately, it’s not the same for her clearly. Makes sense tho. He carried that drama throughout and left her behind and gone on to be huge indeed. Meanwhile she’s still stuck in the middle range with middling co stars and godawful dramas.

  6. this drama has similar vibes with the goddess of fire by moon geun young. both has the title of ‘the first female’. gooddess of fire was the first female potter, while hong chun gi is the first female painter. similar vibes, right?

    • MGY had a role as a female painter on Joseon too in Painter of the wind, but she disguised as a man. She got Baeksang from that drama. I hope this one Will be great too

    • @butterfly
      Then i wonder why she is always accused of needing an Alister dint moonlight prove that it is not so

      Not benefitting much is a completely different story as it is understood it was male centric drama

      I Only found cwpwn actor incompatible but BR i found them good together so i dont think she is in any way inferior or left behind

      She will reach the Alister no doubt anyways thanks for enlightening me

  7. Let us not confused ourselves that the drama writer will be different from the novel writer. I heard that the drama writer is a newbie. So, all the expectations lie on the PD who directed MLFTS and of course, KYJ, a saeguk veteran.

      • I’m not really interested by Royal Secret Agent. Kwon Nara looks too modern for a sageuk for me.

        Mr Queen has a lot of fantastic elements with a modern man in the body of a Queen, so not the usual sasgeuk. But it looks fun.

        I’m excited to see Kim Kyung Nam in his first role in Red Cuff of the Sleeve.

        Then Kim So Hyun’one River Where the Moon Rises, 2021 looks good!

      • Oh you were talking about proper historical dramas, there’s also the historical drama by Jung II Woo that is currently filming Bossam: stealing fate.

  8. Looking forward to this drama…I enjoy sageuks and the novel writer and the director have solid credentials. Always find Kim Yoo Jung naturally gorgeous and very captivating on screen.

  9. When u cant reach the grapes u blame the gape being sour

    Thats the case with many of u in this site

    Even if she has a flat face i guarantee she is much better looking than u all criticising her features always, but if it makes u happy and helps u get over ur inferiority complex keep on ranting

    Moonlight drama was revolving around bogum so ofcourse he will defintely benefit more and of course has a mass fan following
    But just wondering why was record of youth and encounter dint achieve the same hight rating (rating was stable due to fan following but still dint reach moonlight level )

    Toxic fans karma defintely bitten her but i dont think karma will b that unfair to her to only target her so beware other toxic fans it could b ur turn now

    For those who r already assuming the plot keep ur judgement to urself till the u watch the drama
    As it might b a casual statement for u but it can kill the mood for some who really want to watch it

    Oh forgot but if it is ur tactic to bring down the drama cant do anything abt it

    Wow long speech tired now
    All d best to yoojung and true sosuke our girl is coming back very excited

    • I don’t agree with attacking one’s features.

      Moonlight drama was released in regular broadcasting channel while park bo gum other two dramas were released in cable. So it’s not a fair or correct comparison.

      If people want to be skeptical of drama, let them be, it’s a free world. The true test is when the drama comes out. If their comment destroyed someone’s mood from watching, it’s the reader fault for valuing the opinion of someone else that much in the first place.

      • @tammy
        U mean to say the person voicing their opinion without any evidence in no where at fault but the person being influenced

        U know some newbies refer to reviews and comments to watch any particular drama

        Making baseless assumption cant b exempted just becoz its a free world

        Anyways everyone has their own opinion u stick to urs ill stick to mine

        But stick to this opinion and dont blame others when they do so whichever fandom it is

      • @ana
        That’s what an opinion means, an opinion doesn’t have to be based on facts, an opinion doesn’t need evidence lol it’s like saying ice cream is the best dessert. That’s an opinion, not a fact, and I don’t need to prove it’s the best dessert.

        That’s the newbies fault. They have options to read more than one review.

        Opinions is not a baseless assumption. A baseless assumption is when you are saying something is a fact without an evidence. Opinions doesn’t need to be a fact.

    • From some of your comments, it seems you’re new to K-world and so I want to clarify a few things.

      On your ratings comments about Moonlight and Encounter + RoY. Moonlight aired on a free, public channel (KBS2) whereas Encounter and RoY aired on a paid cable channel (tvN). Cable channels usually have a smaller audience than free public channels. In the heyday of public channels, drama ratings could go as high as a whopping 66% whereas the currently highest-rated cable drama is at 28% which is a feat on its own but just look at the gap. These days though, cable channels are beating public channels in both ratings and quality.

      In the realm of cable dramas, both Encounter and RoY are high-rated dramas. Encounter is on the list of 50 highest rated cable dramas of all time at #17. Some would say SHK was the reason for Encounter’s high ratings.
      RoY, on the other hand, was hard-carried by PBG. Its high ratings are impressive considering people say RoY is a boring drama. It also made it onto the list of 50 highest-rated cable dramas of all time at #24.

      Not sure if you’ve noticed but most hate comments towards KYJ are usually triggered by joane whom I suspect is secretly a KYJ-anti. She’s always bashing other actresses be it their looks, their acting or their low drama ratings. Even in the recent Moon Chae-won article, joane is already there bashing as usual. Fans are passionate by nature and when they see joane’s comments bashing their faves, they will automatically retaliate against KYJ. I don’t like it either but joane should be blamed the most.

      I’m sure you’ve realized by now that this site is not about unicorns and rainbows. Here there be monsters. I know fans who’ve gotten depressed from all the hate here. If you’ll be visiting this site often, you’ll need a very strong mind and thick skin. All the best to you, dear.

      • @spycastle
        Yes i m new to kdrama world and its true one need to b thick skinned here

        when my idol is badly spoken about sometimes i let go as its individual opinion but when she is bashed with features potential talent capability etc as a defence mechanism even i get angry but never once did i bash their idol back

        I only comment or argue when yoo jung is mentioned

        Its my belief that when u dont trust ur idol capability u need to bash and show others incapabilities and i will never ever do that becoz i trust her shell b big one day

        If joane (if actually a fan)and others who bashed other actors whatever the reason i think u dont trust ur idol enough so u r using such antics just to comfort urself

  10. I’ve been reading comments online from delusional hard core fans that they waited for her to finish backstreet rookie so that they can cast her. The delusions. It’s common for dramas and movies to have a wish list for casting and then they go around and offer the roles behind the scenes. Normally if it’s itching close to acceptance, they would release an article that an actor or actress is being offered the role. There’s a chance for rejection but it’s uncommon. But it’s common for numerous of popular actors and actresses to be offered the same roles. It doesn’t make sense they would have an article that ahn was offered the role and then they would wait many months later to cast female lead. It just means there were changes or struggles behind the scenes. She’s a good actress but she’s not special or vip. Be realistic in thinking. That’s all I want to say.

    • You might be right, the thing you said sounds logical but we will never know the truth. It’s not a big deal, I’m just happy she has the role haha

    • @lisa
      This blog dont have ppl who can think realistically
      All r either bashers or toxic ppl

      Dont expect much here but as @laura said no one knows the truth

      Everyone here assumes everything according to their convenience and talk abt their right to give opinion when questioned

    • @tammy
      So it means everone has the right to state their opinion but it depends on our convenience which we attack and which we defend right

      Shouldnt same treatment b given to everyone when they express their opinion why there is differentiation then

      This is called double standard and this is my opinion abt many ppl of this blog

      Anyways enjoy ur fav dramas and let others enjoy their

      • Yes everyone has the right to have an opinion but if an opinion is very, very horrendous and mean, like saying someone face is not good looking, then yes call out on it and it should not be accepted. When you attack a person character when it’s not true, call out on it. There’s a huge difference of having a nasty opinion and a negative opinion.

      • @tammy
        Thats what i m saying in the name of defending their idols yoo jung is attacked with flat face flat nose 1%actress(not drama but actress is called 1%) need alisters etc etc then whats the difference between the other fandoms also

        Whoever starts it but if u also doing the same u r definately not a part of good fandom so dont pt at others becoz u r d same

        Just becoz u dont start it doesnt exempt u from blame and dont even give u the right to blame others

        There is no difference between joanne and the ppl who respond to her by attacking yoo jung but yoo jung fans are bad but they r good

        Total crap

        Not defending trollers they deserve it but not yoo jung attack them not her

        Always hear ppl saying we dont hate her but her fandom but u talk bad abt her while replying not the trollers My opinion

      • @ Ana
        I agree with you for the general part. Other people shouldn’t retaliate and they do deserve some blame but the majority of blame should go to the one who started it in the first place. It’s natural to want to retaliate when you are being attack, not a good excuse but it’s natural.

        My comments are targeting her fandom. I dislike most of her fandom. Twitter users like nick and fairy youuujung and all the other users that charged against @netizendrama were awful to her. When she did nothing wrong. So what if she didn’t like backstreet rookie, there were many good reasons not to like that drama. And the sad part was that she’s a huge fan of her but if she didn’t like backstreet because of controversies, she’s consider a hater?

  11. I was talking about this the other day. No confirmation news but There is already a sneak peak but it’s much better. I hope this drama do well. Fighting!!!!

  12. i don’t know which actors that this drama will be revolved around. because in naver, ahn yosop was placed first, then yujung. it seems that the story will be revolved around haram, but then the title used the female lead’s name. so it quite confusing. and I’ve read somewhere from other forums that some ppls, and even yujung fans were not very fonding with her style. i don’t know whether it’s the camera’s angle, but i agree that the hairstyle didn’t really look good on her. the stylist put some volume on her hairstyle, which make it look like a helmet (sorry no offence). while the hat looks good on her, but yet, the style will be kind of similar with her style in litm, which isn’t something new. maybe it’s due to the fact that she’s the 1st female painter, so she needs to follow male hanbok. for me, the best joseon hairstyle for her was during the secret door. if this drama can follow that kind of hairstyle, it would be great.

    • I think you haven’t watch a lot of historical dramas but what yoo jung is wearing there is the official uniform for Royal Painters at Joseon times. And she’s a royal painter

  13. @tammy and liliyan
    Sorry i shouldnt mention any idols name but just need to now as i need to clear something

    In this very blog i just low keyed hinted i liked the male lead of nokdu better in the drama and i was targeted as a hater somwhere i understand a person get too emotional when their idol is concerned and lose all senses sometimes

    So i m not defending anyone but just realised then that its easy to criticise others actions but not easy to give benefit of doubt and the understand the reason behind their actions as many r trollers and being suspicious of everyone is like an habit

    • I completely understand what you’re saying. It’s also your opinion, if you like nokdu better than the other cast members in the drama, it’s not a big deal. Those who get upset at you for that comment, they need to mature up. You are right, it is easy to be sus of people and doubt people actions and comments.

  14. I hope this drama makes it to Netflix. Now that Kwak Si Yang and Gong Myung are confirmed gosh KYJ is one lucky actress. Add in male lead gorgeous Ahn Hyo Seop; I really am looking forward to Hong Chun Gi and seeing KYJ in her element as the nation’s Sageuk fairy. Hopefully KYJ and AHS make time to attend the APAN awards in January 2021 where they have both been nominated in Best actor and actress categories. Exciting times ahead ❤️

    • Emm…no list on A lister or B lister – no support for claims.
      AHY had done a few dramas and he’s quite good and this drama role will be challenging and is different PBG role in moonlight – no similarities at all. Will check out the drama cos both leads are good actors who won awards.

    • @KES

      KYJ nose is in proportion to her face. You and every other hater on KYJ on this one blog when her name is mentioned and even when it isn’t because the ‘right on cue Joanne the KYJ anti fan’ appears and then the barrage of anti sentiment to ridicule KYJ nose, flat face and 1% drama rating for CWPFN keeps going forever in a day.

      Funny how that keeps getting resurrected in the comments here on loop with full on explanations justifying the reason.

      However KYJ keeps rocking on by with drama offers, her upcoming film premiere; Fila, Laniege, H & M endorsements etc and is generally loved by Sth Koreans – old and young dubbed as ‘Korea Little Sister’.

      So my conclusion over this is that you dislike KYJ immensely and that’s totally okay and you’re quite within your rights to say so but when you keep churning the same old reason over and over again then that actually becomes an obsession. It’s not nice nor healthy and for the genuine KYJ fans that have to read these negative comments here then spare a thought for them. I suggest that you substitute your bias in KYJ place and reread the comment to see how it affects you.

      PS: Please direct your qualms at me; not the KYJ fandom or KYJ but me. Call me what you want if it makes you feel better as I don’t mind be part of your therapy if it is going to make you a happier and nicer person. Peace out ❤️

      • @gingercrunch
        You’re part of the problem. I know how you acted in the past on this site and in other sites* Majority of her fan base is a problem on ig and Twitter and etc. I explained above numerous of examples including going against @netizendrama. You are worse than joane, my memory is sharp.

      • Yes she’s lowkey Joane because she doesn’t go bashing every actors and actresses in every article but Kim Yoo Jung only.

    • What’s with her nose? She’s naturally beautiful. I think it’s because puberty enhanced her features. Seriously what’s wrong with you? You’re so obsessed with her nose.SMH

      • Why r u being defensive of @KES bashing is bashing its one actor or many actors

        I never defended joane actions but u surely r

      • LOL Ana is a clown. I didn’t defend KES but I agreed with you that she is lowkey joane. That itself is my point. LMAO

    • Uhmm. This is outright outrageous. Watch Moon embracing the sun. And you’ll know how beautiful she is since she was young.

  15. This @KES openly admitted to dislike yoo jung not her fandom and cursed her drama to flop if this isnt hate what is it or because she is bashing only yoo jung its ok according to u

    Seriously u r too much

      • Ur reply dint sound like u were agreeing anything anyways clown or not better person then u

        I call out on joanne when she bash other actors wheress u ……. still thinking
        Oh yeah only agreeing she is lowkey joane becoz she only bashes yoo jung

      • Blah blah “better person than you ” whatever you think you are. Didn’t you tell that “Seriously u r too much” LMAO. Jumping into conclusion when I just agreed. You’re not any better.

      • LOL u need reading comprehension now
        I m a better person than u becoz i have to guts to bash my own fandom for their actions wheras u only agreed to it after i pointed it even though u knew it way before (becoz i dint mention she only bashed yoo jung)

        But still u r not bashing @KES
        but arguing here with me

        U r actually the biggest clown LMAO

      • Lol I don’t belong to any fandom. I’m just here to read comments. At first I agreed with you and that’s my only point but you spit words like “You are too much” and “why are you defensive of KES” Now I know you’re not just a clown but an idiot too. I won’t bash KES only you because you started it. LMAO

    • @biggest clown
      U say u r not a fan but i see u commenting in yoo jung related comments and always only bashing jaone (which is ok for me) but why differ and not bash @KES
      This clearly shows ur double standard personality

      If it helps u sleep keep on calling ppl names and excusing urself and pretending to not b a fan

      • Okay then I’ll bash KES when that person comments again if it will make you happy dear LMAO. I only got triggered when you jump into conclusion about me when I only agreed that she’s lowkeyed Joane. I already bashed her in that comment itself. You really need to clarify things when arguing with narrow minded people. Hahaha

  16. Just want to read constructive comments instead it argument. Do these people just come to Kim yoo jung related staff only to talk about how kim yoo jung fans are bad?! As if her fans are not even allowed to admire her or something. Who cares if a fan thinks it is gonna be over 20 percent or whatever. Duh It is what fans do to hype their favorites.

    • You’re allowed to admire her but not at the expense of other people. You’re defending Joane now? this is new evidence how low the majority of her fandom is.

      • @tammy
        Plz even reply to @KES also dont let go of low keyed joanes also

        Or else ill also think u r defending and targeting fandoms as per ur convenience

        If joane needs bashing so does KES

      • @biggest clown
        U dont need to make me happy i dont need it just b true to urself thats enough

        Yes u need to clarify things becoz misunderstanding r common here its in any way irrelevant to narrow mindedness

        But of course from u its expected becoz u only know to pt fingers but cant take it

        Missed ur comment amg many so apologise for my rude remark

      • Where did I put fingers LMAO now you’re not making any sense and yes I clarified things for your narrow mind because you are the one who point fingers at me when I only agreed to you. Clown

      • It’s okay, this comment section is rather messy, hard to read through many comments, so I get it lol

    • @biggest clown
      Idiot narrowminded these were the words used by u but if someone says the same to u cant take it
      Pt finger means (point finger its a phrase)
      Thats why i said u r the biggest clown
      Anyways i m tired talking to u already wasted a lot of my energy trying to make some sense with u but i guess its useless
      Keep on ranting

      • Lol google is free and point fingers as google says “to accuse or blame someone” which I didn’t do or do you have your own vocabulary? hahaha That’s why I can’t make sense with you too. Yes I’ve said narrowminded and idiots and I see no one talk back the same so how can you say I can’t take it. LMAO maybe you don’t really understand what you’re saying so better shut up.

  17. @ana and @a&jareclowns
    Maybe stop talking to each other, my English barely allow me to understand what you two are even arguing about. I’m still confused. Maybe both of your English aren’t that good either so you both misunderstood each other? Just end conversation. It goes nowhere

  18. Yall who dislike yoojung to the bones you want her to fail (but made it look like as if you’re just disliking & attacking yoojung’s fans instead of yoojung herself) pls go out and touch some grass lmao

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